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Mermaids, mothers and pets, here are May 2017’s artworks!

Woahh so fast and it’s already June! Last month we had a gorgeous selection of artworks where our readers voted for their favorite art for the month of May 2017. Before we announce the winner, let’s check out the amazing artworks which were submitted and selected to us! So, which artwork has been crowned Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for May 2017? *drumrolls* It’s Ellie Yong! The Sarawakian born has been consistent in producing beautiful mermaid inspired artworks for the #MerMay challenge. Ellie received a collective total of 50 votes from our Instagram and Facebook. The winning artworks of all...

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More than 80 artists contribute artworks, turning this coffee shop colourful!

All images credit: Mr Coffee Seed It is a well known fact that arts, coffee and dessert go extremely well together. In Malaysia, there are ample of cafes which serve delicious warm coffee for artists to laze around and doodle. But very rare you’d find cafes showcasing and selling works of local artists. Enter Mr Coffee Seed, a coffee shop run by young parents, Tan Kai Lee and her husband, Calvin Seet. Recently, the 30-year-olds – hey, that’s the same age as us! – got together 108 artworks by 88 artists, all of which were displayed in the seven walls of...

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CERPEN | Cancang Matanya oleh Abdullah Hussaini Mohd Ghazali

Kredit gambar: Aku memeluk erat ibu. Lama aku dakapnya dan aku boleh dengar dengusan nafasnya yang tidak stabil. Aku lepaskan dan pandang wajahnya. Dia kelihatan risau. Wajahnya seperti hendak mengatakan ‘Kau akan baikkah?’ atau ‘Jangan buat perkara bodoh selepas ini.’ “Jangan risau ibu. Tahulah Su menjaga diri.” Kataku cuba menenangkannya. Aku lihat adik di dalam kereta seperti tidak sabar-sabar hendak bergerak meninggalkan aku di stesen bas ini. Dia hinggutkan kepalanya dan mencemeh muka padaku. Hisy. “Biar ibu carikan calonnya.” Kata ibu. Terkejut juga aku. Nyata sangkaan aku salah. “Tak apalah ibu. Su lagi suka macam gini.” Kataku. “Hmm, ya...

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Artist turns cats into brightly coloured pop culture icons!

All images credit: I am May From David Bowie, to Slash, to John Lennon, artist I am May transforms cats into well loved pop culture and rock icons! Let’s see if you can guess some of the famous figures below. May, as she calls herself, uses markers, paint markers and paint on canvas to create these funky looking feline rockstars. “I also drew cats in various other forms as well – in almost every demeanour of life – along with some cat puns,” she shares with us. Colours play a huge role in her artworks, with May always opting to...

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POETRY | XXX’s Interlude by Deborah Wong

The Lady And The Boy by Ayan Ghoshal I was never yours ’til the mid of spring, Your love for English & French literature, while Dylan Thomas taught me ‘Don’t Go Gentle into the Good Night’.   The tattoos on the nape of your bare neck, your sweat-dripping torso and porcelain shoulder blade, they’re just too beautiful beyond compulsion.   The man in you preaches respect, while your inner child craves for wanderlust. Your name is the new password unlocking my pride, stripping away my agony.   Time is no more the enemy that set to pull us apart,...

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