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POETRY | 21st Century Children by Sumati Muniandy

Image credit: Pinterest Glued to the television Their noses buried deep in their smart phones Digital devices are their heaven 24 hours online games Ranting on the social web Sharing their ideas Posting pictures Creating so much havoc Gone are the days Children playing in the field And catching up with their friends for a cup of tea Over protective parents Jump on the bandwagon Put their children under tremendous pressure Not much fun as we had in the glorious days Children lost their direction Engaging in the digital world Make friends with the unknown people Lead to serious...

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SHORT STORY | Prayers from Above by Anuradha Chelliah

Artwork by Synthia Snider Paati was my best friend in my younger days. I grew up with her. She was my maternal grandmother. Appa and Amma were there, but I hardly remember being with them. Both of them were very hardworking and hardly had time for me. Then one day, they decided to go separate ways. Amma stayed on with me and Paati. Amma was the owner of a beauty parlour. She was meticulous and worked her way to be an entrepreneur. Even though, she was occupied with her growing business, she tried her best to spend some time...

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Short story | The World Champion by Rowan W

Image credit: McFlight The little boy bowed, a faint glint in his eyes subtly hinting to his opponent that he was not someone to be trifled with. The two-second bow was executed flawlessly, with such finesse and gracefulness that made one wonder who could have taught him so well. Bowing to an opponent was a sign of respect – the epitome of sportsmanship. *** Daniel had boasted to his friends in school about playing elite sports such as golf, tennis and archery. None of his classmates knew the difference between a birdie and a bogey, how silly of them....

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POETRY | Before by Leon Wing

Artwork credit: Futurism *** This week’s poem by Leon Wing is “genre reversing” as the writer puts it. “It is a very long one-line narrative or prose poem. It is a time reversing, or you could say, a time travelling piece which one can also read as flash fiction. Thus, genre-merging,” Leon explains.  Before the rats picked at the blood and flesh on the fragments of her skull dotted all over the rails, before her head got crushed and brain matter splattered all over, and shattered bones, still with some flesh around them, flung everywhere on the rails, before...

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CERPEN | Prosa Hidup oleh Bintang Kartika

Kredit gambar: Pinterest seorang bapa tidak tahan mendengar tangisan dan pengaduan anak gadisnya untuk mengadakan pesta selamat tinggal usia muda, pada ulangtahun ke 14, kerana malu kepada kawan-kawan di muka buku, juga kerana terpengaruh dengan sambutan hari lahir pembesar negara dan selebriti dunia di kaca tv tetangga. lalu, melalui berbagai pinjaman tertampal di pohon-pohon kelapa yang ditawarkan, dia berhutang kerana ketidakcukupan wang setelah menggadai cincin emas 9 karat peninggalan pusaka milik isterinya. setelah itu rumahnya di kelilingi lampu lip-lap, bunga-bunga, tarian ravel anak-anak, lagu-lagu ucap selamat ulang tahun berentak hip-hop berbaur keroncong lumayan berkumandang. si ibu menghidangkan nasi, ikan...

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