SHORT STORY | Prayers from Above by Anuradha Chelliah

Artwork by Synthia Snider Paati was my best friend in my younger days. I grew up with her. She was my maternal grandmother. Appa and Amma were there, but I hardly remember being with them. Both of them were very hardworking and hardly had time for me. Then one day, they decided to go separate ways. Amma stayed on with me and Paati. Amma was the owner of a beauty parlour. She was meticulous and worked her way to be an entrepreneur. Even though, she was occupied with her growing business, she tried her best to spend some time...

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Your Guide to Must Follow Malaysian Art Festivals!

Here in Malaysia, we are fortunate to have a flourishing creative scene with a series of yearly festivals that cater to various art forms. Festivals are great platforms that encourage discussion, promote the exchange of ideas and provide artists with avenue to showcase their work. What’s more, the public get to enjoy and develop a more widespread appreciation of the arts. These festivals, however, are not just fun and games; they strive to educate, fascinate and enlighten. They also foster a sense of community by connecting like-minded individuals. Here are some of the many (and growing!) festivals, big or small,...

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Using make up and paint, this woman shape-shifts into different characters!

All images credit FX.CAT From Te Fiti of Moana, to White Walkers from the Game of Thrones series to Ghost in Shell, Nurul Nabilla Radzif aka FX.CAT alias Neb has been setting social media ablaze with her mad face painting skills. I mean, just take a look at these brilliant stuff by Neb! Using paint, make up brushes and sculpting tools, the oozing confidence from this tudung clad lass lends further character to her face paintings, making her art even more awesome! Neb explains that her art is a combination of body painting and make up. Beneath the colourful...

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These are not paintings of galaxies but ACTUAL cakes!

All images credit By Grace Have you ever wished to know what a slice of the universe would taste like? We might never know for sure but these cakes By Grace definitely lets your imagination take you there! Two artistic bakers behind this Malaysian confectionery in Johor Bahru came up with the fabulous idea of making “space cakes” that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “a feast for your eyes”. For the record, although these cakes are bound to inspire thoughts high in the sky, these are not to be confused with the kind infamously sought for...

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Fame the Musical: Finger snapping and feet tapping good!

Images by Dennis Lee “Big show,” I said to my editor while looking at the list of cast and team members, feeling slightly intimidated about having to write about a musical for the first time. ‘Fame’ The Musical was originally conceived by David De Silva based on a book by Jose Fernandez in the 1980’s. This time, it is directed by Dominic Luk, co-founder of Monday Show Entertainment, and is currently running at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). Based on an adapted version of the musical, Monday Show Entertainment collaborated with The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat...

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Poetry | Key by Vernon Daim

Feature image: “Still Life with Cherries, Key and Dice,The Key of Luck” by bulgarian artist, Alexander Titorenkov I usually take up a little room Deep in your pocket. I am essential In proving that you are territorial.   Like problems, like children, I multiply Purely out of basic necessity, Insecurity or bad memory.   I’m not your faithful spouse nor hot lover. Yet losing me causes dread and distress, Turns your life into a horrible mess.   I guard your treasure, your dirty secrets. Though I jingle-jangle and make loud noise When I socialise, I’m still your best choice.  ...

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Short story | The World Champion by Rowan W

Image credit: McFlight The little boy bowed, a faint glint in his eyes subtly hinting to his opponent that he was not someone to be trifled with. The two-second bow was executed flawlessly, with such finesse and gracefulness that made one wonder who could have taught him so well. Bowing to an opponent was a sign of respect – the epitome of sportsmanship. *** Daniel had boasted to his friends in school about playing elite sports such as golf, tennis and archery. None of his classmates knew the difference between a birdie and a bogey, how silly of them....

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A big loud roar for Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

All images credit Max Teoh of Alpha Moments Photography It is always a tiger that draws visitors to the zoo, even more so, if the tiger is an atheist. This premise hooked audiences in the recent Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo play, which has just concluded its run in Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) on July 9. Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo is a fictional account of the first year of the US-led invasion of Iraq. The story tells of a tiger that haunts the streets of present day Baghdad seeking the meaning of life. As it...

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Need the antidote to get through the day? Check out this artist’s artworks!

All artworks are by Anntidote Searching for an antidote to your daily frustrations or sorrows? Let Anntidote lift up your downtrodden spirits with an aesthetically pleasing flow of encouraging vibes! Anntidote is a locally-based art label run by artist and writer, Ann Tan. Ann started creating art and writing poetry as hobbies, which grew into a habit and eventually flourished into Anntidote. Currently in the final year of her English and Creative Writing degree, Ann assiduously continues to create meaningful art and poetry despite having to manage assignment deadlines, exams and other commitments. Her initial experience in art was...

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What’s so great for a school to stage plays for 81-years?

It is indeed remarkable for a school to sustain staging annual school plays to the point it becomes more than a decade-long tradition. Ipoh Anglo Chinese School (ACS) has since earned a name for this, having continued staging a play since the 1950’s and even churning out some famous names the likes of veteran actor, Mano Maniam and Chin San Sooi, the theatre director renowned for staging Macbeth in the style of Chinese opera. Both Mano and San Sooi have openly spoken of their fond memories play acting at their alma mater circa the 1960’s. This year marks the school’s...

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An artist’s guide to overcoming fear of painting

*** This post was posted by Nik Sarah Melissa Sulaiman on her blog SIERRALISSE. It was so informative and helpful that we got her approval to post it here! The artwork above was created by her 10-days after getting acquainted with watercolours. All thanks to a Youtube video by David Phua. Use cheap materials Sometimes as outsiders looking into the lives of professional artists, it is easy to be dazzled not only by their skills, but by their amazing, high-quality (expensive) tools. A newbie can be forgiven for thinking that using expensive things can help in creating good painting. This...

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POETRY | Before by Leon Wing

Artwork credit: Futurism *** This week’s poem by Leon Wing is “genre reversing” as the writer puts it. “It is a very long one-line narrative or prose poem. It is a time reversing, or you could say, a time travelling piece which one can also read as flash fiction. Thus, genre-merging,” Leon explains.  Before the rats picked at the blood and flesh on the fragments of her skull dotted all over the rails, before her head got crushed and brain matter splattered all over, and shattered bones, still with some flesh around them, flung everywhere on the rails, before...

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