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Opening doors to tell more Malaysian stories through The New Play Project

All images by The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Mention the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) and immediately three things comes to mind; the theatre shows, the gorgeous location and the ever growing number of talented individuals churned out through the in-house programmes here. You might be familiar with the The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat’s (TASSTR) Theatre for Young People (T4YP), an initiative that consists of workshops and lessons on acting for a period of three months before culminating with a full scale production. This programme, started out 11 years ago, has churned out a slew of...

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Celebrating the trials and tribulations of fatherhood through comics

All artworks credit Megat Harris Being a parent is not an easy task. Just ask us as we try to juggle our full time jobs, Eksentrika and our mischievous two-year-old all at the same time. #we’resorryfornotbeingabletoupdateeksentrikacuzwesobusymovinghousehuhuhu So when I chanced upon Megat Harris Megat Hisham aka Harry Harco’s cute comic featuring himself, his daughter and his wife, the first thing that popped in my head was, “OMG! I’m not the only one!” This was followed with nervous giggles of relief. Such is the power of Harris’ comics that to us they’re a form of catharsis. Born and raised in...

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A musical about people who work like zombies is in the works!

All images credit RaffleThazzle Photography What do you get if you combine a zombie flick with a musical piece? You’ll get ‘The Working Dead”, an original Malaysian musical piece about, well, people who work like zombies. In an office. From 9am to 6pm and take the train home and then.. *sigh* ..repeat. Unlike ‘The Walking Dead’, which the title of this production parodies, this musical explores various themes of a Malaysian contemporary life. Journalist Terence Toh who dabbles in script writing in his free time is one of the brainchild for this production and he gives me a cautionary warning; There...

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POETRY | Play On by Izza Khaleeda

The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Maxfield Parrish Play on Mr. Piper, play the songs of your calling, the tempting lure, ensnaring from the most wicked to the innocent. Casualties mean nothing to the Piper, when his whistles bury the unfortunate, perishing amidst the earth dwellers that have long been abandoned, as he prances with his instrument to a wider audience. He dances, with enough grace and masculinity to mask the deceit, he reeks of it. His feet move to the hymns of solid promises, and trails of sugar sprinkle his steps. As our knees tremble, we taste the...

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Having a hard time revising for SPM? Perhaps Maple Comics can help!

  A page from Maple Comics’ adaptation of Beb Sabariah’s Tirani. Artwork by Superdoofus Back in the 90’s, the idea of reading comics by school going kids were frowned upon. Fast forward 20 years later, comics are slowly being used as a medium for students to revise for their exams! Local graphic magazine publisher Maple Comics (pronounced Ma-Play) has been working closely with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) to produce comics that follow the literature syllabus of secondary schools. Through its imprint which was launched last year, Maple @ School, Bahasa Malaysia novel, Tirani by Sarawak based writer Beb Sabariah is...

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