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SHORT STORY | A Touch of Perfection by Elly Van Dalen

Image credit: Pinterest I need to fly. I need — no — I want to be in the spacecraft and feel myself hover above Earth and let myself be free. As a child, I pondered over books way past midnight, with a torchlight underneath the bedsheets, studying the planets and trying to discover unchartered stars. And yet, despite my high test scores in school, the high powers still deemed me unqualified and an invalid. Invalid, imperfection; born out of love, they said, unlike my younger sister, Cassandra. Even at birth, she had the nurses cooing over her in the...

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POETRY | If Children Build… by Hezreen Abdul Rashid

Image credit: If children build words by tapping on screens what will be the use of pencils and crayons that used to scream dots, zigzags and random lines they don’t lie but mouth circles and twirls, ooh, what cute-looking stick people! Blue, black, blossoms of pink. If children build art by fingering on screens, Pencil shavings once glued together To shape flowers, birds and ruffled collars, Now fall heaps in the bin like wilted leaves and compost oh how they have once been! Where are the inky hands and doodles spurts of paint blown through straws like ribbons...

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SHORT STORY | A Man’s Kebaya by Peter Soh

Artwork by: nabilaclydea “I have made it clear to you that we should understand why Babas put on the nyonya attire for plays; it was out of necessity in the old days because women are not allowed to be on stage. And once the play is over, the men get back to their usual selves. In that way, we respect the Nyonyas, the culture and more importantly, ourselves!” said Alex’s father, fuming. It was annoying to grow up as a Peranakan, at least for Alex. Like the Chinese and Malay languages that Alex spoke at home, it was either in masculine or feminine form...

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POETRY | Promise by Kevin Lau

Image credit: Gostica I have longed for you through the ages like how this primordial promise longed for its own fulfillment since the epoch of Creation. And I know that when all bridges are burnt to ashes, the last of citadels razed to the ground and all memories come undone, I will climb beyond the final rungs on the ladder to return to Your embrace and become You. Admirer of fine literary works regardless of genre and content, Kevin Lau has always found that the beauty of poetic expression stems from one’s longing to express inner experiences that often...

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April 2017 was amazing because of these awesome artworks!

April’s art of the month is a little different. This time around, we decided to let our readers vote on Instagram and on Facebook on which artworks appealed to them for the month. And surprise, surprise! It’s the cover of “FIZIK-LAH!” – a brand new book on physics written by Zamir Mohyedin and Mohd s. Faiz – that was voted as Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for April – it received a total of 53 likes and loves! The design was created by Fasrulisham Ramly who faced many hurdles when pitching the design to the publishers. We’re glad Simptomatik Press obliged. The design...

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