SHORT STORY | Birthday Gifts

Image credit: It was bound to happen any minute now. I took a peek at the old, brown grandfather’s clock sitting behind me; us alone in the dining room under a light as glorious as a mountain’s sunset, as old as the age I was about to turn into. It happens once every year, once the clock reaches twelve and I become a year wiser (yet closer to my unpreventable death), I would hear a fickle of the faintest footsteps at my door, like that belonging to the feet of a little girl no older than five, but as I slip into my warm robes...

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Bunga Kunda. Kredit gambar:   Baca bahagian-bahagian sebelumnya di sini. Watak yaksa dalam puisi klasik Megha Duta ternyata tidak terburu-buru meminta gumpalan awan membawa utusan kepada isterinya yang berada di Alaka iaitu sebuah bandar mistik di Gunung Kailasa, Banjaran Himalaya. Dia ternyata mahu gumpalan awan berkenaan turut menikmati pelbagai pengalaman sepanjang perjalanan dari Bukit Ramagiri di kawasan pergunungan Vindhya, bahagian tengah India. Sloka 46 – Dewa Murugan adalah penghuni tetap di Devagiri. Menurut mitos dan purana, Dewa Shiva mahu melindungi bala tentera milik Dewa Indra. Maka, tenaga (sakti) yang bersinar lebih terang daripada matahari disimpan oleh Dewa Shiva...

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She picks up a pencil for stress relief, finds surprise skill instead!

image credit: May Choong Many people turn to art as a hobby or therapeutic stress relief, and when May Choong took up a pencil, she was no different, just looking for an outlet to distract from her work-related woes. But the results of that took even her by surprise, because as it turns out, she has FULL BLOWN Talent! Yes…we kid you not, and if you’re wondering what the dramatic caps lock was for, well, judge for yourself lah. A photo posted by YangMay Choong (May) (@yangmayc) on Jan 9, 2017 at 12:44pm PST The day she found out her...

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How the 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival will be different than the ones before

Image credit: Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival If you’re a music lover or someone who enjoys quality music, then the 4th edition of the Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival which takes place this weekend will whet your music taste buds. Here we’ve compiled reasons why you should and must check out Malaysia’s biggest and arguably the world’s one of a kind jazz festival! A festival by musicians for musicians (and music lovers) Touted as the brainchild of Malaysia’s foremost jazz musician, Michael Veerapen – the festival could only happen with the assistance of several Malaysian jazz pianists such as Tay Cher Siang, Justin Lim, David...

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Telling stories on Malaysia via Facebook – the methods used are awesome!

Image credit: Songs & Stories In the age of information, the way we tell and share stories continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Enter Songs & Stories, a joint-initiative between singer-songwriter Juwita Suwito and novelist-author Gina Yap Lai Yoong (PSSST! We also wrote a feature on Gina last year). Heavily relying on social media – primarily Facebook – as a platform to share their stories, the duo have experimented telling stories about their journey throughout Malaysia in the form of short Facebook documentaries, photo essays, and posts. With the aim of the initiative is to discover inspiration in everyday people and places...

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SHORT STORY | Anarchy on a Monday Morning

Image credit: Sean T. Collins   ***This post contains excessive vulgarities. If you can’t handle it, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT attempt to read this post.  59-years-ago my forefathers lowered the Union Jack just so that you and I can sit in a packed train that takes us to skyscrapers where we, dressed in our John Master long-sleeved buttoned up shirts, clock in to work at an air-conditioned office fitted with a tiny pantry with endless supply of Milo and oats, gazing into a black box, sifting through confusing words and complex numbers for eight hours straight, day in...

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Poetry | Surging Bulls

Image credit: Rosenfeldtown   Rampaging bulls carve a mighty path beneath an unruffled veil crashing through intricate lattices of sobriety Bells in the sanctum peal over the roar of thundering hooves – tolling ‘Calm! Calm! Calm!’ as gallant pillars erected in times of despair stand firm against the rampaging surge – a surge that started from a sock A sock of unmatched quality soaked in insidious splendour rumpled and thick seeping viscid ick permeating the air with H2S flavour mingled with the insufferable perfume of insouciance It leaves a rancid trail in which blood red toadstools blossom and thrive vacuously...

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Kredit gambar: Baca bahagian-bahagian sebelumnya di sini. Walaupun motif utama watak yaksa adalah supaya gumpalan awan membawakan pesanan kepada isterinya di Alaka, apa-apa yang bakal ditemui di sepanjang perjalanan dari Bukit Ramagiri diceritakan secara amat terperinci. Sloka 40 – Pada waktu malam, golongan wanita di Ujjaini akan mencuri peluang untuk berkunjung ke rumah kekasih mereka. Mereka akan menggunakan jalan utama kerana cahaya di kawasan itu agak malap, dan sesiapa yang menggunakan jalan berkenaan sukar dikenali. Engkau bantulah perjalanan mereka dengan mengeluarkan pancaran kilat yang berwarna keemas-emasan. Akan tetapi, berhati-hatilah supaya tindakan engkau tidak pula memeranjatkan mereka. Jangan keluarkan...

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Check out this wonder henna artist doing art you can’t do

All images credit: Eksentrika. Unless stated otherwise Her father left when she was small, no matter, Namvinsha Kaur and her mother stayed strong. In school, they called her names and isolated her, no matter. No matter became a mantra as Namvinsha soldiered on and obtained a diploma in management and multimedia. Five years after graduation, she was still searching and applying for numerous jobs, employers simply could not see past her physique. No matter, Namvinsha turns to art and voila! Who’s the boss now? Born with congenital achondroplasia, Namvinsha’s limbs are not fully formed. People had called her a ‘penguin baby’. Making friends was never...

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Music now and here with Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men

All images courtesy of Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men Folk rock outfit Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men are no strangers in the local indie music scene. Inspired by psychedelic bands of the 60’s, the four-piece band’s vocalist, Billie Blue Blackstone reveals to Eksentrika that there are more elements that inspire their music than what others would typically be led to assume. Hey Billie! First of all, what does “Nowhere Men” signify? Why such a name for a band?  “Nowhere Men” is a reference to the Beatles song, “Nowhere Man” from the movie “Yellow Submarine”. That movie and...

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Prose | Kuala Lumpur Café

Image credit: Malaysian artist, Red Hong Yi A monk in the sweltering heat, Swathed in red-orange, brown beads on his neck, Explaining life and spirituality to a young Chinese man. The café bustles with people and colours, shoving, jostling to get a table. Everyone seems hot, harassed, longing for drinks and snacks; The tired ceiling fans whirl futile twirls against the heat.   An array of food on display to feed voracious appetites – Dosas, chappatis, curry-puffs, rice, curry, local sweets. Drinks – fruit juices, tea, coffee, Milo, iced and hot Nescafe; The wannabe “barrista” adept at their concoction....

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Jack it up with Jack Malik

If you’ve been checking out the local poetry scene, then you might have come across an event called “Jack it!” that has been happening at Unit 23 Cafe in Shah Alam. And you might have wondered what this phrase meant and who it is referencing…well, Eksentrika spoke to the man who inspired the namesake, Jack Malik. It might appear that the 23-year-old Projek Rabak poet was aptly named due to his obvious love for sajak, because you know, sajack…but as it turns out, his real name is Muhammad Danial bin Malik! So what’s the story behind the stage name that...

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