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SHORT STORY | Ariadne by Abdul Rahman Shah

Shahnameh by Ben Mirza I know the only time we’ll meet is in my dreams. Where again I had to find her, and again will find her on a bench, high up the cliff, beside the lighthouse. This time she’s in a cute cream evening dress with a matching hat with a cute red ribbon tied to it sitting on her lap. Her long flowing hair was slightly managed by clips that looked like butterflies, as their wings flutter to the slightest of breeze. As always, she was looking intently at the sunset over vast seas, with a hint...

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POETRY | Suicide, Murder

Image credit: Pinterest He’s the fire that dances brightly across the skies, Painting it with bold strokes of red and yellow. She’s the water that rocks softly against the shore, Humming sweet lullabies in her native tongue. He fell in love with her. She fell in love with him. He longs to touch her face but the flames Go out with a scorching pain when he did. She desires his arms around her but she Would hurt him every time she gets close to him. They were never meant for each other. Their love hurts. She feels lost and...

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SHORT STORY | I am here for you

Image credit: Usha Shantharam It was Sunday morning when I saw Mom’s body sprawled over the bed. Her eyes were wide open with blood trickling from the corner of her mouth. I felt for a pulse. I shook her heavy body. I dialled for an ambulance. They merely took her pulse once the medical officers arrived. I asked for those reviving machines that is so often used in ER. “Dah lama pergi dah,” murmured one to the other, as if I was invisible. They tried covering a white sheet over her. “She won’t be able to breathe! Wait!” I...

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5 things you don’t know about actor and scriptwriter, Na’a Murad

Image credit: If you loved Buli and Kopitiam, here is your chance to learn from the screenwriter himself. Na’a Murad’s Scriptwriting Workshop is back in its fifth year, and it’s open to anyone 17 years old and above. The word ‘intermediate’ may scare some of us, but Na’a explains that the intermediate part is not a requirement of the participant, but rather a detail of the workshop template itself. More about the workshop at the end of this article. First, we ask Na’a if he can surprise us with things few others know. As it turns out… 1. Not...

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Artist creates life like artworks just by using colour pencils!

Contemplation by Sharon Kow Mention colour pencils and the first thoughts on people’s minds are colouring books and kids. But if anyone knows how to take this “child’s play”on to a whole new level, it’s definitely Sharon Kow. One glance, or even several looks at her pieces and you would never guess that they were created using none other than good ol’ colour pencils! This mother and homemaker has a knack for re-creating extremely life-like portraits and detailed portraits, with the humblest of tools. Remarkably, she only started delving into art some four years back, after seeing her daughter through high school. Well,...

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