Image credit: Time by black-cats-art

So you have lovers, eh?

You should reveal their coordinates in you
so that they could revel yours in them.

As you and them shall
finally found each other
at that imminent meeting minute
of the successful search set-series,
never will a timeline of any type
would trigger-thrust
separation of any sort.

Thus plurality perishes,
as the supremely sooth-full,
sought-after singularity
by the uniquely utmost utter union
swiftly swarms your severely sick-less,
spurningur-less self,


So, you have lovers?
Part time writer and a fortnightly footballer, full-time freeloader called Fruhail T. Ripana was once a scrivener of local English dailies. He now juggles more than a feeling (read: more than one, two at least) within a 7-hour basis, while skedaddling back & forth aerial & playground love, daily. Other worked-out words of his can be found at his blog.

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