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Charity for Rohingya kids through poems and haiku

Specially created for Amir by Mimi Mashud of Kuala Terengganu in 7 Days fame. image credit: Mimi Mashud Most people expect to be showered with gifts on their birthday. But not Fixi’s Amir Muhammad. The independent filmmaker turned publisher recently ushered in his 44th birthday with a Facebook post requesting his friends to comment in poems and haikus. “Today is my birthday. For every person who writes an original poem/pantun/sajak/haiku about this happy occasion as a reply to this post, I will donate RM10 to a local charity of my choice. Deadline is the end of today. Begin!” he...

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This artist morphs Pokemon into Kaijin – names them Po-Kaijin

What if Professor Oak turns evil and reengineers Pokemon with Kaijins – the creatures from Kamen Rider? Enter Po-Kaijin – a computer technician’s personal art project seeking to explore this quirky concept of Nintendo’s globally received game. What is a Kaijin you ask? Derived from the Japanese word “Kaiju” which translates to monster, Kaijin on the other hand means “strange person”. It typically refers to a humanoid monster! Gasp! To date, Chen Zhi Yong has created 36 Po-Kaijin. Each week, a brand new artwork is uploaded without fail after Zhi Yong painstakingly works on each art piece every night...

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Art vs nature, Ajesh vs site specific art

What is it like painting in the rain? Eksentrika sits down with Indian artist, Ajesh Suresh, to make sense of the 35-year-old’s site specific artworks. The first thing that Ajesh says to me when I arrive at his apartment in Ampang is, “Would you like beers and some pizzas?” An hour later, while munching on some breadsticks and chicken wings, Ajesh offers me a glimpse into his eccentric mind through a series of art expeditions across the Southeast Asian region. In February this year, Ajesh journeyed all the way to Pekanbaru in Riau, Central Sumatra, the Indonesian heartland of haze and...

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What makes a bloody good storyboard artist? Augustus Tan reveals!

Dain Said’s second film, Interchange, is set to be released in Malaysian cinemas on December 1. Eksentrika catches up with the man behind the visualisation of the film, Augustus Tan, who began sketching since he was a kid.  But first, here’s a taste of Interchange. During his school days at Petaling Jaya’s La Salle School, Augustus Tan regularly made the extra ringgit drawing stuff for his schoolmates. Little did he know, his hobby would foreshadow his eventual career. Now, at 36, Augustus has been instrumental in creating the conceptualised visual direction for Dain Said’s Bunohan and Interchange, Jeffrey Chiang’s horror flick,...

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POETRY | Love is a Luxury by Angelina Bong

FLAMES OF LOVE By Angelina Bong Acrylic on Canvas. 16 X 20 inches. Love is a luxury for people like me who have fleeting crushes like cravings for fried chicken wings that are too quickly replaced by kimchi. The curls that taunt my memories every second shifts the very next day to brown eyes that are too kind to call my own. Penning sonnet that swoons over that special bass voice soon switches to a velvety remark from a dentist. Love is a luxury for people like me who have no time for proper dates. Each precious minute is...

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