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Fancy enjoying Shakespeare through the nostalgic lens of 90’s video games? You know, ala Mortal Kombat and Chrono Trigger?

Presented by the Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat, 16-Bit Coriolanus takes place in a modern post-war setting.

The story centres on Roman general Caius Marcius who had earned himself the title of “Coriolanus” for his efforts in thwarting foreign intruders from invading his city.

Being promoted as a Consul, he uses this as an advantage to take a case against modern democracy.

Played by Dinesh Kumar, Caius Marcius believes democracy is a weak and easily manipulated system.

The play has everything that is pretty much synonymous with what’s taking place in Malaysia – from backstabbing to public unrest to political exiles. The usual lah.

The only thing that sets this play apart is that it’s given the Shakespeare treatment with a little dash of The Actors Studio flavor. Expect hilarity to ensue.

Looks like a cover of a 90's game casing right? Image credit: klpac

Looks like a cover of a 90’s game casing right? Image credit: klpac

Produced by Yusuf Amin and Dinesh Kumar, the play is directed by Andrew Peters and Kelvin Wong. It is part of klpac’s Shakespeare 400 Festival.

Yusuf Amin, Amanda Ang, Aiman Asmawar, Sandee Chew, Shane Capri Chin, Stephanie Van Driesen, Esther Liew, Umesh Logandran, Alexis Wong, Douglas Wong and Andrew Wood will take on a whopping 30 roles and more in a matter of 85-minutes.

Crazy fellas!

But they seem pretty excited to perform come October 20 until October 23.

Tickets are priced at Rm45. However if you’re a student, a senior citizen, a special needs person or a member of The Actors Studio, the tickets can be purchased at RM35.

They can be purchased directly at klpac or via Ticketpro. It’s going to be interesting to see how the elements of a 16-bit game will be incorporated into a Shakespeare play!

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