Author: Sukhbir Cheema

POETRY | Indian Romance by Pleant Rovella Kapple

I see it in movies, I see it in real life I see the confessions of love, The beauty of it and I realised I want to wake up next to you, tomorrow maybe In Manali, the snowcapped mountains, maybe Or perhaps Shimla Strolling along aimlessly down a path laden with flowers To the poetic sound of a sitar Drop by Agra, they said To the city of love Visit the Taj Mahal, the godly cosmos of real love Exquisite, isn’t it? But I have different paths to cross Memories to erase and with you, I want it to...

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OPINION | Journalists are artists, not waiters or dogs

I feel I should and must relate our experience in light of what is taking place. This cartoon was among the many “controversial” ones I created as a metaphor in February this year following the decision by the Multimedia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block The Malaysian Insider (TMI) – my wife, Ista’s former employer – over its report on the 1MDB scandal. The following harrowing weeks saw my then eight-month old pregnant journalist wife, pondering on her fate. The idea of suddenly seeing her only source of income rapidly diminishing was too absurd to even consider. But absurdities are the norm here...

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Architect creates his own Pokemon evolution, includes Najib

With the next instalment in the well received Pokemon franchise is set to hit game stores on November 18, this year, it appears the Poke-virus has already infected some fans. The Pokemon series is famous for its cute and at times pretty cool creatures who undergo trans-formative evolution – typically in three stages. Following that spirit, Malaysian architect and artist Munif Abdul Malek, has been churning out his own Pokemon evolutions. Dora. Doraemon. Dorimau. If everyone’s fav cat robot was a Pokemon. 😆 #drawnosaur #draw #drawings #inktober #art #artoftheday #fanart #penart #artline #artist #artistmalaysia #artmalaysia #malaysia #japan #anime #manga #pokemon #doraemon #digitalart...

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Meet the Malaysian a capella group that did the AR Rahman medley for Deepavali

Image credit: Fauxtography by udjinn By now we’re pretty sure you guys have come across this video of a group of pretty a capella singers belting out tunes from AR Rahman’s famous hits from the 90’s. For those still living under a coconut shell, give the video below a listen (and make sure to share it because it is THAT good!) These ladies are not your calang-calang musicians kay! It took The Vochale Project only two rehearsals to record and release this video in time for this year’s Deepavali. The group’s music director, Ann Salina Peter says that the risk taking...

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Scare yourself silly with these creepy Halloween artworks!

Unable to head out Trick of Treating tonight? No fret, here are some spooky artworks to put you right in the Halloween mood. Created by Malaysian artists, these artworks were made using various art forms including, pencil, ink and digitally. Since it is October and that means it’s the month of Inktober, several of these artworks were created to celebrate Inktober. Pssssst! Here are some of the amazing Inktober artists to follow. And check out these Deepavali artworks too! Good luck sleeping tonight. By the way, there are tons more creepy artworks in the form of comics published by indie comic...

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