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SHORT STORY | Fairies and Magick by Mary Maguire

Image credit *** This was a short story which was performed by Mary Maguire at PARI PARI DI klpac on February 24, 2018. It was so awesome that we decided to publish the entire story/script here! INTRO: Pot Head Pixies by Gong – fades out after 20 secs I am, you are, we are crazy… Enters performance space dancing to the music – notices audience. STARTS TO READ December 1951 Mean temperature 6.3 degrees Celsius Changeable Rainfall mostly light and plenty of sunshine On December 28th over 6mm of rain fell AND in the early hours of that same...

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More power to the arts through February 2018’s best artworks!

Yes, yes we know we’re a tad late but good art must still be celebrated! Last February’s treasure trove of art are timeless because a couple of them immortalised important events such as the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, Fahmi Reza’s defiance and Weinye Chen successfully schooling a corporate outfit on the dangers of plagiarising artists’ work. February 2018 was no doubt a memorable month for artists! (Apologies for the delay in posting this post, we’ve been busy with work, parenthood and more work!) And ofcourse, this post will not be complete without us introducing to February 2018’s art...

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POETRY | Ouroboros by Wan Rezal

Artwork by zarathus Ouroboros: Where it begins, Is also where it ends. Like a figure-eight, The place where you rise from bed Is also the place where You rest your head. Life is the snake that eats itself. As we fret over health: The time from before you were born Is the same time that comes after You’re weary and well-worn. With each passing Of the light of the moon And the ray of the sun: If death is an eternity, Then an eternity Is closing your eyes And counting to one. At least, That’s what some people say....

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POETRY | Unrequested Sad Dick Pics by Zhyldyz Syr

Image credit Unrequested sad dick pics Looking their way under settings shift Giving stroke to holy folks Cover them in flatty jokes And disturb some dry feminism Give them moisturizing soul cream called hedonism “recently deleted” is your new home now Look you’re not minority, oh wow Is it peace, yes, it probably IS You can be you now Released! Hi, my name is Zhyldyz. I am 100% organic woman. Here is a sarcastic poem I wrote after talking a guy somewhere on Tinder. I actually run a blog and I haven’t written any poems throughout all my years...

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SHORT STORY | Help by Vernon Daim

Image credit Baby Nick drifts into dreamland populated by candy houses and pastel-coloured animals. Mother’s sweet lullaby conceals her own suffering and drowns out the meaningless murmuring of the old ceiling fan. Mr Raj the landlord, indifferent to her predicament, had sent the third and final notice this morning. If rental is still not paid by next Monday, she will be evicted. Today is Friday. Her nimble fingers are typing furiously on the cracked screen of her phone, asking for help from everyone in her contact list. She can no longer be bashful in a desperate time like this....

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