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Father of Malaysian Animation? Meet him in person in Ipoh!

Remember that old Malaysian cartoon, called Hikayat Sang Kancil that used to air on local TV? I was one of the 90’s kids who used to watch it and my favourite part was when the monkey in the stories, ate the spicy chillies despite being warned by Sang Kancil not to. The way the steam blew out of his ears was just hilarious and it became a play-acting game that my brothers and I loved to re-enact. I never knew the artist behind this memorable cartoon, until I found out recently, that he will be in Ipoh for a workshop this Saturday (May 20),...

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Lukis komik, Gubah lagu…Tempuhan seorang ayah demi kesedaran autisme

Seni boleh memulih dan juga adalah sokongan. Tak percaya? Lihatlah sendiri video menyentuh hati oleh Faizul Khalid aka Zulkha, tentang pengalamannya sebagai ayah kepada seorang kanak-kanak autistik. Video tersebut sepatutnya siap untuk dilepaskan pada tahun 2016, namun tertangguh kerana Zulkha sibuk pada waktu itu, berpindah dari Kapit ke Kuching, bertukar tempat kerja, lagi menguruskan hal keluarganya. Senang sahaja kalau mahu melepaskan hasratnya untuk membuat video, tetapi Zulkha tidak rela membiarkan ideanya terkubur. Maka, walaupun menanggung letih dari hari-hari bekerja dan menjaga anak lelakinya, Kharnain, Zulkha memulakan usaha untuk menjadikan videonya realiti pada bulan November yang lalu. “Saya menghasilkan karya dalam keadaan yang agak tertekan. Tambahan...

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Life Sdn Bhd comes to Ipoh for the first time!

“Life Sdn Bhd: People” comes to Ipoh! For first time, Ipoh folks will get to catch the 13-year running show conceived by Malaysia’s First Lady of Theatre, Faridah Merican, in the little town itself, at RTM Ipoh, Jalan Dairy on Saturday, May 6. For the unfamilliar, this show is not your average theatre performance, featuring instead real people and their real life stories. It’s a chance to glimpse rare slices of personal yet genuine memories and moments, shared on stage. Interestingly, one of them is none other than Joe Hasham, co-founder of the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (Klpac). Those curious...

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This Malaysian Dad drew comics of life with his autistic son for an hour daily…and turned it into a video!

Art is healing and supportive. Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll have to check out this inspiring video by Faizul Khalid aka Zulkha, on the trials and tribulations he faced as a dad to an autistic son. It was supposed to be released last year but due to series of personal events, Zulkha coudn’t complete it in time. Instead of shelving this project idea, he set work to it, dedicating at least an hour on a daily basis, despite the stress of moving to a larger city, from Kapit to Kuching in Sarawak, working and caring for his son at the...

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Travelling without a camera? Check out this awesome hack!

While most people these days travel with their hands glued to a smart phone or camera device, Ahmad Hakym gets by with a bagful of sketching tools. Instead of snapping as many photos in as many angles as possible, he simply finds a scenic spot, where he can linger long enough to soak up the sights, sounds and smells, which he then transfers onto his sketchpad. As long as he has his little “Doraemon” bag, with compact size watercolours, spray bottle, brushes, sketchbooks, watercolour postcards and tissues, he’s all set. A post shared by Ahmad Hakym Ahmad Hilmy (@kymioflario)...

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