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SHORT STORY | A December Story

Image credit: Autumn was definitely something I looked forward to, but when autumn comes, winter is to follow. The very realization paints a shadow over the beauty of Autumn. But I’d be a fool to let that diminish the beauty that surrounds me like a blanket. I picked up the dried leaves, wanting to paste them in my journal, so that the beauty of autumn would remain immortalized in my memory. As predicted, nature brought winter, and snow covered every inch of the ground, making it look white and angelic. But the fact was, even hell wouldn’t have been as cold as...

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Poetry | Penchant of Sunrise

Image credit: The sun is entirely devoid of darkness It overpowers the universe with its intense flare Feels like an enormous volcanic wind scratching the surface of earth It prides on the mere fact that there can only be ‘one’ who radiates the gleam Temperamental by nature It can be mildly soothing or menacingly fierce Rules with an iron fist and is afraid of none No room for emotional attachment, As blaze is constantly fuelled We aim to be that To transcend all the limits that has been long established To emerge as the imperium that would always...

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SHORT STORY | Birthday Gifts

Image credit: It was bound to happen any minute now. I took a peek at the old, brown grandfather’s clock sitting behind me; us alone in the dining room under a light as glorious as a mountain’s sunset, as old as the age I was about to turn into. It happens once every year, once the clock reaches twelve and I become a year wiser (yet closer to my unpreventable death), I would hear a fickle of the faintest footsteps at my door, like that belonging to the feet of a little girl no older than five, but as I slip into my warm robes...

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How the 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival will be different than the ones before

Image credit: Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival If you’re a music lover or someone who enjoys quality music, then the 4th edition of the Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival which takes place this weekend will whet your music taste buds. Here we’ve compiled reasons why you should and must check out Malaysia’s biggest and arguably the world’s one of a kind jazz festival! A festival by musicians for musicians (and music lovers) Touted as the brainchild of Malaysia’s foremost jazz musician, Michael Veerapen – the festival could only happen with the assistance of several Malaysian jazz pianists such as Tay Cher Siang, Justin Lim, David...

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Poetry | Surging Bulls

Image credit: Rosenfeldtown   Rampaging bulls carve a mighty path beneath an unruffled veil crashing through intricate lattices of sobriety Bells in the sanctum peal over the roar of thundering hooves – tolling ‘Calm! Calm! Calm!’ as gallant pillars erected in times of despair stand firm against the rampaging surge – a surge that started from a sock A sock of unmatched quality soaked in insidious splendour rumpled and thick seeping viscid ick permeating the air with H2S flavour mingled with the insufferable perfume of insouciance It leaves a rancid trail in which blood red toadstools blossom and thrive vacuously...

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