This 19-year-old cosplayer not only arts but has written a 450 paged novel!

All images by Ning Yasmin For many video games serve as a respite from their mundane lives. Others compete in video game competitions. But not Ning Yasmin Abdul Rahim aka Lucidity. The 19-year-old lass got into drawing fanart thanks to a now defunct online game called Club Penguin. For those who don’t know, Club Penguin was an online game where players can interact with other players, doing activities like hold parties, play mini games, dress up and decorate. “I faintly remember drawing a mall of anthropomorphic dogs where windows were on the floor. I even had a whole comic...

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RJ Kevin on addressing self esteem issues through music

RJ Kevin, singer and songwriter. Image by U Wang Studio Before becoming a singer and songwriter, RJ Kevin worked as a pharmaceutical salesman for a year and a half. Encouraged by his single mother, he learned how to play musical instruments through Youtube tutorials and picked up singing. It was during this period of learning when the 25-year-old discovered that music and singing could be used as a catharsis. “Composing helps me capture the feel-good memories and bottle them into songs I could listen to when I feel lost or sad,” he explained. Turns out, it was music that helped the...

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How does one write fiction about a specific culture or tradition?

The Peranakan Phoenix. Image sourced How does one write a short story or heck, even novels based on or set in a specific culture or tradition? When I was invited by writer, academician and cultural activist Lee Su Kim to her latest book launch of Manek Mischiefs: Of Patriarchs, Playboys and Paramours at the recently held George Town Literary Festival 2017, I immediately knew that there was nothing more fulfilling than getting an interview with someone who knows her stuff. Perhaps it is bias of me to interview Su Kim simply because she is my favourite Malaysian writer ever since...

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Of superheroes and cats, here are the best artworks for November 2017

With us entering December, we’re one month closer to discovering which artwork becomes Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2017! November was amazing due to the diversified artworks we received and selected. Here are all of them! So which artwork became Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for November 2017? Well, this one comes as a surprise (and also a no surprise). *drumrolls!* Isn’t this cat by Lai Wing Kien adorable?? Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above are members of the fast growing online art group; Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group! The winning artworks of all...

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Rozella on making music and what it means to be truly beautiful

The Dark Side is not bad if Rozella’s there. Image credit: Joshua Chay  In Malaysia, there are many singer-songwriters and voice over artists. But there are very few who have the vocal and literary flair of Rozella Marie. The United Kingdom born and Kota Kinabalu bred musician is also one of the go to people behind True Complexion, a digital project on transforming people’s perception on the word “beautiful”. What inspired her project was her birthmark on her face which caused her much ridicule and scorn from people. You can read more about it here! (Fun fact: Rozella is...

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The klpac Symphonic Band sheds its classical image for a rock repertoire!

All images credit The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Symphonic Band (or klpac Symphonic Band for short) has been around for close to eight years. Established in 2009, it is a community wind band aimed at providing a platform for musicians from various musical background, to get together, make music and perform on a regular basis. But now, after years of performing classical repertoires, the band is set to undergo a face-lift. A rock inspired face-lift. Remember jukeboxes? You know, those automated coin operated music playing machines? Well, the klpac Symphonic Band under...

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POETRY | Apologize First, Think Later by Sheril A. Bustaman

Artwork by ghelalala Say you’re sorry. Don’t assess the facts but just apologize first, So he would be mildly appeased, Albeit still irritated at whatever it is he has convinced you is your latest crime, On your long rap sheet of perceived stupidity. Do not look him in the eye. Always look down in remorse and submission, Remembering always your place in this world, And that you shouldn’t be so audacious, As to ever look him in the eye. Think simple thoughts. Do not think about the times when you were a spit fire, Fuelled by music and movement,...

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SHORT STORY | The Peculiar Autumn by Farahrina Ali

Autumn Painting by Leonid Afremov The dry leaf fell onto the page of the book held in my hands. My heart leapt a little and I tilted my head to the sky. I flipped my front hair sideways as the gentle breeze of air touched my skin. From beneath the shade, I could now see a better view of the big deciduous tree, firmly trying to hold on to its rainbow leaves. Its hues of bright green, yellow, scarlet and amber blended perfectly. My eyes glimpsed to the right, catching the sight of passers-by along the tranquil park. The Northern Red Oak,...

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Why do some people love reading and writing horror fiction?

All images credit Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales  “Reading a scary story is like playing a little trick on your mind,” writer Heidi Shamsuddin says. Heidi, who authored a short story, “The Twins of Rumahku” in the recently released Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales adds that horror stories can actually elicit a chemical response in our brain. “We can literally feel our hearts beating faster. It’s a bit like riding on a roller-coaster and many people find this exciting.” Since last month was Halloween, I managed find some time to read a copy of the anthology edited by Daphne Lee...

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Weddings to the big stage, Aina Abdul reminiscences her musical journey

Image credit Happyfingers Photography For someone who travels daily via the KTM Komuter from Seremban to Sentul, I consider myself a special kind of crazy person. As it turns out, singer and songwriter Aina Abdul is just as crazy as me albeit alot more special! At 17-years-old, Aina would travel daily after school from her hometown in Seremban to Kuala Lumpur to attend her vocal lessons with Cikgu Shafi, daughter of the famed late Malaysian singer M. Shariff. “I started singing when I was in highschool and my musical journey consists of various phases,” Aina tells me when we met...

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“I was paralysed waist down when I re-discovered music,” Endee Ahmad

Image credit Armon Endee Ahmad never knew music was to become his destiny until an ill-fated fall in the bathroom led him to be paralysed from the waist down in 2013. “I was working as a banker for seven-years then,” the 35-year-old reveals to me when met at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) recently. He fell and regained consciousness a day and a half later only to discover that he had lost his job, his wife and his ability to walk. “My wife and friends left me. My boss called me and said he was unable to...

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Gerakbudaya’s Onde Onde brings more openness to an open mic

(From left) Alana Azlan, Nana, RJ Kevin, Arisha Akhir, May Chong, Hon-Wai, Aiman. Image credit Leong Qi Tyng Imagine an open house feel to an open mic event. How would you do it? Gerakbudaya aptly named their recently held first open mic event as Onde-Onde Open Mic. Turns out, the organizer, Hon-Wai, wanted to bring an open house feel to the event. Basically something more Malaysian than usual lah! In order to create the open house environment, there were childhood snacks Malaysians would recognize and squeal over to be munched on while mingling. The seating had a relaxed and...

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