Month: October 2019

SHORT STORY | The Walk With A Lover by CA Yin

She stepped into the dark with a smile. The smell of jasmine lured her further into the park. Her footsteps were steady as she walked barefoot on the grass. As a child, she had never been afraid of the dark. In fact, she had enjoyed its embrace as twilight darkened the skies and nightfall beckoned her. The dark was so much kinder to her than the taunts of children at school, than the scolding of teachers when homework was left undone, than the anger of adults who were supposed to care for her. Now, herself an adult, she felt...

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Meet The Photographer Who Is Changing Fashion Narratives On Women

Emmanuelle Khoo Fong Yi @ Emma Khoo is more than a photographer. The internationally published photographer is a woman with a mission. On weekdays you’ll find her poring through countless books, clicking and typing away on her laptop, researching and writing about postcolonialism, gender, architecture and its history, it’s during the weekends when you’ll see her weave stories through her trusted camera. To date, Emma has had her works published on numerous international magazines such as Elegant, 7Hues, Sheeba, L’affaire, Period, Gazelle, Gaya, Whim Online, and more, this Malaysian photographer is on a mission to change the fashion narratives on women: By...

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POETRY | As The Heat Is Lost by Ismim Putera

Outside the house, The sun is bright, It burns the house and dries the grass, and rains blessings to the rambutan tree, So it bears thousands of sweetness, For us to pluck and eat, And the ducks under the jambu tree, Sitting at the river bank, waiting for the tide, And we plant cangkuk on the hard ground, And it grows, leafy and lovely, Under the heat, as expected. Inside the house, The flame is bright, In the sooty kitchen, The air is painted with scented herbs, The dancing onions on the sparkling oil, Of the sweet curry with the...

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Just How Did ‘The Working Dead’ Managed To Sell 9 Full Shows?

In the months of July and August 2019, KuLT Production staged The Working Dead at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). The musical which was directed by Nicole-Ann Thomas with lyrics and dialogues penned by Terence Toh was not only well received but obtained positive reviews from local theatre practitioners. While many enjoyed the show for depicting actual corporate zombies, there was also a closer to home message: Overwork and stress at the workplace. What’s more, at the end of the show there were discussions pertaining to mental health for working professionals. In fact, one of the strengths of...

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POETRY | The Road, The Riddle by Aad

I have the mist of the dawn in my mind The things I see are few With my fingers, Through grey darkness I feel my long way through No clue about the route But the lighthouse which my conscience follows It burns right, a welcoming sun, a forever-telling sign I keep from the world my clumsiness Well hidden, just like me With that secret, My mask created, I came exactly to be What others want to see But the moonlight which pierces through my facade It justly paints my gracelessness To the world, it’s my worst I listen to...

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