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PROSE | The Silent Pariah by Theva Kuhan

feature image: Giacomo Antonio Melchiorre Ceruti, called Pitoccheto ‘the little beggar’ (Milan, 1698-1767) I sit here and watch. The plains of vast deserts, the glacier of snow-capped mountains, the breath of four seasons, the streams leading to rivers and waterfalls and eventually the ocean. A keen observer I sit here in awe. Men and Women go about chasing desire after desire with no end coming to the question what on earth am I doing. I watch. Rascals and Saints, Leaders and Followers, Preachers and Politicians, Wise old men and Reckless youths. I watch them with my eye brows crossed....

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POETRY | How Are You? by Tasha Lim

Sketch by Lehanan Tasha Lim write poetry which she usually posts on Instagram.  “I write for the emotions we struggle to express. And that’s how my poems come about,” she says. She is currently working to publish a Zine consisting of her past works. This poem will be featured inside her upcoming Zine. To order her Zine, you can email her or drop her a message on Instagram! She’s still a student, a fan of Haruki Murakami, an ambivert who is also from House Ravenclaw! Have poems to share with us? Send em over to and do include a short...

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POETRY | Take My Hand by Gem Yen

Artwork by NadiaSee Come on over and take my hand, There is something I’d like you to see. Come on over and take my hand, I can sense you are afraid but don’t be. Take a deep breath and take a step, The crevice you see is not that deep. Take a deep breath and take that step, By faith and belief you take that leap. Now that you are here would you come and see, There is something I would really want to show. Look through that keyhole and see carefully, Tell me, tell me what your eyes...

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SHORT STORY | Secrets, lies and finally, my mother by Jonathan CA Lim

Tattoo by Larry Brogan My mother always told me, “I may be your mother, but the truth is that you have all my doubts.” “I am a child… a baby. The earliest memories to my recollection are the demons of my upbringing,” says Henry. As irony would have it, those memories would shape my first 17 years of life. It’s a good age. A good age to understand life’s ultimate tale of morality. In truth, there is no lesson to be learned here, no higher calling, only a physical demon — a shadow, which had visited me in my...

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POETRY | A Good Breakfast by Paul Gnanaselvam

Colorful breakfast art by Ida Skivenes A good breakfast, is one had to a heart’s content, hot creamy Nescafe, poured from one tumbler into another and cooled to the right temperature. A bowl of left-over fish and chicken curry, heated into a thick, rich concoction nand coconut and mint chutney for a tangy scoop. A large ever-silver plate before you, waits for the thosai to assail from the kitchen and into the dining room. Drumming your fingers lightly, ‘Amma’, you call out impatiently, for the sizzling thosai in gingelly oil that infuses the fresh morning air, livens your senses,...

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