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Amrita Soon on overcoming doubts and making music

Image credit Amrita Soon Growing up, Amrita Soon never really thought that she was talented. “I thought I was pretty bad at music,” the 21-year-old lass from Subang tells me. The Seremban born began singing at karaoke competitions organised by the Disney Channel when she was 11-years-old. By 14, she had began composing her own songs. “But I was afraid of sharing them. I was afraid what people would think of me because writing songs that are personal would make me appear like an open book. And that’s scary.” So Amrita began performing covers of various artists using her...

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Cartoonist Lengkuas is no more

Lengkuas (left) was a well celebrated local cartoonist. Image credit: Sireh Cartoonist The Malaysian comic industry is mourning again. Earlier this morning, online comic webstore Bekazon announced that cartoonist Zainuddin Saleh had passed away. The 53-year-old cartoonist who is known in the local comic realm as Lengkuas was believed to have been suffering from high blood pressure and kidney complications. Zainuddin was among the first cartoonists who were part of Ujang way back in the 90’s. He was known for ‘Mat Despatch’ and ‘Yob Peon’, both of which were published in the comic magazine.   Among these two comics, it...

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“Langkau is undeniably one of the best performing arts piece I’ve watched.”

All images credit Faizal Ashraf As I walked into Pentas 2, at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), I kept my expectations low for Langkau. I had not watched their first performance at The National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy (Aswara) last year in March. But judging from their trailer videos, I was expecting another one of those typical abstract dance performance. How wrong I was proven! For starters, Langkau’s cleverly designed introductory format suspended many audience members’ belief. There were no Negarakus, no announcement of the show starting, nothing of that sort. The performance dived in head first...

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SHORT STORY | The Big Bang

Art by Vincent Litoux “Look, I give up. I give up in trying to change the world. To one opinion I have, there are ten differing opinions. We can’t be on the same page. There are slow readers, fast readers and people who do not read at all. I give up. We all want to change the world. But each of us want the world to be a certain way we think it should be. I give up. We have trouble coming to an agreement. There is always, always a differing of opinions. I rather just go into this...

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Using make up and paint, this woman shape-shifts into different characters!

All images credit FX.CAT From Te Fiti of Moana, to White Walkers from the Game of Thrones series to Ghost in Shell, Nurul Nabilla Radzif aka FX.CAT alias Neb has been setting social media ablaze with her mad face painting skills. I mean, just take a look at these brilliant stuff by Neb! Using paint, make up brushes and sculpting tools, the oozing confidence from this tudung clad lass lends further character to her face paintings, making her art even more awesome! Neb explains that her art is a combination of body painting and make up. Beneath the colourful...

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