Indonesia wins UOB Painting of the year 2016, scores hat-trick

  Gatot Indrajati’s “Right or Wrong My Home” Indonesia is fast building a street-credit as the “artist” nation of Southeast Asia, after snagging the UOB Painting of the Year title for 2016, which marks three times in a row. The winning art-piece by Yogyakarta’s, Gatot Indrajati is titled “Right or Wrong My Home” and was selected for its whimsical use of iconography and clever use of techniques such as composition, layering and perspective. The 36-year-old artist said he was inspired by the passion that Indonesians have for their country and how that attitude is such an inherent part of the Indonesian identity. “Indonesians also have a...

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LIGHTBEARER | A cosmic release by SKIES ARE RED

The supernatural beings that make up Skies Are Red have a cosmic message for you this Saturday, in the release of their debut single; Lightbearer Eksentrika had the delightful chance to pre-listen and our verdict is; Gotta Catch it Live! We were blown away by the angelic vocals of Danielle and the uplifiting music composition. Music has a way of speaking to the soul and we believe Skies Are Red know well the code. If you’re searching for meaning in life and need a light to shine on the darkened pathways of your mind, experience the rhythym live for yourself at  Merdekarya this Saturday, 3rd...

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Art vs nature, Ajesh vs site specific art

What is it like painting in the rain? Eksentrika sits down with Indian artist, Ajesh Suresh, to make sense of the 35-year-old’s site specific artworks. The first thing that Ajesh says to me when I arrive at his apartment in Ampang is, “Would you like beers and some pizzas?” An hour later, while munching on some breadsticks and chicken wings, Ajesh offers me a glimpse into his eccentric mind through a series of art expeditions across the Southeast Asian region. In February this year, Ajesh journeyed all the way to Pekanbaru in Riau, Central Sumatra, the Indonesian heartland of haze and...

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What to do for school holiday? See Masak Masak with S’kolah and Still Taming

They were “green” in T4YP (Theatre For Young People) and now it’s time tp “ripen up” with Masak-Masak. Masak-Masak Ensemble Theatre is a brand new collective, specifically to nurture the talents that graduate from The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)’s T4YP programme. At the helm, are none other than The Actors Studio’s in house director, Mark Beau de Silva and actor in residence, Ho Lee Ching, both of whom firmly believe in the potential of local talents for performing arts. Their shared passion for creating wonderful stories is what spurred the latest ensemble creation, with the humble vision to inspire and nurture...

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What makes a bloody good storyboard artist? Augustus Tan reveals!

Dain Said’s second film, Interchange, is set to be released in Malaysian cinemas on December 1. Eksentrika catches up with the man behind the visualisation of the film, Augustus Tan, who began sketching since he was a kid.  But first, here’s a taste of Interchange. During his school days at Petaling Jaya’s La Salle School, Augustus Tan regularly made the extra ringgit drawing stuff for his schoolmates. Little did he know, his hobby would foreshadow his eventual career. Now, at 36, Augustus has been instrumental in creating the conceptualised visual direction for Dain Said’s Bunohan and Interchange, Jeffrey Chiang’s horror flick,...

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Revolutionary rap with Orfeus

feature image credit: Orfeus “Our Art is a reflection of our reality.” Ice Cube said it in the biopic “Straight Outta Compton” but the words ring true not only for the American rap artist, but many individuals who identify as an artist, regardless whether their medium is music, writing or painting. Closer to home, Malaysian rapper, Orfeus, is echoing the truth of that quote with the release of “Gelora Kuning”,  a song made last year, rehashed now to fit in apt references for the 19 November 2016, Bersih 5 rally recently. Amazingly, as Eksentrika found out, the video clip from idea...

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POETRY | Love is a Luxury by Angelina Bong

FLAMES OF LOVE By Angelina Bong Acrylic on Canvas. 16 X 20 inches. Love is a luxury for people like me who have fleeting crushes like cravings for fried chicken wings that are too quickly replaced by kimchi. The curls that taunt my memories every second shifts the very next day to brown eyes that are too kind to call my own. Penning sonnet that swoons over that special bass voice soon switches to a velvety remark from a dentist. Love is a luxury for people like me who have no time for proper dates. Each precious minute is...

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Megha Duta – Bahagian 7 OLEH: UTHAYA SANKAR SB

Gambar kredit: Nana Joshi Baca bahagian-bahagian sebelumnya di sini. Watak yaksa meneruskan penceritaan kepada gumpalan awan mengenai laluan yang perlu diambil bagi perjalanan dari Ramagiri ke Alaka. Sloka 14 – Dari kawasan gunung-ganang ini, naiklah ke langit dengan muka engkau menghadap ke utara. Pada waktu itu, pasti akan ada kumpulan wanita di kawasan berdekatan mendongak untuk memandang ke arah engkau. Mereka mungkin akan tertanya-tanya apakah tiupan angin kencang sedang meruntuhkan puncak gunung. Engkau teruskanlah perjalanan sambil memastikan engkau tidak bertembung dengan Dingnaga, iaitu empat gajah mistik yang mengawal empat arah angin. Sloka 15 – Seterusnya, engkau akan melihat busur...

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POETRY | Inversions by Terence Aaron

Image credit: Davved Ask me my dreams and hopes; I’ll present my tragedies, Ask me my tragedies; I’ll present my dreams and hopes, Look for what fuels my passion; you’ll see the void in me, Look for the void in me; you’ll see what fuels my passion, Force me to recall paradise; I could only imagine hell, Force me to imagine hell; I could only recall paradise, Trap me in a room with people, I wish to be alone, Trap me in a room alone, I wish to be with people Tell me to write my problems, I’ll show...

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Baca bahagian-bahagian sebelumnya di sini.  Dalam puisi klasik Megha Duta, Kalidasa menggunakan bahagian Poorvamegha untuk menceritakan pesanan panjang yang disampaikan oleh yaksa dalam bentuk monolog kepada segumpal awan. Watak yaksa merujuk isterinya (yaksi) sebagai “adik ipar” kepada gumpalan awan berkenaan. Sloka 9 – Pergilah engkau, wahai megha. Teruskanlah perjalanan tanpa sebarang halangan. Apabila tiba di Alaka, engkau akan bertemu adik ipar engkau – isteriku – yang tetap setia kepada suaminya yang satu. Adik ipar engkau akan berada dalam keadaan selamat, sambil menghitung hari untuk bersatu semula dengan suami tercinta. Dia akan menanti dengan penuh yakin dan penuh harapan. Harapan...

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Fahmi Reza returns, releases free-to-download Bersih 5 posters

With the fifth Bersih rally set to take place on November 19, activist Fahmi Reza has come up with eleven  free-to-download protest posters in the run up to the street demonstration. Fahmi made a return on October 17 on his Facebook after a month long online hiatus, requesting protest slogans from netizens.  Within a day, he received 123 slogans from folks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The political activist, well known to protest through the arts, got to work immediately. The first protest poster, featuring a grinning pig holding dollar notes was inspired by English Civil War, a 1979 EP by punk...

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Kid draws Hindu deities, proves that differences are okay

Feature image credit: Adeline Chua Two-weeks ago, we stumbled across a Facebook post by Adeline Chua, a teacher from Bagan Serai, Perak who showed us how art inspires unity over differences. In the post, Adeline tells how she had spotted a student’s newfound passion for drawing, which went on to spark the curiousity of his fellow classmates. “After he finishes telling me about goddess Kali (and his major break-up, also expressed in drawing), something weird happens. “A Muslim girl calls him over,” Adeline writes in her post. The girl had called him over to see his artworks. The image above was snapped by...

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