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Contenglah…but not the walls! What Contenglah really means

Have you been itching to doodle in the LRT Masjid Jamek tunnel after seeing the amazing works by Sanuri Zulkefli and Superdoofus aka Arif Rafhan Othman? Unfortunately, unless you’ve been commissioned as an artist to do that, your painstaking doodle efforts on the walls will have to be scrubbed away. But But But WHY? We know it drives you to tears but actually, as tempting as the available white space looks, combined with title “Contenglah” which can be construed as an invite but actually…it’s merely an expression. Contenglah organiser and member of Doodle Malaysia, Allie Hill clarifies that the theme and title,...

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Art will always be alive and kicking in Malaysia

Image credit: Robolism We are all of us artists. Some of us know how to channel it into a living and some of us are still struggling. But all of us need inspiration and encouragement from time to time. This is what Eksentrika is all about. A website with your stories and for people like you.     Whether you are a writer, illustrator, musician, thespian, chef or all of the above, we know you have an amazing story to share and we want to do just that. With these stories of struggle and achievement in the local art scene, we...

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Need inspiration for Inktober? Check out these 3 visual artists

Want to power up your art inspiration for Inktober this weekend? Artemis Art in Publika is hosting “Expressions”, an exhibition of recent works by three young Malaysian visual artists, Izzat Aziz, Keat Leong, and Nazmi Ismail. Izzat, who was the grand prize winner in Nando’s Malaysia’s “PERI-fy Your Art” competition in 2013, has produced pieces featuring the mystical elements of Malay culture, especially the ones long forgotten by today’s society. In his works, the 27-year-old aims to showcase a more colorful and interesting perspective of the Malay culture, than what is generally known to most. Keat Leong, 28, attempts to depict nostalgia and inner piece...

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Live doodle in Masjid Jamek | Sanuri Zulkefli

‘Penglipur lara (Storyteller)’ – Life is filled with stories and narratives that bring meaning and guidance. Let’s remember that life is not just for pleasure, but also for us to learn to be better people, to be stewards of the earth and to always glorify Allah the Almighty. This is the largest artwork I have produced since, 8 x 5 ft. I painted this over four days in the pedestrian tunnel of the Masjid Jamek LRT station. 6 Oktober – 9 Oktober My four days painting at the station were filled with memories and stories. On the first day, I...

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Kedai Fixi pindah promo

Local indie publisher, Fixi is offering a five books for RM50 promotion this week, due to their store in Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ, relocating. The promotion is for a total 100 titles by Fixi as well as other publishers and set to last until Saturday (15 October 2016). The promotion is not valid online, only for those walking into Kedai Fixi before they close doors this week. It is uncertain where or when the next brick and mortar will turn up. Based on their Facebook post, Kedai Fixi will not be in operation for a while. You can check out the titles on sale at their Facebook...

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