Author: Sukhbir Cheema

Weddings to the big stage, Aina Abdul reminiscences her musical journey

Image credit Happyfingers Photography For someone who travels daily via the KTM Komuter from Seremban to Sentul, I consider myself a special kind of crazy person. As it turns out, singer and songwriter Aina Abdul is just as crazy as me albeit alot more special! At 17-years-old, Aina would travel daily after school from her hometown in Seremban to Kuala Lumpur to attend her vocal lessons with Cikgu Shafi, daughter of the famed late Malaysian singer M. Shariff. “I started singing when I was in highschool and my musical journey consists of various phases,” Aina tells me when we met...

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“I was paralysed waist down when I re-discovered music,” Endee Ahmad

Image credit Armon Endee Ahmad never knew music was to become his destiny until an ill-fated fall in the bathroom led him to be paralysed from the waist down in 2013. “I was working as a banker for seven-years then,” the 35-year-old reveals to me when met at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) recently. He fell and regained consciousness a day and a half later only to discover that he had lost his job, his wife and his ability to walk. “My wife and friends left me. My boss called me and said he was unable to...

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Ink, ink and some paint and colour for October 2017

It’s November and we’re two months away in discovering which artist and his or her artwork gets crowned Eksentrika’s Art of the Year! Last October was the Inktober month and boy do we have some amazing ink works to show you. But ofcourse, many of the artists also used other mediums as well with some following Inktober’s daily prompts. So here they are, the best artworks we received and selected for October 2017. But ofcourse, Eksentrika’s Art of the Month will not be complete without revealing the art of the month. And after stiff competition, here’s Gerald Chong‘s “Sword”,...

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Pasar Artisan, revolutionising KL’s creative marketplace

Fancy checking out a creative marketplace displaying Kuala Lumpur’s finest craft culture along with emerging artisanal goods, local drinks and delicious food? Pasar Artisan, happening this weekend at TTDI Plaza is the creative marketplace to go to! “We aim to change the way people think of a bazaar and build a unique and enjoyable retail experience where people can discover new independent artists, designers and makers,” Asnie Sari, one of the organiser of the event says. Striving to create a fun and energetic atmosphere for the visitors, the aim of the event is to support locally-based companies as well as folks...

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Swordfish + Concubine, two famous Malay folktales come to life on stage!

All images are by Lee Hock Aun and Sharon Oh Remember the famous Malay legend, “Singapura dilanggar todak”? For those who don’t, The Attack of the Swordfish is a famous Malay folk tale about a little boy who found an ingenious plan to stop swordfishes from attacking the island of Singapore a long, long time ago. Using banana stems as fence, the boy became an overnight sensation among the villagers, much to the king’s annoyance. Fearing that the boy posed as a threat as he would one day grow up to become an intelligent person, the kind ordered him to...

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