Battle Bloom’s debut album is the best antidote this rainy season!

(from left) Dianne Lim, Melissa Toh, Ryan Lee Bhaskaran and Fariz Salleh of Battle Bloom. All images credit: Battle Bloom Very few local bands can create music befitting for those who just want to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. Battle Bloom is one of these remarkable bands. I was recently provided a sneak peak of their debut album, “Maps and Diagrams”, a gorgeous collage of lush harmonies representing the different phases of the band’s life as they sought their “sound” in their 10-year journey together. That’s right. The band members, Fariz Salleh (Guitar), Melissa Toh (Vocals) and Dianne Lim (Vocals/Keys) have...

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Why is Joe Hasham staging Harold Pinter’s Betrayal in Malay?

“This is set to be the most challenging production of my life,” Joe Hasham tells me as he motions me to sit in his cosy office at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). I sat down and studied Joe for a bit. Here was a man who has had close to 50-years of experience as an actor, director and producer of numerous theatre productions and commercials – not to mention he was also the world’s first gay character in Australia’s longest serial, Number 96 – and he’s telling me this particular play is challenging? I suppose he had seen my reaction...

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POETRY | If Children Build… by Hezreen Abdul Rashid

Image credit: If children build words by tapping on screens what will be the use of pencils and crayons that used to scream dots, zigzags and random lines they don’t lie but mouth circles and twirls, ooh, what cute-looking stick people! Blue, black, blossoms of pink. If children build art by fingering on screens, Pencil shavings once glued together To shape flowers, birds and ruffled collars, Now fall heaps in the bin like wilted leaves and compost oh how they have once been! Where are the inky hands and doodles spurts of paint blown through straws like ribbons...

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SHORT STORY | A Man’s Kebaya by Peter Soh

Artwork by: nabilaclydea “I have made it clear to you that we should understand why Babas put on the nyonya attire for plays; it was out of necessity in the old days because women are not allowed to be on stage. And once the play is over, the men get back to their usual selves. In that way, we respect the Nyonyas, the culture and more importantly, ourselves!” said Alex’s father, fuming. It was annoying to grow up as a Peranakan, at least for Alex. Like the Chinese and Malay languages that Alex spoke at home, it was either in masculine or feminine form...

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Sumber imej: Baca bahagian-bahagian terdahulu di sini. Selepas watak yaksa bermonolog panjang menceritakan kepada gumpalan awan tentang perjalanan yang perlu dilalui dari Ramagiri ke Alaka, mulai Sloka 39, akan diceritakan apakah mesej yang perlu disampaikan kepada isterinya, yaksi. Sloka 37 – Wahai awan, pemberi hujan! Sekiranya pada waktu itu isteriku sudah mampu untuk melelapkan mata, aku memohon supaya engkau terus berada di sisinya selama satu yama (tiga jam) tanpa bunyi guruh. Kalaulah dalam mimpi, dia menemui aku sebagai kekasihnya, jangan biarkan tangannya melepaskan aku daripada pelukannya – walaupun hanya dalam mimpi. Sloka 38 – Apabila tiba masanya, kejutkan dia...

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Sasterawan Kavyan – Bahagian 4

Gambar ihsan: Uthaya Sankar SB Baca bahagian terdahulu di sini. Orang ramai yang melakukan kajian terhadap kelompok Sasterawan Kavyan wajar berwaspada dan berhati-hati supaya tidak perpengaruh dengan data palsu dan fakta rekaan yang dikemukakan oleh mana-mana individu tidak beretika, tidak bertanggungjawab, tidak berwibawa dan tiada integriti. Sekadar contoh, Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman yang menulis esei mengenai penulis kaum India di Dewan Sastera (April 2017) mengakui bahawa pihak penulis kaum India di Malaysia “mempertikaikan kajiannya” kerana ia “bukan daripada sumber yang sahih” (Mingguan Malaysia, 23 April 2017). Daripada pemerhatian saya, terdapat pihak yang seolah-olah menggunakan imaginasi dan halusinasi untuk menulis...

