Reka is about showcasing great products and the people behind it: the product designers. This Hin Bus Depot x Grafikdistrict collaboration aims to provide a platform for emerging product designers from around the region to exhibit as well as sell their products in Hin Bus Depot.

We’ll have various types of products up for grabs: design prints, macrame, toys, bags, collages, comic books, and more. Be the first few to collect these treasures and meet the designers in person!

For inquiries, please email

Product Designers:_
Shan Shan Lim (KL)  |  Howard Tan (PNG)  |  Rumput Rumpai  (PNG)  |  Tumble Knots (PNG)   Urban Cr3atures (PNG)  |  Reo Lim (PNG)  |  Lazybeing (PNG)  |  White Bones (PNG)
Mafia Factory (BKK)   |  Tabun Lee (BKK)  |  Utile (PNG)  |  Penang Craft Beer (PNG)