Month: August 2018

Teacher gets 45 non-English speaking students to stage a play in English!

Over the past few months, a group of secondary school students have been toiling together to put up a play. The performance is set to be in English; a language that is not native to most if not all the participants. Yet, these teenagers, from five “high need schools” in Kedah, have decided to embrace the challenge to raise awareness against the destructive behaviour of bullying. For this reason, “Singing for the Lions” is not your ordinary theatre piece. The ensemble cast and crew consist of 45 students from SMK Lubok Buntar, SMK Serdang, SMK Serdang Baru, SMK Sultan Ahmad...

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The reason MPH 1 Utama closed down is not what you think it is!

On 7 August I heard the news, first reported by Amenic Film Space, that MPH’s 1 Utama branch has closed down. Some people have attributed the closure of this bookshop, and bookshops in general, to digital consumption of books (e-books). While I am not affiliated at all to MPH and any of its related companies to know precisely the full circumstances of the closure, I do not believe that e-books are the cause of bookstores closing. Rather, I feel that the bookselling model that MPH has been surviving on is an expensive model, and if no changes are made...

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Khizanat wants a revamp to host international audiences!

Kamal Sabran performs with Sufian Abdullah at Khizanat Ipoh. Image credit Wan Musa. Ipoh is known for its food, signature coffee and in recent years, blossoming  art scene. Locals and international tourists alike have been flocking to the city’s revitalised “old town” to look at intriguing murals and patron the quaint shophouses, that exude a “hispter cafe” vibe while still maintaining a local charm, possibly lent by the preserved five-foot way architecture, commonly featured in colonial cities in South East Asia. If you’ve attended one or several of the many art festivals in good ol’ Ipoh, you can bet...

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Vikramaditya – Bahagian 9 oleh Uthaya Sankar SB

Baca bahagian-bahagian terdahulu di sini. Vikramaditya sedang berjalan meredah malam yang gelap. Di bahu raja itu kelihatan sekujur mayat yang dihuni Vetalam. Mayat itu perlu dibawa kepada seorang lelaki alim yang mahu menjalankan yaagam, iaitu suatu upacara pemujaan khas. Setiap kali Vikramaditya bercakap, puntianak itu terbang melayang dan bergayut semula pada dahan pokok besar di tanah perkuburan. “Jangan ikut laluan ini,” kata Vetalam tiba-tiba. “Sekumpulan ahli sihir sedang membuat upacara khas di sana. Mereka mungkin menganggap tuanku mengganggu kerja mereka, lalu melakukan sesuatu yang tidak baik.” Vikramaditya sudah beberapa kali melalui jalan yang sama. Mustahil tiba-tiba ada sekumpulan ahli sihir...

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Opening doors to tell more Malaysian stories through The New Play Project

All images by The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Mention the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) and immediately three things comes to mind; the theatre shows, the gorgeous location and the ever growing number of talented individuals churned out through the in-house programmes here. You might be familiar with the The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat’s (TASSTR) Theatre for Young People (T4YP), an initiative that consists of workshops and lessons on acting for a period of three months before culminating with a full scale production. This programme, started out 11 years ago, has churned out a slew of...

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