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Short Story | Pan That must die

feature image: Georgia O’Keeffe Gloria walked to the roadside curb to sit down, pulling the back of her short skirt to prevent her flesh from scorching on the cement pavement as she lowered her ass down. It was an hour past noon, on cue for the sun to be more than warmly felt on the dusty streets of Petaling Jaya, but that wasn’t good enough a reason to skip a cigarette break, in fact, if you ask, Gloria, there’s never a reason not to light up a stick. Cancer sticks they call it nowadays, she’d scoff hearing that from...

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T4YP 2017 | Auditions Open!

Are you dreaming of becoming an actor or actress? Have you got enough dramatics and theatrics to power up a stage? You better haul your ass over to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre’s (klpac) in Sentul because the Theatre for Young People (T4YP) auditions are open again. If you haven’t heard by now, you should know that T4YP is klpac’s landmark programme for youths between 16 and 25 years to develop some serious theatre chops. Some of the stuff you’ll pick up in the three month period between April and July, are acting, storytelling, voice work, writing, Shakespeare, traditional...

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Is it reality or a show? Check out Life Sdn Bhd to know!

Image credit: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Would you consider your life a private, limited? Or are all our lives one big company? Explore these questions with Life Sdn Bhd, which will be staging for the 13th time at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) next month. This year, for the first time, one half of klpac’s founder, Joe Hasham, will join the line-up of casts. It is indeed surprising that the show started by Faridah Merican, (klpac and Joe’s other half), which has gone on for over a decade, had never included Joe until now. The show is also marking the...

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Short Story | The Old Man

feature image credit: Aleksander Peca The old man looked upon his dead wife in her casket. He could think now. The numbness in his mind had begun to fade away as he stared at the lifeless body in the box. His eyes were crinkles of swelled skin, like two giant dumplings with a black pearl in the middle. No one could tell anymore what he was looking at, or if he was looking at all. He had neatly combed to the side, slivers of white long strands on his head, what was left of his hair. Still, it failed...

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Making art with Orang Asli children in Kampung Rasau, heart touching!

“Engge porrr… ennadei….,” they sang as their hands reached out to touch one another in what I guessed was a game of tag. Whatever they were saying in the Semai language sound very much like Tamil, and I tried to join in the game by “tagging” one of the kids and singing like they did, “engge porrr.” which in Tamil roughly translates to “where to go”. What follows is a peal of laughter that I took as acceptance by the Orang Asli children from Kampung Rasau, near Slim River, Perak. “Yay!”I thought. “Score for getting included despite saying a...

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