Author: Sukhbir Cheema

Enlightening guilt and regret through Tsao Yu’s Thunderstorm

All images credit: Joshua Teo  Thunderstorm (or in Chinese, 雷雨 Léiyǔ) might have been written during the infamous Chinese weepies era of the 1930’s, but the play itself has reached a legendary status – almost cult-like – to a certain extent among the East Asian literary and performing arts circles. As a testament, all four days of Tsao Yu’s Thunderstorm, directed by Faridah Merican were sold out before the curtains could even open here at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. Though the show in itself might have received mixed reviews, I found the entire play, which was punctuated with one...

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Lighting up the Malaysian rap scene Kidd Santhe style

All image credit: Kidd Santhe At one glance, it might appear as though the local rap scene has not been creating much of a buzz like it did wayyyy back during the heydays of Poetic Ammo. But look closer, and you’ll discover a plethora of talents. Ever heard of Kidd Santhe? Born Parssanth Navaratnam, the 21-year-old is a new breed of Malaysian rappers who are not only creatively talented, but extremely entrepreneurial too! Being part of a creative collective who call themselves Monster Sound – founded by DJ Biggie and his partner Orealia Soliano in 2015 – Kidd says the...

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Wanted Symphony – the love and hate relationship with music

All images credit: Wanted Symphony The local music scene is immense and thriving with many creative talents who not only entertain people but also provide opportunities for other creatives. One of them is singer-songwriter, Daniel Wong aka Wanted Symphony. Known for his vocal prowess and famed for his soulful electro pop and RnB music, Daniel has also been keeping himself busy, running live music series, Soundstruck : Live at the Bee for the past three-years! You’ve probably heard his single, “In The Eyes Of The World”. It was nominated for the category of ‘Best EDM Song’ at the Voice Independent Music...

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Love Pokemon? Then get this artist to turn you into one!

Remember Munif Malek? You know, the architect who came up with his own Pokemon evolutionary lines. Now he has opened his creative doors for others to get themselves evolved too!  For a mere RM30, Munif will design the characters based on an image of you and a description you provide. “All you got to do is send me your personality trait, your favorite color and other descriptions of your choice,” he tells me. Best part, if you’re willing to fork out an additional RM 55, Munif will also see that these cool evolutionary designs get printed onto a t-shirt! He is...

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K.S. Maniam is still in Malaysia, slams Dewan Sastera’s erroneous essay

Image credit: Belle Hassanah Malaysian novelist K.S. Maniam is still based in Malaysia and has not left to the United States as claimed in Dewan Sastera recently. Government department, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), through its monthly Malay language magazine, Dewan Sastera had reported in its April, 2017 issue that the 75-year-old had migrated to the United States. In an essay titled “Kolonialisme dan Etnosentrisme: Suatu Retrospeksi Penulis India Malaysia”, Maniam was reported to have left the country purely for the purpose of being accepted and recognised internationally. The magazine claimed that it made this discovery based on survey forms that were sent out to 60...

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