Exploring the mind of a kingpin through ‘Kings of Petaling Street’

Award winning Malaysian book publisher, Buku Fixi recently released its first book in London, United Kingdom, through its London based operation office, Fixi London. Titled ‘Kings of Petaling Street’, the 268-paged novel is written by William Tham, who is also the Creative Nonfiction editor of the Vancouver-based Ricepaper magazine. Having travelled extensively to various places including Malaysia’s Klang Valley and China’s Jiangsu Province, William, who now resides in Canada’s Lower Mainland, says his debut novel mainly revolves around fate, death, and hope in a crime-ridden Kuala Lumpur. Drawing inspiration from Malaysia’s most notorious and deadliest gangster, Wong Swee Chin aka Botak...

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POETRY | Timelines and Tangents

Image credit: Time by black-cats-art So you have lovers, eh? You should reveal their coordinates in you so that they could revel yours in them. As you and them shall finally found each other at that imminent meeting minute of the successful search set-series, never will a timeline of any type would trigger-thrust separation of any sort. Thus plurality perishes, as the supremely sooth-full, sought-after singularity by the uniquely utmost utter union swiftly swarms your severely sick-less, spurningur-less self, seamlessly. Savvy? So, you have lovers? Part time writer and a fortnightly footballer, full-time freeloader called Fruhail T. Ripana was once...

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SHORT STORY | Remembering Her

Image credit: theunboundedspirit.com I remember her smile, her voice and the smell of her hair. She doesn’t wash her hair much, but it never smelled. Or at least, maybe it was only me that doesn’t feel that way. I remember it was her brother’s funeral we went to. They were serving us porridge and I asked her what was this black little jelly like thing and out of so many answers she could give me, this is what she said. “That is bat’s meat. You are eating a bat right now.” I remember almost puking it out as I can’t...

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Meet Sarawak’s first female street artist on a mission to color Kuching

All images credit: Pleant Rovella Kapple Graffiti, regardless of its form, makes a statement. And any notion of meaning or interpretation towards the art which has existed since prehistoric times is left to the perception of the viewer. However, people often consider it as vandalism. It is a time-intensive craft explored by highly skilled artists. And this art form is dominated by men. Contributions by the women have been particularly overlooked in many parts of the world. Despite pursuing their art under dangerous and illegal conditions, they do not receive the same respect as their male counterparts. In Kuching, women...

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‘Rags to Riches’ – a photo collage of Malaysian stories

Image credit: Kenny Loh At RUANG by Think City with big bright windows that display the uniformed buildings of all shapes and sizes surrounding it, withering with age, is a photography exhibition on the people that kept it alive and those who are still breathing life into it. Rags to Riches: A Story of Kuala Lumpur, the brainchild of photographer Kenny Loh in collaboration with King Chai and former editor-in-chief of The Malaysian Insider Jahabar Sadiq, showcases human portraits of the people that preserve pre-millennial Malaysia and those who now reside here in conditions that may not be laced with...

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Adiwiraku is set to restore hope in Malaysian education system

The Malaysian education system might not be world-class, but look closer and you might find a sliver of hope in the form of world-class teachers like Cheryl Ann Fernando. The former Teach for Malaysia (TFM) fellow – a non-governmental organisation that trains young professionals to become educators – is set to have a film based on herself and her students! Watch the trailer below and see for yourself. Set to be screened in 52 cinemas nationwide, the film is directed by Eric Ong, starring Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Xavier Fong, and features first time young actors; Adnin Zidane, Irdina Tasnim, Rizal Fahmi, Balqis Sani, Fara Safwan,...

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Award winning Malaysian children’s book illustrators you got to check out

Illustration by Mohd Khairul Azman Ismail Malaysia has a plethora of talented individuals who are not only skillful writers but illustrators as well. Many of these creative souls are individuals you’ve probably never heard of but they’ve made Malaysia proud by winning awards locally and even internationally. Some have been illustrating and writing for a long time. Here’s a list of them! YUSOF GAJAH Born 1954, Yusof Gajah, or his real name Mohd Yusof Ismail, has a deep and abiding love for children’s books and working with children. While a busy artist, he has managed to write and illustrate...

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When it is your first love, you tend to depend a lot from story books you’ve read or movies you grew up watching, but neither comes to life when it happens. He doesn’t make you nervous when he touches you, instead you’ll go weak on your knees. He doesn’t tell you “i love u” every night before bed, but he’ll tell you “i love u” when you hate yourself. He doesn’t love your flaws, instead he accepts it. He doesn’t kiss you under the moonlight, but he’ll kiss you in the car when it’s pouring rain outside. He doesn’t...

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Short Story | Pan That must die

feature image: Georgia O’Keeffe Gloria walked to the roadside curb to sit down, pulling the back of her short skirt to prevent her flesh from scorching on the cement pavement as she lowered her ass down. It was an hour past noon, on cue for the sun to be more than warmly felt on the dusty streets of Petaling Jaya, but that wasn’t good enough a reason to skip a cigarette break, in fact, if you ask, Gloria, there’s never a reason not to light up a stick. Cancer sticks they call it nowadays, she’d scoff hearing that from...

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Swaiv, swaying people’s hearts through music

(from left) Adrian Meringai (bass), Doboson Elisha (guitar), Meryll Pearl (vocals), Brian Chia (keys) and Rendall Ngumbang (drums). Image credit: Lester Geres   In the music scene – independent and mainstream – there is a lot more that makes the musicians similar than different. Although many come with a style that is rare and unique, most musicians combine a lot of ingredients and elements in their music. Refused to be pigeon-holed into any single category, they take the elements of things that they like without trying to sound like anybody else. This is a challenge. Although it allows the...

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T4YP 2017 | Auditions Open!

Are you dreaming of becoming an actor or actress? Have you got enough dramatics and theatrics to power up a stage? You better haul your ass over to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre’s (klpac) in Sentul because the Theatre for Young People (T4YP) auditions are open again. If you haven’t heard by now, you should know that T4YP is klpac’s landmark programme for youths between 16 and 25 years to develop some serious theatre chops. Some of the stuff you’ll pick up in the three month period between April and July, are acting, storytelling, voice work, writing, Shakespeare, traditional...

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Identiti dan Jati Diri

Jika anda individu kaum India berketurunan Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Punjabi atau Chetti, maka anda wajar – malah berhak – mengekalkan identiti dan jati diri tanpa perlu akur atau berasimilasi dengan kumpulan majoriti. Perbezaan antara “keturunan”, “kaum” dan “bangsa” sudah saya huraikan menerusi makalah bertajuk “Kaum Melayu Tidak Wujud?” dalam buku Malaiur Manikam (2015). Penjelasan itu turut menyentuh mengenai identiti dan jati diri orang Cina dan Melayu. Huraian ringkas mengenai keturunan, kaum dan bangsa pernah saya tulis di majalah Pelita Bahasa (September 1998) dan boleh juga dibaca di blog saya untuk mendapatkan gambaran umum. Dalam konteks Malaysia, memandangkan majoriti kaum India...

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