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Making art with Orang Asli children in Kampung Rasau, heart touching!

“Engge porrr… ennadei….,” they sang as their hands reached out to touch one another in what I guessed was a game of tag. Whatever they were saying in the Semai language sound very much like Tamil, and I tried to join in the game by “tagging” one of the kids and singing like they did, “engge porrr.” which in Tamil roughly translates to “where to go”. What follows is a peal of laughter that I took as acceptance by the Orang Asli children from Kampung Rasau, near Slim River, Perak. “Yay!”I thought. “Score for getting included despite saying a...

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New Tamil song by Malaysian, “Let’s Go”, heating up international festivals

For an artist, recognition can be a nurturing balm to the creative spirit. And especially if you’re up and coming, it becomes positive reinforcement to keep honing talent. Musician, Jaya Easwar, sought this affirmation and decided to send his work for judging by experts and industry players at international festivals around the world. His gamble and belief in his work paid off when his composition, “Selvom Vaa” turned out to be a hit in several world festivals. “As a beginner, I personally believe recognition and awards are more important than Youtube views. To our surprise, Selvom Vaa, a Malaysian made Tamil song, has...

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She picks up a pencil for stress relief, finds surprise skill instead!

image credit: May Choong Many people turn to art as a hobby or therapeutic stress relief, and when May Choong took up a pencil, she was no different, just looking for an outlet to distract from her work-related woes. But the results of that took even her by surprise, because as it turns out, she has FULL BLOWN Talent! Yes…we kid you not, and if you’re wondering what the dramatic caps lock was for, well, judge for yourself lah. A photo posted by YangMay Choong (May) (@yangmayc) on Jan 9, 2017 at 12:44pm PST The day she found out her...

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Check out this wonder henna artist doing art you can’t do

All images credit: Eksentrika. Unless stated otherwise Her father left when she was small, no matter, Namvinsha Kaur and her mother stayed strong. In school, they called her names and isolated her, no matter. No matter became a mantra as Namvinsha soldiered on and obtained a diploma in management and multimedia. Five years after graduation, she was still searching and applying for numerous jobs, employers simply could not see past her physique. No matter, Namvinsha turns to art and voila! Who’s the boss now? Born with congenital achondroplasia, Namvinsha’s limbs are not fully formed. People had called her a ‘penguin baby’. Making friends was never...

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Jack it up with Jack Malik

If you’ve been checking out the local poetry scene, then you might have come across an event called “Jack it!” that has been happening at Unit 23 Cafe in Shah Alam. And you might have wondered what this phrase meant and who it is referencing…well, Eksentrika spoke to the man who inspired the namesake, Jack Malik. It might appear that the 23-year-old Projek Rabak poet was aptly named due to his obvious love for sajak, because you know, sajack…but as it turns out, his real name is Muhammad Danial bin Malik! So what’s the story behind the stage name that...

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