More power to the arts through February 2018’s best artworks!

Yes, yes we know we’re a tad late but good art must still be celebrated! Last February’s treasure trove of art are timeless because a couple of them immortalised important events such as the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, Fahmi Reza’s defiance and Weinye Chen successfully schooling a corporate outfit on the dangers of plagiarising artists’ work. February 2018 was no doubt a memorable month for artists! (Apologies for the delay in posting this post, we’ve been busy with work, parenthood and more work!) And ofcourse, this post will not be complete without us introducing to February 2018’s art...

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Get to know the 7 Chakras through these intricate mandalas!

All mandalas in this piece are courtesy of Charissa Adeline aka Io When Charissa Adeline Pereira had a tattoo of her chakra done in 2013, little did she know that five-years-later she would embark on an esoteric cum artistic journey creating seven beautiful mandalas based on the primary chakras. Relax, by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be acquainted with all seven! First introduced in ancient Vedic scriptures, chakras have now become a household name among meditation and Yoga practitioners when it comes to describing the manner in which the energy of life affects our physical body....

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POETRY | Ouroboros by Wan Rezal

Artwork by zarathus Ouroboros: Where it begins, Is also where it ends. Like a figure-eight, The place where you rise from bed Is also the place where You rest your head. Life is the snake that eats itself. As we fret over health: The time from before you were born Is the same time that comes after You’re weary and well-worn. With each passing Of the light of the moon And the ray of the sun: If death is an eternity, Then an eternity Is closing your eyes And counting to one. At least, That’s what some people say....

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SHORT STORY | Not All Men Are From Mars by Peter Soh

Screenshot from THE ARROW When Zahid first told me to meet him at Taipan station over the phone, I could not figure the word as it was not written in our chat box an hour before I reached Subang Jaya. “Daiban? Did he mean Saipan? That’s impossible. Taipei? Don’t be silly Ben, you are in Malaysia.” I tried to deduce the word from the two syllables that starts and ends in a consonant but I failed to comprehend the slur through Zahid’s breathy voice. “I am very sure the station is not named after Saipan or Da Ban (Osaka in Mandarin). So, what...

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Keeping the Malaysian Lolita culture going through dressmaking

“My favourite moment when I dress as a Lolita is when people call me a princess or a real-life doll.” Meet Azierah Mohd Anuar, a 26-year old Lolita enthusiast from Hulu Selangor. Currently working in Kelana Jaya, Azierah also takes commission on women’s clothing. Wait, what is Lolita culture? Lolita is a fashion subculture that originated in Japan during the early 1990s. It is based on the Victorian and Edwardian clothing with rococo influence, possibly branching off from Natural Kei (A Romantic Victorian inspired design in late 1960’s), and developed into an even more girly style adopted by younger...

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POETRY | Unrequested Sad Dick Pics by Zhyldyz Syr

Image credit Unrequested sad dick pics Looking their way under settings shift Giving stroke to holy folks Cover them in flatty jokes And disturb some dry feminism Give them moisturizing soul cream called hedonism “recently deleted” is your new home now Look you’re not minority, oh wow Is it peace, yes, it probably IS You can be you now Released! Hi, my name is Zhyldyz. I am 100% organic woman. Here is a sarcastic poem I wrote after talking a guy somewhere on Tinder. I actually run a blog and I haven’t written any poems throughout all my years...

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SHORT STORY | Help by Vernon Daim

Image credit Baby Nick drifts into dreamland populated by candy houses and pastel-coloured animals. Mother’s sweet lullaby conceals her own suffering and drowns out the meaningless murmuring of the old ceiling fan. Mr Raj the landlord, indifferent to her predicament, had sent the third and final notice this morning. If rental is still not paid by next Monday, she will be evicted. Today is Friday. Her nimble fingers are typing furiously on the cracked screen of her phone, asking for help from everyone in her contact list. She can no longer be bashful in a desperate time like this....

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“Destiny is bullshit,” Marco Ferrarese sheds some insight on his travels

All images in this feature are courtesy of Marco Ferrarese himself This feature and book review is long over due – or as Marco Ferrarese puts it eloquently “Almost as long as it took Chthulu to rise up from the outer space”. The freelance travel writer based in Asia for more than 11-years had released his latest book, “The Travels of Marco Yolo: Blazing Trails where Marco Polo Feared to Go” and asked me in August last year to write a review on it. He was kind enough to provide us a free copy which I took close to...

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Prestigious East 15 Acting School has big plans for Malaysia!

Stephanie Van Driesen performing on Shakespeare’s Globe stage in 2 December 2017, part of the Shakespeare module at East 15 Acting School. Image credit Vincent Rosec. 4 March 2017. I meet Professor Leon Rubin for the first time. He is casual, relaxed, with a kind look in his eye. I’m a bundle of nerves, moderate courage and my brain overflowing with lines rehearsed over the past couple of weeks. After a quick hello and an exchange of pleasantries and documents, it’s time to show him what I’m made of. Zalfian Fuzi, a social media powerhouse and alumni of East 15 Acting School himself, is...

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Oi apa nih! Malaysian artist’s comic gets plagiarised by Domino’s Pizza!

All cartoons in this article is by Weinye Chen aka It’s Weinye Fresh from last month’s Visit Malaysia 2018’s logo debacle, it appears another attack on the craft of Malaysian artists has reared its head again. Just yesterday, California based Malaysian artist, Weinye Chen was alerted by her Chilean follower that a comic she had drawn in September 2017 was plagiarised and posted on the official Chilean Domino’s Pizza Facebook page. “During this time (September 2017), a popular meme was circulating on the internet. It was the Distracted Boyfriend meme. I thought it was rather funny and was inspired...

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POETRY | Rubbish by Lawrence Pettener

Image sourced My Sunday morning floor: fingernail bits and hairs, plus dead skin, sex toys and other such detritus, lie in a mass. With no one to rub off, or to rub me up the right way, I sometimes feel a little rubbish. Agile ang-moh, quacky kwai-lo, newschool & Liverpool, Irish & published, pager & stager loved by Ted Hughes & Attila, out there & out here – like Lawrence Pettener‘s book, May All Beings Rock! Are you a poet? Send us some of your poems over to! We also welcome short stories as well. Do include a short...

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How to set up your own record label? Read this!

All images credit Daniel Anthony When Daniel Anthony from Petaling Jaya failed Grade 8 music theory, he decided that the path of a classical musician was not the one for him. However, he refused to give up on his dream of a career in music. Now, when he’s not working as a journalist, he’s running his own record label, Crystal Empire Records (CER), under the stage name St. Pinkie. Yes. You read that right. St. Pinkie. “CER was born in 2014 in the lead-up to Canterlot University, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention that took place...

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