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POETRY | If Everyone In the World Were Just Like Me by Leela Chakrabarty

Image sourced If everyone in the world were just like me; Born with two left legs- There would be no dance floors, to swivel and turn in a tango, to work the steps for a ballet Assemblé, to perform the Bharatanatyam or the Zapin. If everyone in the world were just like me; Born with no vocal talent- There would be no one to sing a lullaby to the little ones, No Bob Marley to sing the ‘Songs of Freedom’, No Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Sudirman or Siti Nurhaliza! If everyone in the world were just like me; Being...

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SHORT STORY | The Ghost of Every Transient Place by Aizuddin H. Anuar

Artwork by The Refugee Art Project It is difficult for me to tell you who I am. There are many days where I do not think of myself as a whole person. Some fragments of me were left behind in Sittwe, which I thought of, many moons ago, as home. That episode was imbued with the red of charred flesh, the black of burnt bamboo that twisted into odd sculptures, and the gray of choking smoke. It is a part of my life I try not to think of. But, I have learned over these years that we have...

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POETRY | The Window by Helga Kidder

Window art by ribbekeglass Last year her hair danced wild like wheat in a storm. Harnessing love, they tangoed to Sting’s Fields of Gold, shared smokes. Tonight her words push him into a corner, hold him there until his hands grab her hair, squeeze breath from her throat, his bone of struggle. Panic leads him to the cellar shoveling a tomb. He pauses at the shallow bowl: Why bury a broken marriage? Choked by loss he wraps his head in plastic to share her stillness. Embraced on the bed, eyes fixed on a silver moon, rain falls quietly, steadily....

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SHORT STORY | Lies Be Told by Rozlan Mohd Noor

All images credit: UrbanInfidel Parking my moped in front of restaurant Selera Kaksu Kita, I sensed someone watching me from across the road. Taking off my helmet and placing it on the moped seat, I slowly turned around to look. The sun was in my eyes yet I felt certain a man standing alone across the road was gazing at me. Shielding my eyes with my hand, I tried to make out the man’s face but couldn’t. Something about the man was eerily familiar. The worn-out jeans and sneakers, the light brown checkered shirt and most of all, the...

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July 2017 was kick-ass because of these totally random artworks!

July 2017 was a month when we received and selected the most number of artworks which were created through ink on paper. And boy were they kick-ass! Don’t believe us? Just take a look at all these gorgeous artworks! Heck, even Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for July 2017 was inked! And… *drumrolls* Presenting you Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for July 2017… Kid atop a dinosaur! Ink on paper art by Ivan! Ivan’s artwork garnered the most number of likes; a whopping total of 372 votes on our Facebook and Instagram! Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above...

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