July 2017 was a month when we received and selected the most number of artworks which were created through ink on paper.

And boy were they kick-ass!

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at all these gorgeous artworks! Heck, even Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for July 2017 was inked!

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone !” Tharisini Siva says.

Lim Heng Swee aka I Love Doodle‘s cute tongue in cheek artwork for his designer’s workshop which was held at Isetan The Japan Store KL recently.

Sumita Roy of Art and craft moments created this lovely artwork of the Hindu deity Krishna and his consort, Radha using dots!

Created at the spur of a moment, this piece by Ili Aqilah is titled, “Layered Rings”.

Sarah Abraham just began her foray into digital painting. Can you believe it??

Artsick Vortigern‘s piece reminds us a lot about Game of Thrones. The inclusion of cats just makes it even more cooler!

Elizabeth Soon aka Lisz’s Doodles reveals to us that this is her first attempt in doodling on a mask.

“Kite”, pen on paper by Noor Syuhada Husni.

Jyiwu Artisst‘s artworks are always filled with emotions.

The lonely Mr Smoosh by Brian Lim.

“Cthulhu is life!” Christopher Kuok says.

“When one no longer feels anymore, the heart becomes a plain muscle,” Subashini Raj says.

“They dream too.” Faizal Razali says.

Ilianamelukis drew this to welcome Eid a month back (hence the kebaya-ish design)

Treant, the Tree Herder by The Art of Rizal Paperbag Head!

Space Odyssey by Ellie Yong!

This is one way Syåmsul PS avoids toxic people.

If Muhammad Faisal Kassim has a shop, this is how it’ll probably look like!

A tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington by Vincent Rafferty.

MRT problems by Woody Hai!

Gerai or stall in Bahasa Malaysia by Gerald Chong. Oil on panel

TixiT created this brilliant piece of work or Garaj Komik‘s upcoming 6th issue.

Good and Evil by Ghulam Rosli!

Bad ass biker chic by Muhammad Nizam Mansur aka Sketch of Majin!

Kelvin Lee‘s rendition of the Street II, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

And… *drumrolls* Presenting you Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for July 2017…

Kid atop a dinosaur! Ink on paper art by Ivan!

Ivan’s artwork garnered the most number of likes; a whopping total of 372 votes on our Facebook and Instagram!

Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above are members of the fast growing online art group; Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group!

The winning artworks of all the 12-months will stand a chance to compete to become Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2017. The winning artist will then receive a special surprise from us! Check out the previous art of the month here!

Interested to participate? Submit your best artwork to editors@eksentrika.com with the header “Art of the Month (enter month) 2017”. Do add short detail about the artwork such as the medium used and what inspired you to create it. Oh, please do include a link to your Instagram or Facebook page! Each artist can only submit one artwork per-month.