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POETRY | My Hope for the Best by Anuradha Chelliah

Image credit: intimacyheals The day I was born, I hoped to be great To be a girl to help this place I call my home I came into the world Shining like a bright star Hoping to shine the future I hope …….. To be the best From the first step I took To the first book I read I always hoped to be the best I read good books To gain knowledge to change me From a little girl to an intelligent angel To help little children with big hopes To live in this challenging world I hope…… To...

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CERPEN | Guruh Berdentuman oleh Lokman Hakim

Kredit gambar: Janet Paden Guruh sedang menyeru. Aku tahu seruan guruh itu imaginasiku. Namun aku tak mampu menolak imaginasi ini, kerana aku percaya guruh sedang menyeruku. Tekstur dentumannya ada rona. Ada warna pada bunyi. Bagaimana bunyi punya warna pula? Begini. Aku gemar bermeditasi tatkala aku lengang. Dan hari ini, sesudah mentari terik menyala sepanjang hari, sehinggakan kepanasan itu membuatkan orang ramai demam teruk, gemawan hitam pula menyusul di belah petangnya. Sebelum hujan lebat turun, guruh terlebih dahulu bersuara. Aku, yang juga tengah demam teruk, memutuskan untuk bermeditasi. Setelah ubat yang diambil tidak memulihkan, aku mahu cuba kaedah itu. Aku...

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Websites to bookmark if you love the Malaysian art scene

These couple of years have seen a number of local websites being set up, dedicated in promoting the Malaysian art scene. Some act as virtual spaces where events and happenings can be shared, others act as a medium where discussions on the local creative scene takes place, while a few more curate and produce writings related to the arts. From writings, to films to poetry, we’ve got you covered on the websites that you MUST bookmark in order to keep yourself updated with the local creative scene. ***Pssst! To access the sites, simply hit their names in pink.  Kakiseni...

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POETRY | If I thought by Sumati Muniandy

Image credit: Brigid Vaughn If I thought this was our last meeting, I’d collect all our pictures and keep them safely. If I thought this was the last moment that I hear your voice, I’d listen to your speech attentively. If I thought this was the last hug from you, I would embrace you deeply from my heart. If I thought this was our last drink together I’d save the last sip of your coffee. If I thought today was my last day on earth, I’d tell you that our love is beyond death, eternal. I’d love you for...

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SHORT STORY | The Snows of Taiping by William Tham

Layby In The Snow by Glenn Marshall One night it starts to snow in Taiping. The botanical gardens become a winter wonderland the next day, which makes no sense because Malaysia is a tropical country. People leave the heat of the Klang Valley, stock up on winter jackets amongst the competing merchants outside the train station, and throw snowballs at each other amidst peculiar trees. For dinner they go ice-fishing and barbeque freshly-caught confused tilapia in a pond that doubles as a skating rink and finish with ais kacang made from freshly-fallen snow. People forget politics and inflation so they can enjoy the chill,...

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