image credit: May Choong

Many people turn to art as a hobby or therapeutic stress relief, and when May Choong took up a pencil, she was no different, just looking for an outlet to distract from her work-related woes.

But the results of that took even her by surprise, because as it turns out, she has FULL BLOWN Talent!

Yes…we kid you not, and if you’re wondering what the dramatic caps lock was for, well, judge for yourself lah.

The day she found out her gift, May had just returned from a bad day at work and found herself staring at a friend’s image.

For some reason, she was moved to draw her friend’s face, something she was attempting for the first time.

“I used to draw random things when I was young but never portrait. I started drawing in kindergarten and I knew I was good at being a copy cat in Form 3; thanks to a Geography teacher, Mr. Wong, who demanded nothing less than meticulous in tracing maps.

“I hated it then, and I had never done a portrait until last year when I was just too stressed up with work and just at that moment I had a photo of my friend. I started drawing from there,” says May.

By now, the 30-year-old underwriter from Ipoh has created several portrait drawings of famous faces.

She frequently receives requests from people who are interested to purchase her art but May feels quite modest about her work and has not thought about monetising this natural ability.

The Methodist Girls’ School alumnae however, still diligently produces awesome pieces from time to time.

She considers it a great way to keep stress at bay!

I can really just focus for hours without thinking of anything at all. 

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