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Of superheroes and cats, here are the best artworks for November 2017

With us entering December, we’re one month closer to discovering which artwork becomes Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2017! November was amazing due to the diversified artworks we received and selected. Here are all of them! So which artwork became Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for November 2017? Well, this one comes as a surprise (and also a no surprise). *drumrolls!* Isn’t this cat by Lai Wing Kien adorable?? Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above are members of the fast growing online art group; Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group! The winning artworks of all...

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POETRY | Apologize First, Think Later by Sheril A. Bustaman

Artwork by ghelalala Say you’re sorry. Don’t assess the facts but just apologize first, So he would be mildly appeased, Albeit still irritated at whatever it is he has convinced you is your latest crime, On your long rap sheet of perceived stupidity. Do not look him in the eye. Always look down in remorse and submission, Remembering always your place in this world, And that you shouldn’t be so audacious, As to ever look him in the eye. Think simple thoughts. Do not think about the times when you were a spit fire, Fuelled by music and movement,...

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SHORT STORY | The Peculiar Autumn by Farahrina Ali

Autumn Painting by Leonid Afremov The dry leaf fell onto the page of the book held in my hands. My heart leapt a little and I tilted my head to the sky. I flipped my front hair sideways as the gentle breeze of air touched my skin. From beneath the shade, I could now see a better view of the big deciduous tree, firmly trying to hold on to its rainbow leaves. Its hues of bright green, yellow, scarlet and amber blended perfectly. My eyes glimpsed to the right, catching the sight of passers-by along the tranquil park. The Northern Red Oak,...

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POETRY | Polite Mortality by Raj Dronamraju

Image sourced He died politely while you were out He disturbed nothing, he did not leave a mess He did not publicize his demise He died quietly, it was a family matter He died in the spare bedroom, it’s okay – no one ever sleeps there The dishes were done, the sheets had been changed You felt no embarrassment about the house’s condition Made coffee for those who came to collect the body His death should produce no complaints Life had already gone around him and now without him Sparing a bubble of space for a void of a...

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SHORT STORY | Days of Being Young by William Tham

Disguise Painting by Bob Salo The hotel room smells of kretek smoke, sweet and almost like the incense burning in the temples that I had spent a childhood visiting, praying with empty words. She has finished her fifth one of the morning, we have done nothing else besides raiding the mini-fridge of the last few packs of chips. Now the smoke is in my eyes, but I can hear just fine-any moment now the manager will come knocking on the door, demanding that we get out. Why do we always come back here? I ask. She turns around. Without...

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