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These are not paintings of galaxies but ACTUAL cakes!

All images credit By Grace Have you ever wished to know what a slice of the universe would taste like? We might never know for sure but these cakes By Grace definitely lets your imagination take you there! Two artistic bakers behind this Malaysian confectionery in Johor Bahru came up with the fabulous idea of making “space cakes” that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “a feast for your eyes”. For the record, although these cakes are bound to inspire thoughts high in the sky, these are not to be confused with the kind infamously sought for...

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Poetry | Key by Vernon Daim

Feature image: “Still Life with Cherries, Key and Dice,The Key of Luck” by bulgarian artist, Alexander Titorenkov I usually take up a little room Deep in your pocket. I am essential In proving that you are territorial.   Like problems, like children, I multiply Purely out of basic necessity, Insecurity or bad memory.   I’m not your faithful spouse nor hot lover. Yet losing me causes dread and distress, Turns your life into a horrible mess.   I guard your treasure, your dirty secrets. Though I jingle-jangle and make loud noise When I socialise, I’m still your best choice.  ...

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What’s so great for a school to stage plays for 81-years?

It is indeed remarkable for a school to sustain staging annual school plays to the point it becomes more than a decade-long tradition. Ipoh Anglo Chinese School (ACS) has since earned a name for this, having continued staging a play since the 1950’s and even churning out some famous names the likes of veteran actor, Mano Maniam and Chin San Sooi, the theatre director renowned for staging Macbeth in the style of Chinese opera. Both Mano and San Sooi have openly spoken of their fond memories play acting at their alma mater circa the 1960’s. This year marks the school’s...

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What’s your epic Balik Kampung tale? Share the legend for prizes lah!

Hari Raya is around the corner and for many Malaysians, tis the season to head home to loved ones and become round through food! It is a Muslim festival but we Malaysians are known to embrace the celebration as one great open-house party for all. What we get out of this is a collection of great memories and stories that live on beyond the holiday period. Some are so epic, they are retold again and again at every get together. If you have one of these balik kampung anecdotal gems, now is the chance for you to share it with...

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Launch your artist career with the UOB competition now…it’s been done before!

Kobayashi Satoshi’s “The Producer” source: UOB Are you ready to make your craft the UOB Painting of the Year 2017? The annual competition that has been highlighting artists across South East Asia for over two decades now, is accepting entries until September 1, this year. The theme is Reciprocity, which is how viewers perceive and appreciate art through their own experiences and memories. “The beauty of art is subjective and can be interpreted differently based on viewers’ feelings and experience. This year’s theme highlights this unique element that makes art and the appreciation of it personal to each of us,” says UOB...

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