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POETRY | Timelines and Tangents

Image credit: Time by black-cats-art So you have lovers, eh? You should reveal their coordinates in you so that they could revel yours in them. As you and them shall finally found each other at that imminent meeting minute of the successful search set-series, never will a timeline of any type would trigger-thrust separation of any sort. Thus plurality perishes, as the supremely sooth-full, sought-after singularity by the uniquely utmost utter union swiftly swarms your severely sick-less, spurningur-less self, seamlessly. Savvy? So, you have lovers? Part time writer and a fortnightly footballer, full-time freeloader called Fruhail T. Ripana was once...

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SHORT STORY | Remembering Her

Image credit: I remember her smile, her voice and the smell of her hair. She doesn’t wash her hair much, but it never smelled. Or at least, maybe it was only me that doesn’t feel that way. I remember it was her brother’s funeral we went to. They were serving us porridge and I asked her what was this black little jelly like thing and out of so many answers she could give me, this is what she said. “That is bat’s meat. You are eating a bat right now.” I remember almost puking it out as I can’t...

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Award winning Malaysian children’s book illustrators you got to check out

Illustration by Mohd Khairul Azman Ismail Malaysia has a plethora of talented individuals who are not only skillful writers but illustrators as well. Many of these creative souls are individuals you’ve probably never heard of but they’ve made Malaysia proud by winning awards locally and even internationally. Some have been illustrating and writing for a long time. Here’s a list of them! YUSOF GAJAH Born 1954, Yusof Gajah, or his real name Mohd Yusof Ismail, has a deep and abiding love for children’s books and working with children. While a busy artist, he has managed to write and illustrate...

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When it is your first love, you tend to depend a lot from story books you’ve read or movies you grew up watching, but neither comes to life when it happens. He doesn’t make you nervous when he touches you, instead you’ll go weak on your knees. He doesn’t tell you “i love u” every night before bed, but he’ll tell you “i love u” when you hate yourself. He doesn’t love your flaws, instead he accepts it. He doesn’t kiss you under the moonlight, but he’ll kiss you in the car when it’s pouring rain outside. He doesn’t...

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POETRY | Mr. Doubt

Image credit: Saatchi Art Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone? To go far away and never come back? Yet here I find you nestled comfortably Deep in my thoughts Slipping through each and every crack Just finding your way back in No matter how I try To shut you out Embedded in my skin There you stay Mr. Doubt Azalia Zaharuddin is a part time writer and full time dreaming linguist who enjoys singing broken tunes to the moon while pursuing her Masters in Translation at University Sains Malaysia. You can find more of her work here....

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