When it is your first love, you tend to depend a lot from story books you’ve read or movies you grew up watching,
but neither comes to life when it happens.
He doesn’t make you nervous when he touches you,
instead you’ll go weak on your knees.
He doesn’t tell you “i love u” every night before bed,
but he’ll tell you “i love u” when you hate yourself.
He doesn’t love your flaws,
instead he accepts it.
He doesn’t kiss you under the moonlight,
but he’ll kiss you in the car when it’s pouring rain outside.
He doesn’t sing to every word of your favourite song,
instead he’ll just hold your hands while you hum to it.
When it is your first love, nobody told you it was going to be easy,
and it isn’t.
Nobody told you that you’ll give it a million chance even if you knew it was bound to be over.
Nobody told you that you’ll stop loving him one day,
because you’ll only love him more each day,
and if you’re lucky, when you do,
he’ll love you too.

“I read a novel at the age of 13 and was inspired to start writing. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, I want to make this dream of being a writer come true so that one day I can inspire others to write. Write your feelings out. Write until it doesn’t hurt anymore.” – Preetijit Chaal

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