POETRY | Polite Mortality by Raj Dronamraju

Image sourced He died politely while you were out He disturbed nothing, he did not leave a mess He did not publicize his demise He died quietly, it was a family matter He died in the spare bedroom, it’s okay – no one ever sleeps there The dishes were done, the sheets had been changed You felt no embarrassment about the house’s condition Made coffee for those who came to collect the body His death should produce no complaints Life had already gone around him and now without him Sparing a bubble of space for a void of a...

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SHORT STORY | Days of Being Young by William Tham

Disguise Painting by Bob Salo The hotel room smells of kretek smoke, sweet and almost like the incense burning in the temples that I had spent a childhood visiting, praying with empty words. She has finished her fifth one of the morning, we have done nothing else besides raiding the mini-fridge of the last few packs of chips. Now the smoke is in my eyes, but I can hear just fine-any moment now the manager will come knocking on the door, demanding that we get out. Why do we always come back here? I ask. She turns around. Without...

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Silk & Strings – the Truth of Bullying: Are You Bullied or the Bully?

All images credit I’M Entertainment Not many shows could elicit a deep emotion in me. But this particular play co-produced by Michelle Tan and Ian Nathaniel did. I heard sniffles. I don’t know if it was someone developing a flu or because the performance was an emotional roller-coaster. From where I sat, two from the audience bent forward from their seats: one ran a quick finger across his eyes, the second person used the t-shirt collar. A few nodded in agreement when a character voiced his support that boys can and do cry. Directed by the amazing Alia Kearney, Silk & Strings:...

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“Talent is a responsibility,” Malaysian cartoonist Zunar says

All images credit Zunar I first met Zunar last year when I attended his tea party at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH). Unfortunately, even before the tea party began, Zunar or his full name Zulkiflee SM Anwar Ulhaque, was arrested and his creative works were confiscated. Going and in and out of lock-up has been a norm for this political cartoonist. As if that was not enough, the Malaysian government has also imposed a travel ban on him, preventing Zunar from leaving the country. I have always wondered what makes people like Zunar ever so ready to throw away their freedom...

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Is The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre really closing down?

All images credit The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre By now, we’re pretty sure you must have read the news that the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) is facing financial struggle. This is not the first time klpac has faced such an issue. For those who remember, Malaysia’s 12-year-old art centre faced a similar albeit a much more challenging time wayyy back in 2012. But it can get there. According to its general manager Ian Chow, expenditure for the running of the art centre was recorded at RM 4.18 million last year. However, revenue for klpac fell short...

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Ink, ink and some paint and colour for October 2017

It’s November and we’re two months away in discovering which artist and his or her artwork gets crowned Eksentrika’s Art of the Year! Last October was the Inktober month and boy do we have some amazing ink works to show you. But ofcourse, many of the artists also used other mediums as well with some following Inktober’s daily prompts. So here they are, the best artworks we received and selected for October 2017. But ofcourse, Eksentrika’s Art of the Month will not be complete without revealing the art of the month. And after stiff competition, here’s Gerald Chong‘s “Sword”,...

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Antares catches Kee Thuan Chye’s epic Swordfish + Concubine As long as I’ve known journalist turned actor-playwright- author-director Kee Thuan Chye – and our friendship dates back more than three decades (including almost a decade when he “unfriended” me for bashing his 1992 staging of that infamous Scottish play) – he has struck me as a clear-headed, straight-talking sharpshooter who enjoys taking aim at all that’s mediocre, unjust and tyrannical. Whether through the written, spoken or dramatized word, Kee rarely beats about the bush. This makes his voice as a public intellectual good medicine for the national soul, even...

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Pasar Artisan, revolutionising KL’s creative marketplace

Fancy checking out a creative marketplace displaying Kuala Lumpur’s finest craft culture along with emerging artisanal goods, local drinks and delicious food? Pasar Artisan, happening this weekend at TTDI Plaza is the creative marketplace to go to! “We aim to change the way people think of a bazaar and build a unique and enjoyable retail experience where people can discover new independent artists, designers and makers,” Asnie Sari, one of the organiser of the event says. Striving to create a fun and energetic atmosphere for the visitors, the aim of the event is to support locally-based companies as well as folks...

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Swordfish + Concubine, two famous Malay folktales come to life on stage!

All images are by Lee Hock Aun and Sharon Oh Remember the famous Malay legend, “Singapura dilanggar todak”? For those who don’t, The Attack of the Swordfish is a famous Malay folk tale about a little boy who found an ingenious plan to stop swordfishes from attacking the island of Singapore a long, long time ago. Using banana stems as fence, the boy became an overnight sensation among the villagers, much to the king’s annoyance. Fearing that the boy posed as a threat as he would one day grow up to become an intelligent person, the kind ordered him to...

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What does it take to be Art Battle Malaysia’s champion?

First timer Eidlan Lakhawlez is Art Battle Malaysia #3 winner! All images credit Raj Photography The winner for Art Battle Malaysia #3 is Eidlan Lakhawlez, a first time participant who took on the big guns and won! He faced stiff competition from fellow artists such as Arif Rafhan Othman, Ellie Yong, FayFay XIao Ting, Jerome Liew Chai, Karthine Maniam, Komeil Zarin, Mariyam Shany, Riharu Harun, Shaq Koyok, Elly Nor Suria and Gerald Ong. What was his secret? Is it beginners luck or full on strategy savvy to win the recently held Art Battle Malaysia? Afterall, Eidlan’s win marks the second time a first timer has championed Art Battle Malaysia, since...

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What happens when art and science beautifully intertwine?

Black Waves, a moving art exhibit at Future World. All images credit Leong Qi Tyng What happens when science meets the arts? Enter The Future World exhibit, currently ongoing at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Created in collaboration with teamLab, the exhibition features interactive projects and art installations for both young children and adults to enjoy. Organised in four themes; Nature, Town, Park, and Space, the intention of the exhibit is to explore how art, science and technology meet and what happens when they do. Upon entering the museum, I was lucky enough to be the first in line to catch...

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Tunku Halim and 20 years of writing Malaysian horror fiction

The Stephen King of Malaysia, Tunku Halim. Image credit Remang.  “Don’t you know a bomoh when you see one?” That’s what author Tunku Halim, touted the Stephen King of Malaysia, said jokingly, upon being asked to describe himself during the MYWritersFest 2017, where he launched the 20th Anniversary Edition of his first published novel, Dark Demon Rising. It is a feat not many other writers can claim to achieve. Tunku Halim originally intended for it to be a short story, but after having so many rich ideas within it, he decided to put it aside and focus on other...

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