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Revolutionary rap with Orfeus

feature image credit: Orfeus “Our Art is a reflection of our reality.” Ice Cube said it in the biopic “Straight Outta Compton” but the words ring true not only for the American rap artist, but many individuals who identify as an artist, regardless whether their medium is music, writing or painting. Closer to home, Malaysian rapper, Orfeus, is echoing the truth of that quote with the release of “Gelora Kuning”,  a song made last year, rehashed now to fit in apt references for the 19 November 2016, Bersih 5 rally recently. Amazingly, as Eksentrika found out, the video clip from idea...

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5 things to know about triple threat Stephanie Van Driesen

Feature image credit: Horng Yih Wong If you saw 16-bit Coriolanus, staged at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) last month, you might have wondered who exactly is the bewitching Volumnia beneath all that make up… Stephanie Van Driesen’s portrayal as the mother of Caius Martius definitely stood out for us and it’s no surprise since she has been honing her acting powers in the local arts scene since 2010. The more frequent theatre goer might remember Stephanie’s one-woman show “Marilyn and me” last year, that showcased not only her ability to evoke the 50s bombshell persona, but also...

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rendezvouz | A contemporary circus show

Work, home, sleep, repeat. If you seek to escape from this life mantra, perhaps it’s time to dispel the illusion with a rendezvous with Psycusix. Psycusix is a troupe of performers introducing nouveau cirque or contemporary circus in Malaysia. That means they have done away with the garish tent, clowns and inhumane animal show for a more sophisticated spectacle of acrobatics, theatre and illusion. Their upcoming show on November 12, titled “Rendezvous” invites you to look deeper at the pieces and people that make up the mechanical monotony of daily life. Might they reveal a more profound story of...

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Haris Rashid: Art Battle Malaysia’s first champion

Image credit: Allie Hill Malaysia’s first Art Battle was a colourful affair which saw 23-year-old Kedahan Haris Rashid emerging as champion. Although the artist has had experience in live painting, it was the first time he was competing live with other artists. Calling the entire experience unique and refreshing, Haris said the 20-minutes of painting was such an adrenaline rush that it felt more like 20-seconds instead. “When you’re painting, you’re forced to concentrate on what you’re doing and do the best you can. “So I basically zoned out to what was happening around me and just focused on the artwork,” Haris tells...

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Tribute to Asia’s number 1 Performer

The name Sudirman Arshad is not immediately recognisable as it once was, but play any of his songs and familiarity is soon to ensue for most Malaysians. Afterall, his famous numbers such as “Balik Kampung”, “Warisan” and “Tanggal 31” still get a fair amount of air time each Hari Raya season and around August for the Merdeka celebrations. Come 22 February next year, it will mark 25 years since the passing of the icon known as “Asia’s Number One Performer”. He earned the monicker after winning the ‘‘Asian Popular Music Awards’’ competition at the Royal Albert Hall in London in...

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