PROSE | The Silent Pariah by Theva Kuhan

feature image: Giacomo Antonio Melchiorre Ceruti, called Pitoccheto ‘the little beggar’ (Milan, 1698-1767) I sit here and watch. The plains of vast deserts, the glacier of snow-capped mountains, the breath of four seasons, the streams leading to rivers and waterfalls and eventually the ocean. A keen observer I sit here in awe. Men and Women go about chasing desire after desire with no end coming to the question what on earth am I doing. I watch. Rascals and Saints, Leaders and Followers, Preachers and Politicians, Wise old men and Reckless youths. I watch them with my eye brows crossed....

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Taking up the Inktober challenge? Here are 5 useful tips from M’sian artists

Artwork by Superdoofus With October upon us in a couple of days time, that means only one thing and one thing only; Inktober! Created in 2009, Inktober is a 31-day challenge started off by artist Jake Parker to push artists and doodlers to create artworks via ink drawings for an entire month. Typically, Jake provides daily prompts for all 31 days. Here’s 2017’s: But ofcourse, these prompts are not necessary to follow and we’ve seen many artists in the past who turned the challenge into a personal one with some even having their own themes. And yes, there have been...

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More music as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra turns 20!

All images credit Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) Classical music is commonly viewed as elitist or reserved for people of an older age. Thus, it comes as no surprise that young people might dismiss the idea of experiencing this form of music. Enter the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), a group of top-notch musicians from more than 20 nations of different cultures with the aim to put together “Music that Moves You”. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, MPO was formed after its first performance at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP) on 17th August 1998. In preparation for this momentous commemoration, MPO had...

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“Poetry is a form of prayer,” Sheena Baharudin says

All images by Charles Chiam “Prayers come from within and to articulate it is to share your soul. You beautify language to reach out, to spread good energy, and express hope that things will turn for the better,” spoken word poet Sheena Baharudin says to me. We were talking to each other at a multidisciplinary spoken word poetry performance held to celebrate the release of two poetry books by Sheena and fellow poet Alana Azlan. While Sheena’s All the Bodies We’ve Embraced was released in June this year, Alana’s A Female Called Psyche got its release this month. Published...

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POETRY | How Are You? by Tasha Lim

Sketch by Lehanan Tasha Lim write poetry which she usually posts on Instagram.  “I write for the emotions we struggle to express. And that’s how my poems come about,” she says. She is currently working to publish a Zine consisting of her past works. This poem will be featured inside her upcoming Zine. To order her Zine, you can email her or drop her a message on Instagram! She’s still a student, a fan of Haruki Murakami, an ambivert who is also from House Ravenclaw! Have poems to share with us? Send em over to and do include a short...

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SHORT STORY | Conversation at a Tea Stall

Apotheosis Of Gurdjieff And Ouspensky by Joe Michelli Around midnight we were cruising down Imbi Road, headed for my usual tea stall. The roti pan was still sizzling but empty and the small heap of unsold nasi lemak indicated that we had arrived ahead of the late night movie crowd. “What will you have?” I positioned myself where I could keep an eye on the street life. The man came over with a damp rag to wipe the tea rings off our table. “Boss, teh tarik dua, kurang manis.” I ordered two teas with sweet milk, pulled to aerate...

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Kenduri Kendara, not your ordinary theatre piece but still relatable

All images credit Pang Khee Teik  As you enter Makespace at Quill City Mall, you’ll soon realize that director Azzad Mahdzir’s Kenduri Kendara, commissioned by Sisters in Islam, isn’t your ordinary theatre piece. For starters, it felt like I was entering into someone’s home. I almost tiptoed and was consciously walking slower because I felt like I was intruding. However, that feeling soon disappeared as I received a warm invitation from the crew to join some other guests in the “wait room” for the first of three parts in Kenduri Kendara, Suap – a ceremony of feeding one another....

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Shedding light on the plight of the Orang Asli through films

All images credit Charmaine Sze As I entered the dimly lit hall, it was as if I was walking into the dark truth on the future of the indigenous people of Malaysia. Members of the audience spoke in hushed voices as the esteemed panel of film directors answered questions on challenges they faced fighting for the rights of the local indigenous people of their respective communities. As an orang asli himself, Shafie Dris directed Abai, a film about the day-to-day lives of orang asli and how much of their lifestyle is reliant on land and on the environment. As...

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Review | Si Romantik Yang Sudah Mati

When I picked up the book, it was by accident. It was lying on the small table in my husband’s room, looking strangely out of place. Firstly because the cover was a striking pinkish purple hue, featuring the silhouette of a woman’s face; secondly, it was in Malay. After reading the back cover, I found myself digging into the pages, like a schoolgirl in search of that feeling again. You know? That complicated yearning, that brimming fantasy most cogent with the possibility of a potential lover? Some call it romanticism. And it was in the throes of my revisiting...

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Why DUALITY by the VSC Project is a theatre piece like no other?

All images credit Samuel Goh Are you tired of watching movies with trailers that give everything away? Looking for something interesting to do in KL? Trying to find yourself? If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, this just might be something for you. Recent happenings around the world have triggered a series of questions that our society might otherwise not talk about because they’re known to be hush-hush topics. We’re talking about things that you might not even discuss with yourself in your diary. Revolving around the themes of gender, DUALITY by the VSC Project is an...

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POETRY | Take My Hand by Gem Yen

Artwork by NadiaSee Come on over and take my hand, There is something I’d like you to see. Come on over and take my hand, I can sense you are afraid but don’t be. Take a deep breath and take a step, The crevice you see is not that deep. Take a deep breath and take that step, By faith and belief you take that leap. Now that you are here would you come and see, There is something I would really want to show. Look through that keyhole and see carefully, Tell me, tell me what your eyes...

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SHORT STORY | Secrets, lies and finally, my mother by Jonathan CA Lim

Tattoo by Larry Brogan My mother always told me, “I may be your mother, but the truth is that you have all my doubts.” “I am a child… a baby. The earliest memories to my recollection are the demons of my upbringing,” says Henry. As irony would have it, those memories would shape my first 17 years of life. It’s a good age. A good age to understand life’s ultimate tale of morality. In truth, there is no lesson to be learned here, no higher calling, only a physical demon — a shadow, which had visited me in my...

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