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What makes a bloody good storyboard artist? Augustus Tan reveals!

Dain Said’s second film, Interchange, is set to be released in Malaysian cinemas on December 1. Eksentrika catches up with the man behind the visualisation of the film, Augustus Tan, who began sketching since he was a kid.  But first, here’s a taste of Interchange. During his school days at Petaling Jaya’s La Salle School, Augustus Tan regularly made the extra ringgit drawing stuff for his schoolmates. Little did he know, his hobby would foreshadow his eventual career. Now, at 36, Augustus has been instrumental in creating the conceptualised visual direction for Dain Said’s Bunohan and Interchange, Jeffrey Chiang’s horror flick,...

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POETRY | Love is a Luxury by Angelina Bong

FLAMES OF LOVE By Angelina Bong Acrylic on Canvas. 16 X 20 inches. Love is a luxury for people like me who have fleeting crushes like cravings for fried chicken wings that are too quickly replaced by kimchi. The curls that taunt my memories every second shifts the very next day to brown eyes that are too kind to call my own. Penning sonnet that swoons over that special bass voice soon switches to a velvety remark from a dentist. Love is a luxury for people like me who have no time for proper dates. Each precious minute is...

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Fahmi Reza returns, releases free-to-download Bersih 5 posters

With the fifth Bersih rally set to take place on November 19, activist Fahmi Reza has come up with eleven  free-to-download protest posters in the run up to the street demonstration. Fahmi made a return on October 17 on his Facebook after a month long online hiatus, requesting protest slogans from netizens.  Within a day, he received 123 slogans from folks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The political activist, well known to protest through the arts, got to work immediately. The first protest poster, featuring a grinning pig holding dollar notes was inspired by English Civil War, a 1979 EP by punk...

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POETRY | Indian Romance by Pleant Rovella Kapple

I see it in movies, I see it in real life I see the confessions of love, The beauty of it and I realised I want to wake up next to you, tomorrow maybe In Manali, the snowcapped mountains, maybe Or perhaps Shimla Strolling along aimlessly down a path laden with flowers To the poetic sound of a sitar Drop by Agra, they said To the city of love Visit the Taj Mahal, the godly cosmos of real love Exquisite, isn’t it? But I have different paths to cross Memories to erase and with you, I want it to...

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OPINION | Journalists are artists, not waiters or dogs

I feel I should and must relate our experience in light of what is taking place. This cartoon was among the many “controversial” ones I created as a metaphor in February this year following the decision by the Multimedia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block The Malaysian Insider (TMI) – my wife, Ista’s former employer – over its report on the 1MDB scandal. The following harrowing weeks saw my then eight-month old pregnant journalist wife, pondering on her fate. The idea of suddenly seeing her only source of income rapidly diminishing was too absurd to even consider. But absurdities are the norm here...

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