Missing the warmth to wrap you in comfort when you are cold and alone? Miss no more as you can find it here at intim sessions #4 as we are back with songbirds, Amrita Soon and Beverly Matujal, and they will coil your hearts with the emotions you have longed for.

Amrita Soon

Amrita Soon started creating music as a way to drift out from the chaos of life, and has since garnered a small following through her online videos and live performances. She has collected awards such as Digi’s 2013 WWWOW “Breakthrough Youtube Star” and Short + Sweet Malaysia’s 2016 “Audience Choice” and “Overall Best Performance”. She was also featured at various songwriter nights at Nashville, Tennessee performing alongside the likes ofElla Mae Bowen and Lance Carpenter, Her first EP, Clues, was released in December 2014 and her song “Goodbye” was included in “Rock for Ronan”, a compilation album released in the US by the Ronan Thompson Foundation.

Beverly Matujal

Beverly Matujal has a long standing love affair with songwriting, which began as she was harbouring her first crush at the age of 12. Despite that short lived infatuation, her love for music eventually grew and she went on to write more songs that deal with the intimate matters of the heart after picking up the piano and guitar. Her song, “Honeydew”, topped the Hitz Borneo English Top 10 for atleast 12-weeks in 2012. Beverly has also performed at Iskarnival 2016 and Penang Island Jazz Festival 2016. Her first EP, Echoes, is set to release in late August.

Presented by: klpac

Produced by: Coebar Abel

Date & Time: 19 August @ 8:30pm

Venue: indicine, klpac

Admission: Entry by minimum donation of RM15