POETRY | God has disappeared… by Mazlan Noor Along

Image credit: natre.org.uk the presence of men of letters from the world over…what’s the purpose? esteemed men of letters the cultured among the cultured the poets among the poets in the realm of the verses cascading from the hearts the minds and the good deeds with hopes so desired hoping for a world that understands the trials and tribulations of some people of misfortune and pain breathing in despair…living in sorrow some have lived years of sadness some lived in obscene richness the fall of civilization starts from the top leaders with full intent…creating the homeless allowing the living...

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SHORT STORY | Good girls by Sakinah Alhabshi

Image credit Etsy “Don’t be ridiculous! Good girls don’t climb fences and run wild!” I could hear the sound of my heart beating hard against my chest, almost leaping free, like the curly locks around my face. And as always, her thumb flicked open the dreaded envelope, and pulled out a little scrap of brown paper which said, “Bake a dozen cookies and have a tea party with your dolls”. I couldn’t play with dolls when I had guppies in the drain to catch, and a baby bird out back with a broken wing! “Good girls dress nicely, play...

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Get to know these 10 inspiring Malaysian mums who art with heart

International’s Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 (and through the entirety of March) and didja know, this year marks exactly 100 years since a bunch of lassies sparked the Russian revolution by demonstrating for “bread and peace” in Saint Petersburg… Seven days later, the Tsar was kicked out, women got to vote and now we commemorate that fateful day as an tribute to the “fairer sex”.  But guess what, I think it’s safe to say no one was kidding on that bit about the hand that rocks the cradle...*cue Beyonce music “Who Run the World? (Girls, girls!) Which...

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Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah continue to rally on more laughter!

All images credit: Comedy Court For more than two-decades Comedy Court duo Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah have been leaving Malaysians in stitches. And they have done it again through their latest show, “Rally On”. The two of them are no strangers in the local comedy scene. Having met six-years before the founding of Comedy Court in 1997, the duo have forged a symbiotic partnership; a key in their ability to turn any situation into comedic gold. They’re both best remembered for their extremely Malaysian no holds barred political and societal satire through their on stage personas; bar lawyers...

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HANDS Percussion: 20-years of revolutionising drumming in Malaysia

All images credit: Ban Teng Ruen It’s been 20-years since HANDS Percussion have been tantalising music lovers locally and abroad. To mark their anniversary, the troupe is set to tour four Malaysian cities starting April! For those who’re in the dark, HANDS Percussion was formed by Bernard Goh and a couple of friends in 1997. They specialise in putting a spin on the famed 24 Festive Drums, infusing the Lion Dance drum, Shigu, with diverse Southeast Asian musical instruments. Don’t believe us? Check this video out! The 24 Festive Drums is an art-form where the percussionists drum in sync while...

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POETRY | Grains by Debra Abraham

Image credit: thegrownetwork.com This poem was written in memory of my grandmother who passed away 25 years ago. As a child I spent a lot of time with her at her home in Sungai Petani where she reared chickens. This poem will walk the reader through the simple joys of small town life.   From the darkness of the room I see the glare of the fluorescent light Stealing through the louvers Setting the stage for the rays of daylight. A scuttle, A rush, The sound of ruffled feathers, The crowing of the rooster, The ever faithful newsbearer, Of the...

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SHORT STORY | Ariadne by Abdul Rahman Shah

Shahnameh by Ben Mirza I know the only time we’ll meet is in my dreams. Where again I had to find her, and again will find her on a bench, high up the cliff, beside the lighthouse. This time she’s in a cute cream evening dress with a matching hat with a cute red ribbon tied to it sitting on her lap. Her long flowing hair was slightly managed by clips that looked like butterflies, as their wings flutter to the slightest of breeze. As always, she was looking intently at the sunset over vast seas, with a hint...

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Megha Duta – Bahagian 20 | Oleh Uthaya Sankar SB

Kredit gambar: Denise Weaver Ross Baca bahagian-bahagian sebelumnya di sini. Watak yaksa memberikan gambaran amat terperinci mengenai penduduk dan suasana di Alaka kepada gumpalan awan yang mahu dihantar sebagai utusan kepada isterinya. Sloka 9 – Katil-katil dalam rumah agam di kawasan ini dipasang kelambu. Pada tali kelambu itu digantung batu-batu chandrakanta yang juga digelar “batu bulan”. Dalam tamadun India, Roman dan Greek, chandrakanta dipercayai terhasil daripada pancaran cahaya bulan. Pada waktu tengah malam, apabila engkau, wahai awan, bergerak menjauhi bulan, maka pancaran cahaya bulan akan menimpa batu-batu chandrakanta dan membuatkannya mengeluarkan titisan air. Titisan air itu amat mujarab apabila...

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Lance Vun, Kuching’s most versatile photographer

All images credit: Lance Vun Photography is a powerful form of storytelling. It encapsulates time and preserves memory. Other than that, it is also a means to express and reflect one’s feelings. However, apart from personal uses, photography can also document formal occasions and events one would like to look back to. Graduation concerts and weddings, for example. Today, with good smartphone cameras and a mobile photo-sharing application called Instagram, everyone – young and old – have turned into photographers. And whether it is important or insignificant, (or selfies), we capture and share everything on Instagram. It is relatively...

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4 times art met arrest in Malaysia and public uproar tipped the scales!

If you were among the many who publicly lambasted the Film Censorship Board (LPF) for their attempted ban on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Congratulations! Latest news says you’ve won! You’ll get to see the show in its entirety in the cinemas come March 30. It’s got a PG13 age restriction, but no one’s complaining about that cos afterall, them kids can wait until they grow up. So what have we learnt from this episode? Your fervent diatribe and vitriolic spew on social media platforms actually work! At least we definitely hope so! Cos based on our list, the tides can change despite initial success...

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This is the most shittiest Malaysian play you’ll ever watch!

All images credit: Fa Abdul. Tales from the Jamban poster art by Johnny Ong Playwright and co-founder of Big Nose Productions, Fa Abdul, tells me that so much shit happens in Malaysian toilets that it is shocking. “Try sitting quietly in a public toilet cubicle and you will know what I mean,” she dares me. The 42-year-old explains that so much shit takes place within the confines of the stinky four-walls of a Malaysian jamban (toilet), that it can at times be unfathomable. “From talks about personal issues, bad mouthing friends, selfies under the toilet lights, facebooking on the...

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Why is battling through art and not bombs the best way?

  Imagine a world where political differences are settled through an art battle. Well, there is such an event which has gained prominence worldwide and now has become a yearly affair in Malaysia. Art Battle Malaysia started off when organiser Ruby Subramaniam fell in love with the event when she attended it in Brazil. She knew right away that she had to bring it back home. Unlike last year when the event was held at Publika Shopping Gallery, the second Art Battle Malaysia event was held at Inti College Subang Jaya, in conjuction with the Inti Fresh carnival-themed weekend, catering to...

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