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K.S. Maniam is still in Malaysia, slams Dewan Sastera’s erroneous essay

Image credit: Belle Hassanah Malaysian novelist K.S. Maniam is still based in Malaysia and has not left to the United States as claimed in Dewan Sastera recently. Government department, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), through its monthly Malay language magazine, Dewan Sastera had reported in its April, 2017 issue that the 75-year-old had migrated to the United States. In an essay titled “Kolonialisme dan Etnosentrisme: Suatu Retrospeksi Penulis India Malaysia”, Maniam was reported to have left the country purely for the purpose of being accepted and recognised internationally. The magazine claimed that it made this discovery based on survey forms that were sent out to 60...

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Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah continue to rally on more laughter!

All images credit: Comedy Court For more than two-decades Comedy Court duo Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah have been leaving Malaysians in stitches. And they have done it again through their latest show, “Rally On”. The two of them are no strangers in the local comedy scene. Having met six-years before the founding of Comedy Court in 1997, the duo have forged a symbiotic partnership; a key in their ability to turn any situation into comedic gold. They’re both best remembered for their extremely Malaysian no holds barred political and societal satire through their on stage personas; bar lawyers...

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HANDS Percussion: 20-years of revolutionising drumming in Malaysia

All images credit: Ban Teng Ruen It’s been 20-years since HANDS Percussion have been tantalising music lovers locally and abroad. To mark their anniversary, the troupe is set to tour four Malaysian cities starting April! For those who’re in the dark, HANDS Percussion was formed by Bernard Goh and a couple of friends in 1997. They specialise in putting a spin on the famed 24 Festive Drums, infusing the Lion Dance drum, Shigu, with diverse Southeast Asian musical instruments. Don’t believe us? Check this video out! The 24 Festive Drums is an art-form where the percussionists drum in sync while...

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This is the most shittiest Malaysian play you’ll ever watch!

All images credit: Fa Abdul. Tales from the Jamban poster art by Johnny Ong Playwright and co-founder of Big Nose Productions, Fa Abdul, tells me that so much shit happens in Malaysian toilets that it is shocking. “Try sitting quietly in a public toilet cubicle and you will know what I mean,” she dares me. The 42-year-old explains that so much shit takes place within the confines of the stinky four-walls of a Malaysian jamban (toilet), that it can at times be unfathomable. “From talks about personal issues, bad mouthing friends, selfies under the toilet lights, facebooking on the...

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“I have found myself again,” artist behind these colourful kettles reveal

All images credit: Pooja Verma Five-years-ago, Pooja Verma used to work as a Business Consultant at a US based company earning a lucrative income before she took the daring leap of faith into the arts. “I didn’t prepare myself at all but my soul used to haunt me when I used to work until late night making Power-point slides and crunching numbers which I always hated,” Pooja shares with me via email. The stress of working in a routine environment broke her spirit bit by bit as she used to breakdown in the office numerous of times. The only thing that kept her going...

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