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Gina Yap Lai Yoong the writer whisperer

For more than seven years now, Gina Yap Lai Yoong has been a mentor of sorts for local writers who intend to get published. But she is not your ordinary writing coach and depending on your commitment to your craft, she can be a miraculous guiding angel or a badgering nightmare. She is known to go to great lengths to help her mentees, taking on roles as counselor, organiser and even babysitter to solve problems at hand. “I’ve had people ignore my calls, switch off their phone and avoid me for months but I don’t let them back out...

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Redha for Malaysia at Oscars 2017

Redha, a film by newbie director Tunku Mona Riza has a chance to contend at next year’s Oscars, following its selection to represent Malaysia by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS). If shortlisted as among the five final nominees, it will compete in the Foreign Language Film category for the 89th Academy Awards. The feature film is a first by Tunku Mona and centers around the lives of a family with an autistic child. In reacting to news of the selection, Tunku Mona took to her Facebook page to say that she was inspired to make the film...

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Ulasan buku | Selumbar Karya Ikmal Ahmad

Selumbar, tajuk buku kedua penulis amatur, Ikmal Ahmad, adalah analogi daripada salah seorang watak karya tersebut yang menggambarkan hidupnya seperti kaki ditikam selumbar, sakit jika ditarik keluar tetapi jika dibiarkan juga menghalang daripada maju ke hadapan. Pertembungan antara dua watak utama, iaitu Razin, seorang ustaz muda yang disayangi dan dihormati orang kampung dengan Sufi, seorang pelawat yang sampai ke surau Razin, menandakan permulaan cerita dan adegan yang akan mengolah persepsi hidup kedua-dua pemuda tersebut. Razin akan menyesali pertemuannya dengan Sufi dalam jalan cerita buku ini yang mendalami tema-tema berat seperti Islam dengan homofobia, hormat terhadap ibu bapa dan sayang sesama...

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BOOK REVIEW | Selumbar by Ikmal Ahmad

First up, let me explain the title. Selumbar is the Malay word for wood splinter and the novel is so called due to an analogy by one of the characters, likening his life to his feet being pierced deep with a Selumbar. If he pulls it out, he will suffer great pain, and yet leaving it in would only cause the wound to fester and hinder his walking forward. An innocent encounter between the main character, a much loved and respected modern day ustaz, Razin and a supposed stranger in Razin’s village, Sufi, kickstarts the drama. What unfolds will afflict...

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The Hustling Artist: Ruby Subramaniam

She quit her job, went on a solo travel through Europe and South America and left imprints of her art along the way. This might sound like a mere daydream for most people but for Ruby Subramaniam, it is part of her reality. Now a year after trading a promising career in digital media marketing for a living off paintbrushes and canvas, the 26-year-old is making headway at becoming her own definition of “artist”.  Her many current projects include planning her first solo exhibition, writing a modern day memoir and introducing international art events to the local scene. She...

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