Art of the Month for March 2017 by Anna SabrinaThis was Anna’s winning piece at Art Battle Malaysia #2

Ladies and gentlemen, Art Battle Malaysia #2 winner Anna Sabrina’s artwork is Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for March 2017!

March is special because instead of us selecting the best artworks of the month, we got our readers to vote on Eksentrika’s Instagram and Facebook this time.

Some of these artworks were submitted to us and many were selected by us with permission from the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group. They were all good and I’m pretty sure our readers had a tough time selecting their favorite artworks. Okay, okay enough talk! Let’s check out the artworks!

It took Hazli Subakir close to six-hours to create a detailed pencil sketch of Logan Howlett.

Hui Yee’s artwork for SUARAM.

A zany, wacky looking artwork by Orkibal Labikro!

Jojo de doodles 左左的涂鸦 specialises in creating beautiful mandalas!

Painted using watercolor, Veshalini Naidu says her artwork is a closeup of a temple’s wall.

This is Didi de Lidy‘s first attempt at scribble portrait!

Yante Ismail dedicates this artwork to her sisters-in-arms who are tirelessly fighting the good fight against all odds.

It’s amazing what Faber-Castell Malaysia’s Polychromos color pencils can do. This artwork was created by Sharon Kow.

Schoolteacher Wang Jewq Liew finds an excuse to doodle. “At least the kids have something else to look forward to when they get their test papers, lol” she says.

Nel never used to enjoy taking family pictures until the day her mother passed away. Since then, she feels memories should be preserved in whichever medium to a person’s liking.

Ivan Joe recreates one of Salvador Dali’s many sketches using an Artline pen and colour pencils.

Spending two-hours a day for 11-days straight led Mohd Syazwan to create this detailed piece titled, “MOUT.Headquarters”. Look carefully and you’ll discover its the insides of a mouth.

Popular heritage buildings throughout Kuala Lumpur has been miniaturised by MinNature Malaysia!

This intricate design was drawn by hand on an iPad by Syafix Aziz.

This piece is titled, ‘KAIJU CONFERENCE’ by Munif Malek.

Pooja Verma infuses Rajasthani motives into her hand painted kettles.

This was Superdoofus‘s practise piece for Art Battle Malaysia #2.

Ruby Subramaniam‘s “Rise from the Ashes” is in response to Lena Hendry’s conviction for screening ‘No Fire Zone’.

A cute little smiley Buddha by Ethen NG created using ball-point pen.

A funny caricature of Donald Trump doodled on an insurance statement letter by Syåmsul PS.

Gerald Chong‘s life-like 16×24 oil on panel artwork titled, “Semenyih Dam, 2017”

Olivia Julius Dunggat‘s detailed sketch of her mother.

Stan Cheow Hee Lee (left) and Hasif Azizan collaborated together for this gorgeous piece for the Happy Dreamer Art Exhibition at Berjaya Times Square.

Chen Suet Yen sketches a mandala on the cover of her new sketchbook.

Pen on paper, this Cheshire Cat is part of Aida Nurul‘s Alice in Wonderland inspired series.

“The Wing Inventor II” is a Victorian-esque steampunk inspired crow by Blackgothique.

“Cat City” by Illuxia. “The “catizen” are all Autocat, if u know wat I’m saying,” the artist quips.

Waqimetri ‘Doodle’ – a unique form of art created by Balai Artgeng

“Cry” created using pencils, colour pencils, water colour, poster colour and acrylic by CH John in 2014.

The winning artworks of all the 12-months will stand a chance to compete to become Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2017. The winning artist will then receive a special surprise from us! Check out the previous art of the month here!

Interested to participate? Submit your best artwork to with the header “Art of the Month (enter month) 2017”. Do add short detail about the artwork such as the medium used and what inspired you to create it. Oh, do include a link to your Instagram or Facebook page! Each artist can only submit one artwork per-month.