How effective is Virtual Reality in addressing human rights issues?

Image credit: Tribeca Is Virtual Reality (VR) the way forward in communicating ideas, opinions and providing facts and figures especially on human rights issues? Programme director of One World Documentary Film Festival, Ondřej Moravec apparently believes it is. “Virtual reality brings you closer into the scenario, from all sides. It enhances your experience in a way that doesn’t feel artificial,” Moravec testified at the recently held FreedomFilmFest (FFF) 2017 at PJ Live Arts. Moravec explained that the technology has already been widely available in many parts of the world, at affordable prices. Heck, devices such as Google Cardboard – customised via fold-able...

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Malaysian film composer releases tribute album to famous astronomers!

Onn San and the amazing artistes behind Epomania II Time & Space. Image credit Rhysher Park Who wouldn’t know Onn San right? For folks who were moved by the 2016 Malaysian sports film Ola Bola would remember the award winning composer’s emotionally stimulating score which made the film even more magical. If Hollywood has the stellar Hans Zimmer and Bollywood the enigmatic AR Rahman, Malaysia has Onn San who has all the makings to become a globally acclaimed film composer. Don’t believe us? Just give this track a listen! Einstein is a track from Onn San’s latest album, Epomania II...

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Book Review | Paul Callan’s The Brigadier’s Daughter

Author: Paul Callan Publisher: Epigram Books Page numbers: 256 How historically accurate should historical fiction be? The label ‘historical fiction’ is somewhat paradoxical: fiction is untrue, whereas history is a narrative connecting events and occurrences that are true. The genre has included a large range of literary works with varied treatment of accuracy, and how well a work of historical fiction is received will depend on how much history its readers expect to find. This is the basis for both my praise and criticism of The Brigadier’s Daughter, Paul Callan’s third work of historical fiction set in Malaysia (or...

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Celebrating Malaysian culture and history through Lego

All images by Charmaine Sze Whether it’s confusion you feel or an increased sense of patriotism between the days of Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia, one thing’s for sure, this country is what it is because of unique bits and pieces. So what better way to showcase Malaysia through the combination of creativity and Lego pieces? While food tops the list of what we Malaysians believe is the best part of our country, the wonderful architecture shaped by culture and history should share the spotlight as well. Fret not about the hot sun or indecisive weather that you might...

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POETRY | A Good Breakfast by Paul Gnanaselvam

Colorful breakfast art by Ida Skivenes A good breakfast, is one had to a heart’s content, hot creamy Nescafe, poured from one tumbler into another and cooled to the right temperature. A bowl of left-over fish and chicken curry, heated into a thick, rich concoction nand coconut and mint chutney for a tangy scoop. A large ever-silver plate before you, waits for the thosai to assail from the kitchen and into the dining room. Drumming your fingers lightly, ‘Amma’, you call out impatiently, for the sizzling thosai in gingelly oil that infuses the fresh morning air, livens your senses,...

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SHORT STORY | They Come Stomping by Leon Wing

Burma – 14th Army: The Battle of the Sittang Bend, 1945, by Leslie Cole. He is being held by the elbow, his son guiding him out the door of his house which seventy-six years back was merely a wooden hut, having being feted in a lunch celebrating his 100th birthday, feeling the heat of a not too overbearingly warm day and noticing the ground paved over the soil and sand of those many years ago is dry from today not having rained, which takes him by surprise because of the incessant wet of the last couple of days, but not as much as he is...

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Meet legendary Malaysian cartoonists in Ipoh this weekend!

Ipoh has been heating up with art this week, full of activities organised by The Other Fest 2017. If you’re in Ipoh and didn’t know, (well you should now!), check out the sexy stuff happening around that Concubine Lane area, near that awesome spot known as Yasmin@Kong Heng. This Saturday, which is tomorrow lah, Sharpened Word is also having a session where you can meet Hassan Muthalib  and Lat, who needs little introduction to most Malaysians, since his comics, The Kampung Boy are widely known and loved in the country. For those who need a refresher on who Hassan is, you...

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The many colours of August the Merdeka month of 2017

Just as diverse as Malaysia, the artworks which we received and were selected were unique in their own ways. We’ve had doodles done on shoes, a page from an upcoming local comic book, portraits, digital paintings and more! Scroll to check em all out! This post will not be complete without Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for August 2017. And guess who received the most number of votes for August? It’s Hue Jia Yung‘s amazing surrealistic artwork! Jia Yung is an extremely shy guy and rarely uploads his artworks onto social media. “Mostly because I procrastinate one piece for who-knows-how-long....

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How to score that Top UK acting school audition? We asked someone who actually did it!

You’re in a spacious room with four judges. They watch you, waiting for you to perform. There are others auditioning too and they’re there in the same room, watching you. Now deliver your monologue. After that it’s three more rounds to go. That’s what it’s like to vie for a spot to study acting in UK’s leading drama school, East 15. This is a true experience relayed by Tika Mu’tamir, one of three talented Malaysian actors, who recently scored a spot to study in that prestigious theatre conservatoire. In that first audition for East 15 in the UK some...

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POETRY | The Night Cafe by Emilia Ismail

“I used to study paintings. Renaissance painting was my favorite among other art movements. Although renaissance paintings intrigue me, I felt closer to post-impressionist artists like Vincent Van Gogh. I don’t know why but every time I look at Van Gogh’s lesser known painting titled Night Cafe, I felt somewhat forlorn. I often think I was that woman in the corner, nursing what seemed like a pint of beer, with her possible lover by her side. I wrote a poem based on that painting too, of what might have been that woman’s thoughts,” Emilia writes to us.   And you left your...

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SHORT STORY | Two of a Kind by Amanda Lim

Artwork by All Star Activist He had a lisp and a husky voice, and he confessed to having aborted his girlfriend’s baby. It was his baby, too wasn’t it? Jonathan and I met at German class, and he said we shouldn’t hang out, because my hair was blond, and his mother said that only bad girls coloured their hair blond. *** He had a lisp and a husky voice, and he confessed to putting razorblades in a Tiffany box. Daniel and I met at writing class, and we went out on a dinner date. After our meal, he asked...

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Forget about nationalistic songs, these are the Merdeka music to listen to

Every year on August 31, as Malaysians celebrate the country’s independence, more often than not they’re served with the same old stale platter of nationalistic music. The words, “perpaduan”, “kebangsaan” and at times, “cinta” is thrown in to produce at times cringe-worthy music. Thankfully, many local music lovers are not left disappointed as several of our own Malaysian musicians churn out to give their own perspective on what the word “Merdeka” means through their music. We’ve decided to create a list and here it is! Jiwa | Soul by Pulse Soundworks Featuring 14 talented Malaysian singers the likes of Nigesh...

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