A story without words | Sefa

Sometimes the only way to express your soul is silently. This is at least true for Sefa, a Malaysian mime artist, who reveals to Eksentrika his passion for a wordless performance.  Contrary to the notion associating mimes with clowns and fooling around, Sefa considers it an artistic medium to express different shades of thought and emotion. The 28-year-old is especially influenced by French actor Étienne Decroux’s corporeal mime and attempts to fashion his own pieces after the  mid-20th century mime icon. As someone who writes and recites his own poetry, Sefa says he found mime to be a more challenging and complex form of expression....

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POETRY | Yellow String by Nesam Pillay

Image credit lingabhairavi.org   She whipped him playfully with a thin rattan stick and he said ‘I feel no pain’ bravely she asked him if he could not be hurt and began to whip herself ‘stop it….. you’re hurting me’ he said he stood at the edge of their meeting place when she got there, she circled him, round and round like ten times ‘have you gone mad? ‘ he asked ‘no I have not’ ‘I am like the world circling my sun’ she says ‘what would I be without my sun?’ ‘I’d be so cold, my life would be...

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GOD & RELIGION ~ From Confusion to Fusion

Image edited from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/ “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?” I get asked this question quite often. But it isn’t very often that the enquirer has the patience or the time to stay around for my response, which involves deconstructing the unquestioned assumptions of conceptual semantics. As far as I know nobody has ever come up with a definition of “God” acceptable to all. The notion that the physical universe was created by an all-knowing, all-powerful, ubiquitously existing Maker is fairly common, especially among the more conservative, more traditional – and therefore less adventurous – thinkers. When I gaze upon any...

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POETRY | Kural by Enbah Nilah

Artwork by Enbah Nilah For Jack Malik, who encouraged me to experiment with Tamil in my poetry, and whose struggle to find his Suara is one that so many of us know all too well. Terima kasih, kawan. Aayiram thirukkural vaasitte en naaku indru en kural maranthathu yen? I am now without a voice, I don’t sound like my maatha, pithaa, guru, or deivam. I have no certainty in the currency of words, I have spent too many; this inflation rose from the collapse of the foundation with which I made meanings, made sense of fumbling feelings, nothing I...

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SHORT STORY | A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

(Image credit Damien Hirst) It came when the night was most quiet and still; when trees stood rigid outside the window, and stars littered the black satin sky. Deep slumber fell upon everyone; nothing stirred, but the monster and I. The door creaked, and steady snoring drifted in from the hallway. I welcomed the sound and wished it would stay; but like my hope, it disappeared when the door clicked. It glided across the room, soundless like falling petals, and stopped at the foot of my bed. Its monstrous form blocked the moonlight from the window, casting a heavy...

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Megha Duta – Bahagian 1 Oleh: Uthaya Sankar SB

“Where Ramagiri’s shadowy woods extend, And those pure streams where Sita bathed, descend; Spoiled of his glories, severed from his wife, A banished Yacsha passed his lonely life; Doomed by Cuvera’s anger to sustain Twelve tedious months of solitude and pain.” Terjemahan di atas dilakukan oleh Horace Hayman Wilson dalam The Megha Duta or Cloud Messenger: A Poem in the Sanscrit Language (1814). Megha Duta adalah antara puisi Sanskrit yang paling diraikan, dan dihasilkan oleh Kalidas @ Kalidasa @ Kalidasan, iaitu antara penyair penting dalam sastera Sanskrit di India. Dari segi bahasa kamus, “duta” merujuk kepada wakil yang dilantik...

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Dreaming the body beautiful at the Royal Durian Academy of Ballet

As a hardcore and unrepentant goddess-lover, I am bound to be biased about any project involving Nell Ng. In any case I’ve never subscribed to the belief that objectivity serves better than subjectivity, especially when it comes to expressing an opinion or viewpoint. After all, how we experience an event is largely determined by the general state of mind we happen to be in – even what we had for breakfast. Well, on the 5th of October, my digestion could only handle a breakfast of cream crackers soaked in condensed “milk” – no thanks to the “fresh” pineapple juice...

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What the heck? Masjid Jamek LRT kena conteng!

It’s true! If you’re passing through the Masjid Jamek LRT tunnel to board a train home, work or college, don’t be surprised to be bombarded with tons of doodles! The exhibition titled “Doodle Malaysia’s Contenglah” was created by the talented artists and doodlers of Doodle Malaysia – a group of more than 8,900 Malaysian artists on Facebook! Funded and supported by ThinkCity and Prasarana, the entire exhibition was organised by Malaysian artist, Allie Hill. It runs from October 6 to Nov 30. Though most of the exhibitions consists of prepared artworks, there is a live-doodling exhibition where artist Sanuri Zulkefli will...

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POETRY | On My Block by Wan Rezal

There are stories everyday Laid on the pavement grey, The streets people wonder Tell tales of their sonders. Monsters and mobsters. A mother limps to the bank. She’s ragged and rank For her desperate fixation’s To pay for her child’s education. Meanwhile, Yellow shirts are gathered at a square To form a protest there Over a country gone sinister; With its servants and ministers. Hold up, let’s take a quick intermission As we bring you this breaking news transmission. The citizens are now actually interested In the sum’ and sum’ billion. Then again, how do you know the truth’s...

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Poets demand change at UCSI’s Poetry Slam Competition 2016

Can poetry deliver change? Thirteen budding poets explored the role of poetry in bringing change when they participated at UCSI University’s recently held Poetry Slam Competition 2016. Poetry slam is a live literary performance in a judged competition where poets take to the stage to express themselves through the recital of poems crafted on their own. Themed “Poetry for Change”, the competition saw the talented poets highlighting pressing issues concerning women, racism, patriotism and even mental health. Bagging the first prize for courageously performing poems based on personal experiences was Mok Jee Wen. The award was her first. “I’ve been...

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Gina Yap Lai Yoong the writer whisperer

For more than seven years now, Gina Yap Lai Yoong has been a mentor of sorts for local writers who intend to get published. But she is not your ordinary writing coach and depending on your commitment to your craft, she can be a miraculous guiding angel or a badgering nightmare. She is known to go to great lengths to help her mentees, taking on roles as counselor, organiser and even babysitter to solve problems at hand. “I’ve had people ignore my calls, switch off their phone and avoid me for months but I don’t let them back out...

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On my first visit to the Land of Hornbills in 1998 I was convinced that it was dangerous to stay more than a week. Many of the native Sarawakians I met, both men and women, were so friendly, fun-loving and enchanting, one could only too easily become enamored, ensnared… end up marrying a local and becoming a permanent resident. Since James Brooke’s appointment as White Rajah of Sarawak in 1842, adventurers, explorers and fortune-hunters the world over have found themselves mesmerized by the exotic allure of Borneo. Unable to leave, they have fortuitously enriched its gene pool. Alena Murang...

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