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LIGHTBEARER | A cosmic release by SKIES ARE RED

The supernatural beings that make up Skies Are Red have a cosmic message for you this Saturday, in the release of their debut single; Lightbearer Eksentrika had the delightful chance to pre-listen and our verdict is; Gotta Catch it Live! We were blown away by the angelic vocals of Danielle and the uplifiting music composition. Music has a way of speaking to the soul and we believe Skies Are Red know well the code. If you’re searching for meaning in life and need a light to shine on the darkened pathways of your mind, experience the rhythym live for yourself at  Merdekarya this Saturday, 3rd...

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What to do for school holiday? See Masak Masak with S’kolah and Still Taming

They were “green” in T4YP (Theatre For Young People) and now it’s time tp “ripen up” with Masak-Masak. Masak-Masak Ensemble Theatre is a brand new collective, specifically to nurture the talents that graduate from The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)’s T4YP programme. At the helm, are none other than The Actors Studio’s in house director, Mark Beau de Silva and actor in residence, Ho Lee Ching, both of whom firmly believe in the potential of local talents for performing arts. Their shared passion for creating wonderful stories is what spurred the latest ensemble creation, with the humble vision to inspire and nurture...

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Revolutionary rap with Orfeus

feature image credit: Orfeus “Our Art is a reflection of our reality.” Ice Cube said it in the biopic “Straight Outta Compton” but the words ring true not only for the American rap artist, but many individuals who identify as an artist, regardless whether their medium is music, writing or painting. Closer to home, Malaysian rapper, Orfeus, is echoing the truth of that quote with the release of “Gelora Kuning”,  a song made last year, rehashed now to fit in apt references for the 19 November 2016, Bersih 5 rally recently. Amazingly, as Eksentrika found out, the video clip from idea...

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5 things to know about triple threat Stephanie Van Driesen

Feature image credit: Horng Yih Wong If you saw 16-bit Coriolanus, staged at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) last month, you might have wondered who exactly is the bewitching Volumnia beneath all that make up… Stephanie Van Driesen’s portrayal as the mother of Caius Martius definitely stood out for us and it’s no surprise since she has been honing her acting powers in the local arts scene since 2010. The more frequent theatre goer might remember Stephanie’s one-woman show “Marilyn and me” last year, that showcased not only her ability to evoke the 50s bombshell persona, but also...

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rendezvouz | A contemporary circus show

Work, home, sleep, repeat. If you seek to escape from this life mantra, perhaps it’s time to dispel the illusion with a rendezvous with Psycusix. Psycusix is a troupe of performers introducing nouveau cirque or contemporary circus in Malaysia. That means they have done away with the garish tent, clowns and inhumane animal show for a more sophisticated spectacle of acrobatics, theatre and illusion. Their upcoming show on November 12, titled “Rendezvous” invites you to look deeper at the pieces and people that make up the mechanical monotony of daily life. Might they reveal a more profound story of...

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30jun8:30 pm- 10:00 pmTHAT’S ENTERTAIMENT! A Night of Radio Hits!