SHORT STORY | The Big Bang

Art by Vincent Litoux “Look, I give up. I give up in trying to change the world. To one opinion I have, there are ten differing opinions. We can’t be on the same page. There are slow readers, fast readers and people who do not read at all. I give up. We all want to change the world. But each of us want the world to be a certain way we think it should be. I give up. We have trouble coming to an agreement. There is always, always a differing of opinions. I rather just go into this...

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MORE Malaysian indie publishers and bookstores you got to bookmark!

Image credit: Gerakbudaya Penang  So yesterday we released a post on local indie publishers and bookstores you should follow. Turns out, we missed many and there are more, as our readers point out! So here it is, a second part to the first post, more local indie publishers and bookstores you got to follow and support. Psst! As usual, click on their names to go to their websites! Gerakbudaya Bookstore Petaling Jaya Founded in 1998 by Chong Ton Sin (or more fondly known as Pak Chong) under GB Gerakbudaya Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., Gerakbudaya Bookstore is widely recognised as the...

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Malaysian independent publishers and bookstores you HAVE to bookmark!

Feeling adventurous in your pursuit of reading? Our independent publishers and bookstores are here to deliver a varied range of literature to liven up your bookshelf. Independent (or more commonly known as ‘indie’) publishers and bookstores operate on a smaller capacity and are more receptive or even encouraging towards experimental writing, as opposed to large-scale, mass-producing commercial publishers that churn out popular mainstream titles. Notwithstanding their niche nature, independent publishers and bookstores are ideal alternatives to broaden your reading horizons. Here are several independent publishers and bookstores to look out for on your next book hunt! Pssst! Click on...

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Book Review | Bernice Chauly’s Once We Were There

Author: Bernice Chauly Publisher: Epigram Books Page numbers: 351 Bernice Chauly’s Once We Were There is a love letter and a scathing, unflinching criticism of Kuala Lumpur’s liberal, politically aware, but ultimately hedonistic and self-indulgent of community of upper-middle class professionals who desire political reformation but are unable to deliver it. I first learned that Bernice Chauly was writing ‘a novel about the Reformasi’ at the London Book Fair. I’d already been living in Singapore for a few months and my time at the Fixi London booth was like a homecoming abroad, and like all homecomings it has its...

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July 2017 was kick-ass because of these totally random artworks!

July 2017 was a month when we received and selected the most number of artworks which were created through ink on paper. And boy were they kick-ass! Don’t believe us? Just take a look at all these gorgeous artworks! Heck, even Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for July 2017 was inked! And… *drumrolls* Presenting you Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for July 2017… Kid atop a dinosaur! Ink on paper art by Ivan! Ivan’s artwork garnered the most number of likes; a whopping total of 372 votes on our Facebook and Instagram! Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above...

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POETRY | Pure Admiration by Mun

Digital manipulation of an old book cover by Mun From the collar bones down Dressed in jet black With skin pale as the flesh of a Freshly-peeled peach A haunting air accompanied, his Inaudible presence While soft night curls brushed Against his slightly slumped shoulders Haunting, but never daunting Though he had it all Never once did he flaunt His humility was his best trait That, she never forgot To speak of a Gibson and an Ibanez, And how much the dissimilarity mattered, Even if she could not see; He spoke of the Galaxy, And how to capture its...

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Cerpen | Semangkuk Cendol dan Melayu Twink Pandu Mercedes

  Gambar kredit: Foto lukisan jalanan oleh Pok Jeh Allan  Hari panas terik seperti biasa. Kemilau cahaya mencucuk mata. Haba meruap dan debu berterbangan dihembus angin. Di dalam sebuah kelas sekolah rendah, Darren ralit merenung ke luar kelas. Melalui celahan tingkap dia melihat jalan raya di sebelah sekolahnya itu sibuk dengan kereta dan motosikal yang lalu lalang dan kelibat manusia yang melintas sambil mengelek buku atau menggalas beg. Di bahu jalan, gerombolan pelajar dari kampus universiti berhampiran mengerumuni sebiji kereta sorong. Kereta sorong itu menjual cendol yang sangat sedap pada harga seringgit semangkuk. Mangkuknya berwarna oren dan dari jauh kelihatan...

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T4YP – Family sheds light on that big giant elephant in every household

All images courtesy of Sha from The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Glancing through the Facebook page of Theatre for Young People’s (T4YP) latest production ‘Family’ had me let out a long groan in the midst of confusion. Here is T4YP, a theatre programme known for its tough auditions, gruelling acting classes and superb productions after a four-month course working with the best mentors in town… Yet, there it is a picture of bubbly, happy actors on a family tree on their cast poster, with nothing new and gutsy to offer? Unimpressed, I imagined an evening of watching a...

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James Lee attempts to re-define film-making through smartphones!

Production stills by Kenny Gan, sourced from James Lee Interested in filmmaking but lacking in conventional (and probably costly) equipment? Your smartphone might just be your next best bet. As smartphones and other handheld gadgets increasingly infiltrate every aspect of our modern, tech-reliant lives, local independent filmmaker, James Lee explores the possibilities offered by the ubiquitous smartphone as an alternative to traditional filmmaking equipment in his latest brainchild, the ‘Smartphone Films Series’. Just check out his short film below! ‘Overtime’ is the first product in the series of several short films shot entirely on smartphones. This project is a new...

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Malaysians beat 2,000 hopefuls to get in UK’s prestigious acting school

All images credit Stephanie Van Driesen Stephanie Van Driesen. You might remember her for portraying Emma in Joe Hasham’s adaptation of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal a couple of months back at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). You might even have seen her perform in a concert or in a play. What can she not do? The triple threat recently upstaged some 2,000 hopefuls worldwide to get accepted into Britain’s leading acting school, the prestigious East 15 Acting School! Amazingly, two other Malaysians, Tika Mu’tamir and Vinna Law, also made the cut. “I was accepted on the spot as 1 of...

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Are you fierce enough to send a post card?

In this age of instant gratification, waiting for something in the mail has turned into checking your inbox multiple times throughout the day until…it’s there. Once upon a time, the anticipation involved a few more exciting steps, such as the arrival of the postman, which gave chance to a possibly friendly perhaps flirty banter before something physical presented into your hands. Juxtaposed like that, which would you prefer? I don’t know about you but I grew up believing that receiving pretty stationery inscribed with a personal message, to be one of the hallmarks of romance. And I’m thrilled that The...

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POETRY | 21st Century Children by Sumati Muniandy

Image credit: Pinterest Glued to the television Their noses buried deep in their smart phones Digital devices are their heaven 24 hours online games Ranting on the social web Sharing their ideas Posting pictures Creating so much havoc Gone are the days Children playing in the field And catching up with their friends for a cup of tea Over protective parents Jump on the bandwagon Put their children under tremendous pressure Not much fun as we had in the glorious days Children lost their direction Engaging in the digital world Make friends with the unknown people Lead to serious...

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