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SHORT STORY | Not Just Yet by Axam Maumoon

Image credit:  It was loud as the train rumbled away. She looked up, brows furrowed, “Either you missed yours or I missed mine,” she said with a smile. “Let’s find out, shall we?” he replied, stepping on the escalator. It was sunny upstairs on the platform. Eastbound and Westbound platforms were one and the same, with the trains stopping on either side. This meant they could both sit together one last time before they went their separate ways. He needed that. They found the bench in the very middle of the platform, crossectional so they weren’t facing away...

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POETRY | Neither Dream Nor Fable by Yanna Hashri

The silence fled like a thief in the night. In its place, the fire made the loudest and emptiest bed you’d ever seen. We all heard the gods and their crops screaming like animals as they burned until the town was nothing but ash. We were hungry and desperate, you see. So we dug up the old graves and sucked the pain from our grandmothers’ bones. Whatever we didn’t retch on, leeched deep into our skin till we turned white as ghosts. What do you know about it, child? You weren’t there to see how many people fell from...

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POETRY | Inversions by Terence Aaron

Image credit: Davved Ask me my dreams and hopes; I’ll present my tragedies, Ask me my tragedies; I’ll present my dreams and hopes, Look for what fuels my passion; you’ll see the void in me, Look for the void in me; you’ll see what fuels my passion, Force me to recall paradise; I could only imagine hell, Force me to imagine hell; I could only recall paradise, Trap me in a room with people, I wish to be alone, Trap me in a room alone, I wish to be with people Tell me to write my problems, I’ll show...

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Kid draws Hindu deities, proves that differences are okay

Feature image credit: Adeline Chua Two-weeks ago, we stumbled across a Facebook post by Adeline Chua, a teacher from Bagan Serai, Perak who showed us how art inspires unity over differences. In the post, Adeline tells how she had spotted a student’s newfound passion for drawing, which went on to spark the curiousity of his fellow classmates. “After he finishes telling me about goddess Kali (and his major break-up, also expressed in drawing), something weird happens. “A Muslim girl calls him over,” Adeline writes in her post. The girl had called him over to see his artworks. The image above was snapped by...

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Celebrate Deepavali by enjoying these artworks created by Malaysians

Deepavali or Diwali is a Hindu festival symbolising the triumph of good over evil. Of light over darkness. Of wisdom over ignorance and in some cases, colors over achromatism. Here are a bunch of talented local artists from Doodle Malaysia who came up with Deepavali artworks of their own to usher in the festival in true Malaysian fashion! Owh! Eksentrika would love to take the opportunity to wish our readers a Happy Deepavali! Think we’ve missed out an artist? Drop us a comment below and we’ll add the artist in! Have a Deepavali inspired artwork to share? Send em over...

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