Manga translator Comics House closes shop… forever :(

It’s a sad week for local manga (Japanese comic) fans as Malaysian manga translating giant, Comics House, effectively ended its business last month. The fans only learnt about its demise this week. The 21-year-old publishing company has translated more than 50 Manga titles, starting off first with the Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest series in 1995. Following their success, manga such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dr Slump, Shin Chan and others were also translated and published in Bahasa Malaysia monthly. Netizens only got to know of its closure recently as there was no announcement made by the company....

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POETRY | Strangers by Aad

Image credit: Sukhbir Cheema Particular strangers, you’re no stranger to me Stranger, strange – you’re what I set out to see I’d beg from a stranger for a fraction of space for me, I am the refugee; I’d take from strangers the talk they would waste on me, short for uncertainty Not any stranger, but the most peculiar The most distant one I see is closest to me So I’ll keep you a stranger Not as a friend Since friends become strangers when our curiousness ends But not you, stranger, not you in particular Even if you’ve gone somewhere...

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Kalidasa menggubah puisi Megha Duta dalam dua bahagian. Bahagian pertama yang terdiri daripada 66 sloka (rangkap atau stanza) diberikan judul Poorvamegha, manakala bahagian kedua yang terdiri daripada 55 sloka dinamakan Uttaramegha. Secara ringkas, bahagian Poorvamegha menceritakan mengenai laluan yang perlu diambil oleh gumpalan awan untuk tiba di bandar mistik Alaka di Gunung Kailasa. Manakala, bahagian Uttaramegha menghuraikan tentang apa yang perlu dilakukan oleh gumpalan awan berkenaan setelah tiba di Alaka. Lima sloka terawal dalam Poorvamegha menceritakan kisah yaksa yang memujuk segumpal awan menjadi orang utusan (duta). Huraian rangkap demi rangkap puisi Sanskrit ini akan memudahkan kita memahami kisah yang...

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Tribute to Asia’s number 1 Performer

The name Sudirman Arshad is not immediately recognisable as it once was, but play any of his songs and familiarity is soon to ensue for most Malaysians. Afterall, his famous numbers such as “Balik Kampung”, “Warisan” and “Tanggal 31” still get a fair amount of air time each Hari Raya season and around August for the Merdeka celebrations. Come 22 February next year, it will mark 25 years since the passing of the icon known as “Asia’s Number One Performer”. He earned the monicker after winning the ‘‘Asian Popular Music Awards’’ competition at the Royal Albert Hall in London in...

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6 Reasons to watch banned in Malaysia’s Fundamentally Happy

Surprise, surprise! Our infamous Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board (Lembaga Penapis Filem, LPF) has done it again, deciding for you, on what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘inappropriate’ content for your viewing pleasure. This time, the ban is for the film adaptation of “Fundamentally Happy” by Singapore’s Haresh Sharma and Alvin Luke Tan. Reason is; for containing “elements that may be sensitive to the feelings of Malaysian Malays and may be interpreted by Malaysian Malays as an attempt to reflect the community’s attitude towards those who abuse the weak to fulfil their desires”. Hmmm…well, we wonder if the “element” in question is the paedophilia issue raised in the...

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Do you recognise these symbolism in Zunar’s cartoons?

Earlier this week celebrated Malaysian cartoonist Zunar again found himself in trouble with the authorities. This time, he was not allowed to travel abroad. The cartoonist was to board his flight on Monday to Singapore to attend a forum when he was stopped by Malaysian Immigration officers who revealed that they had received directives from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar himself. According to Zunar, the directive was issued on June 24, this year, preventing the cartoonist from travelling overseas. The directive came a day after Australian National University’s (ANU) New Mandala ran a piece on Zunar calling on Malaysians...

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Are you ready for Art Battle Malaysia?

Inktober seems to be the month for drawings to come alive and not only that, we spot a trend coming on with more artists drawing “live”. If you didn’t get a chance to see artists, Sanuri Zulkefli and Superdoofus in action for Doodle Malaysia’s Contenglah in Masjid Jamek LRT last week, fret not! There’s still Art Battle Malaysia set to happen this Saturday at Publika. The novel phenomenon will feature 12 artists, each conjuring their special brand of magic onto canvas for 20 minutes, all within viewing pleasure of an audience. If you’re watching, you get to vote for...

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What’s the story behind this sketch of a hauntingly beautiful woman?

Ever wondered what’s up with that image of a hauntingly beautiful woman sketched at the Masjid Jamek LRT station’s tunnel? Part of Doodle Malaysia‘s Contenglah! exhibition, here’s the story from artist, Arif Rafhan Othman aka Superdoofus, himself!  When I was asked to do a live doodle by Allie Hill, I didn’t think twice about it. I thought the idea was great, and it will definitely create awareness and intrigue about doodling. I chose weekdays as my weekends are occupied with family activities. On the first morning, I began my ‘doodling journey’ by taking the new LRT line from Putra Heights....

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Bersih’s emo protestor is done doing memes

Just a year ago, Belveen Singh won the hearts of Malaysian netizens following his hilarious memes during Bersih 4, ultimately becoming Malaysia’s first official meme artist. A year-on, the 28-year-old reveals to Eksentrika that he is done with memes. For good. “I’m done with making memes to be honest. It was fun at first but I feel they were getting too stale and repetitive,” the Selayang born reveals. Belveen caught the attention of Malaysian netizens in August 2015 when he uploaded an entire photo album onto his Facebook profile consisting of memes. He named it, The Emo Protestor. Clothed...

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How to be a full time actor in Malaysia? 10 key wisdom by Xavier Fong

All images credited to Xavier Fong  If you have decided to pursue a course in Theatre or Performing Arts, hats off to you! We can imagine the onslaught of resistance you might have faced from all corners upon announcing your heart’s desire. Eksentrika speaks to Xavier Fong, a full-time actor since 2008, on carving out a career from the stage right here in Malaysia. The 31-year-old, who has also dabbled as a director, producer, coach and stage manager, shares the pearls of wisdom he has gleaned since graduating from Akademi Seni Kebangsaan (ASK – Now known as Akademi Seni Budaya...

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On cloud nine with A9 Strings

The striking feature of a piano may be its black and ivory keys, but each note actually comes from the vibration of strings, hammered down with each pressing. It is no surprise that this subtle intricacy is what inspired musicians, Dennis Law and Rohnie Tan to name their band, “A9 strings”. “Piano has eight A strings and a violin has only one A string. So both instruments sum up to nine A strings,”Rohnie tells Eksentrika. The duo got together a year ago, with Rohnie on the violin and Dennis with piano, serenading with soulful sounds that can be termed in the local lingo as “jiwang”. “Dennis thought...

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POETRY | Living Will by Georgette Tan

Painting by Romanian artist, Saddo. image credit: When I die, take whatever still works. Dispose of the rest in a manner That is the kindest to the earth. Throw a big party that I won’t go to even if I were alive So you can stand around And say to each other, things about me That you won’t to say to my face. Don’t pray for my soul. The dead don’t care about Where your vehicle of grief is crashing. Twenty-one grams of maybes Will not fill an air bag. When I die, there will be no fighting Over...

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