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These are the artworks which made March 2017 marvelous!

Art of the Month for March 2017 by Anna Sabrina. This was Anna’s winning piece at Art Battle Malaysia #2 Ladies and gentlemen, Art Battle Malaysia #2 winner Anna Sabrina’s artwork is Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for March 2017! March is special because instead of us selecting the best artworks of the month, we got our readers to vote on Eksentrika’s Instagram and Facebook this time. Some of these artworks were submitted to us and many were selected by us with permission from the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group. They were all good and I’m pretty sure our readers had a tough...

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POETRY | God has disappeared… by Mazlan Noor Along

Image credit: the presence of men of letters from the world over…what’s the purpose? esteemed men of letters the cultured among the cultured the poets among the poets in the realm of the verses cascading from the hearts the minds and the good deeds with hopes so desired hoping for a world that understands the trials and tribulations of some people of misfortune and pain breathing in despair…living in sorrow some have lived years of sadness some lived in obscene richness the fall of civilization starts from the top leaders with full intent…creating the homeless allowing the living...

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SHORT STORY | Good girls by Sakinah Alhabshi

Image credit Etsy “Don’t be ridiculous! Good girls don’t climb fences and run wild!” I could hear the sound of my heart beating hard against my chest, almost leaping free, like the curly locks around my face. And as always, her thumb flicked open the dreaded envelope, and pulled out a little scrap of brown paper which said, “Bake a dozen cookies and have a tea party with your dolls”. I couldn’t play with dolls when I had guppies in the drain to catch, and a baby bird out back with a broken wing! “Good girls dress nicely, play...

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POETRY | Grains by Debra Abraham

Image credit: This poem was written in memory of my grandmother who passed away 25 years ago. As a child I spent a lot of time with her at her home in Sungai Petani where she reared chickens. This poem will walk the reader through the simple joys of small town life.   From the darkness of the room I see the glare of the fluorescent light Stealing through the louvers Setting the stage for the rays of daylight. A scuttle, A rush, The sound of ruffled feathers, The crowing of the rooster, The ever faithful newsbearer, Of the...

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SHORT STORY | Ariadne by Abdul Rahman Shah

Shahnameh by Ben Mirza I know the only time we’ll meet is in my dreams. Where again I had to find her, and again will find her on a bench, high up the cliff, beside the lighthouse. This time she’s in a cute cream evening dress with a matching hat with a cute red ribbon tied to it sitting on her lap. Her long flowing hair was slightly managed by clips that looked like butterflies, as their wings flutter to the slightest of breeze. As always, she was looking intently at the sunset over vast seas, with a hint...

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