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Lukis komik, Gubah lagu…Tempuhan seorang ayah demi kesedaran autisme

Seni boleh memulih dan juga adalah sokongan. Tak percaya? Lihatlah sendiri video menyentuh hati oleh Faizul Khalid aka Zulkha, tentang pengalamannya sebagai ayah kepada seorang kanak-kanak autistik. Video tersebut sepatutnya siap untuk dilepaskan pada tahun 2016, namun tertangguh kerana Zulkha sibuk pada waktu itu, berpindah dari Kapit ke Kuching, bertukar tempat kerja, lagi menguruskan hal keluarganya. Senang sahaja kalau mahu melepaskan hasratnya untuk membuat video, tetapi Zulkha tidak rela membiarkan ideanya terkubur. Maka, walaupun menanggung letih dari hari-hari bekerja dan menjaga anak lelakinya, Kharnain, Zulkha memulakan usaha untuk menjadikan videonya realiti pada bulan November yang lalu. “Saya menghasilkan karya dalam keadaan yang agak tertekan. Tambahan...

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Into the Woods becomes 2016’s Best Overall Production!

Image credit: PAN Productions PAN Productions’ musical theatre Into the Woods emerged as the Best Overall Production for 2016 at the 14th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards last night, beating five other theatre productions! Directed by Nell Ng, the musical was an adaptation of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy-tale by Stephen Sondheim, known as the godfather of musical theatre. Meanwhile, Dr. Deric Gan became the Best Director for a consecutive year following his meticulous direction for Richard III. The play, which was staged at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) in December 2016 was presented by The Actors Studio Seni...

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POETRY | Promise by Kevin Lau

Image credit: Gostica I have longed for you through the ages like how this primordial promise longed for its own fulfillment since the epoch of Creation. And I know that when all bridges are burnt to ashes, the last of citadels razed to the ground and all memories come undone, I will climb beyond the final rungs on the ladder to return to Your embrace and become You. Admirer of fine literary works regardless of genre and content, Kevin Lau has always found that the beauty of poetic expression stems from one’s longing to express inner experiences that often...

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Life Sdn Bhd comes to Ipoh for the first time!

“Life Sdn Bhd: People” comes to Ipoh! For first time, Ipoh folks will get to catch the 13-year running show conceived by Malaysia’s First Lady of Theatre, Faridah Merican, in the little town itself, at RTM Ipoh, Jalan Dairy on Saturday, May 6. For the unfamilliar, this show is not your average theatre performance, featuring instead real people and their real life stories. It’s a chance to glimpse rare slices of personal yet genuine memories and moments, shared on stage. Interestingly, one of them is none other than Joe Hasham, co-founder of the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (Klpac). Those curious...

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April 2017 was amazing because of these awesome artworks!

April’s art of the month is a little different. This time around, we decided to let our readers vote on Instagram and on Facebook on which artworks appealed to them for the month. And surprise, surprise! It’s the cover of “FIZIK-LAH!” – a brand new book on physics written by Zamir Mohyedin and Mohd s. Faiz – that was voted as Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for April – it received a total of 53 likes and loves! The design was created by Fasrulisham Ramly who faced many hurdles when pitching the design to the publishers. We’re glad Simptomatik Press obliged. The design...

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POETRY | Bracelets by Hajer Nasir

Artwork by Hajer Nasir She wore bracelets full of flowers Which to her they looked so pretty But no one sees what lies beneath The roses and the lilies Her hair was the summer glow of June While her eyes were both the stars and moon But albeit the things that she would show They would simply never know The nights that bat under her lash Stained her pillow with thorns and leaves She’d wrap them ’round her head and wrist; And these are the bracelets that you see. – Hjr “I’m a pessimistic idealist. I’m the kind of...

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