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SHORT STORY | They Come Stomping by Leon Wing

Burma – 14th Army: The Battle of the Sittang Bend, 1945, by Leslie Cole. He is being held by the elbow, his son guiding him out the door of his house which seventy-six years back was merely a wooden hut, having being feted in a lunch celebrating his 100th birthday, feeling the heat of a not too overbearingly warm day and noticing the ground paved over the soil and sand of those many years ago is dry from today not having rained, which takes him by surprise because of the incessant wet of the last couple of days, but not as much as he is...

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The many colours of August the Merdeka month of 2017

Just as diverse as Malaysia, the artworks which we received and were selected were unique in their own ways. We’ve had doodles done on shoes, a page from an upcoming local comic book, portraits, digital paintings and more! Scroll to check em all out! This post will not be complete without Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for August 2017. And guess who received the most number of votes for August? It’s Hue Jia Yung‘s amazing surrealistic artwork! Jia Yung is an extremely shy guy and rarely uploads his artworks onto social media. “Mostly because I procrastinate one piece for who-knows-how-long....

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POETRY | The Night Cafe by Emilia Ismail

“I used to study paintings. Renaissance painting was my favorite among other art movements. Although renaissance paintings intrigue me, I felt closer to post-impressionist artists like Vincent Van Gogh. I don’t know why but every time I look at Van Gogh’s lesser known painting titled Night Cafe, I felt somewhat forlorn. I often think I was that woman in the corner, nursing what seemed like a pint of beer, with her possible lover by her side. I wrote a poem based on that painting too, of what might have been that woman’s thoughts,” Emilia writes to us.   And you left your...

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SHORT STORY | Two of a Kind by Amanda Lim

Artwork by All Star Activist He had a lisp and a husky voice, and he confessed to having aborted his girlfriend’s baby. It was his baby, too wasn’t it? Jonathan and I met at German class, and he said we shouldn’t hang out, because my hair was blond, and his mother said that only bad girls coloured their hair blond. *** He had a lisp and a husky voice, and he confessed to putting razorblades in a Tiffany box. Daniel and I met at writing class, and we went out on a dinner date. After our meal, he asked...

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POETRY | Alone is how I feel by Kopi Soh

  Kopi Soh is a Malaysian cartoonist who frequently produces healing artworks for children with a myriad of illness. Have poems to share with us? Send em over to and do include a short description of yourself and a pretty or handsome image of...

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october, 2017

30sep - 1octsep 303:00 pmoct 1- 3:00 pmCRÈ

30sep - 29octsep 308:30 pmoct 29Short + Sweet Malaysia 2017

10oct - 21novoct 1010:00 amnov 21Beyond Differences

12oct - 15novoct 128:00 pmnov 15The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro)

14oct3:00 pm- 6:30 pmArt Battle Malaysia #3 | Speed Painting Competition

16oct - 24novoct 163:00 pmnov 24World’s Best Movies

20oct - 22oct 208:30 pmoct 22Un Yamada Project 2017: “People without Seasons”

21oct3:00 pm- 5:00 pmSoft & Savage | An enchanting owl photography exhibition

27oct - 28oct 278:30 pmoct 28One Thousand Million Smiles