Is it reality or a show? Check out Life Sdn Bhd to know!

Image credit: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Would you consider your life a private, limited? Or are all our lives one big company? Explore these questions with Life Sdn Bhd, which will be staging for the 13th time at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) next month. This year, for the first time, one half of klpac’s founder, Joe Hasham, will join the line-up of casts. It is indeed surprising that the show started by Faridah Merican, (klpac and Joe’s other half), which has gone on for over a decade, had never included Joe until now. The show is also marking the...

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POETRY | Mr. Doubt

Image credit: Saatchi Art Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone? To go far away and never come back? Yet here I find you nestled comfortably Deep in my thoughts Slipping through each and every crack Just finding your way back in No matter how I try To shut you out Embedded in my skin There you stay Mr. Doubt Azalia Zaharuddin is a part time writer and full time dreaming linguist who enjoys singing broken tunes to the moon while pursuing her Masters in Translation at University Sains Malaysia. You can find more of her work here....

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Exploring the purpose of Thaipusam through satire

Never has there been a more apt mockumentary that parodies and at the same time serves as a social commentary on Malaysian Indians and their festivals – specifically Thaipusam. Enter “Do You Even Thaipusam”, created by the brilliant folks from Naarasimma TV, a Youtube bi-monthly show. (Subtitles included in the video!) Its content lead and director, Gogularaajan Rajendran shares with us that the aim of the mockumentary is to highlight issues related to the festival. “The issues parodied are scenarios faced by many Malaysian Indians in common. These issues have created and perpetuated a negative stereotype towards the Indian community,”...

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Say goodbye to clubbing and hello to swing dancing!

All images credit: RMi Photography Services “Wait! There’s something wrong. Do I look okay?” “Yeah you look great!” my friend Syazween claimed as she adjusted her high platform heels outside her car. “Thanks… Do these sneakers go with this dress?” I asked looking down, not ready to give in to Syazween’s persuasion. “No, actually.” “Okay I’m wearing my slippers” I said and kicked my sneakers off, tossed them and my socks into the car where I had tossed a vintage hat that I changed my mind about in the car ride that evening. My dress had already looked stupid. Syazween...

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“How about pig logo on corrupt politicians?” Fahmi Reza suggests

Earlier today Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) had suggested that all porcine-based products should come with a pig logo (logo babi). PPIM president Nadzim Johan’s reasoning was that this move would assist in avoiding confusion among Muslim consumers. He added that this suggestion follows after the association had received complaints from those who had accidentally purchased such products. “Many Muslim consumers are not smart. If I say they are stupid, it will agitate people, but they are not that smart. “They consume everything (blindly). So I suggest we should have ‘Logo babi’, otherwise they would eat this as well,” he...

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This artist spray paints women in sarees and turns them into goddesses

Image credit: Vicknes Waran A month back when Ruby Subramaniam read an article about a Facebook group on a mission to spray paint “inappropriately” dressed women during Thaipusam, she felt she had to do something. Being absolutely familiar with one of the world’s oldest religion, Hinduism, the self-taught artist reflected on the irony of men worshipping female deities and yet asserting their dominance in such disrespectful manner. In Hinduism, the principal qualities of creation are represented by three deities – Trimurti as they’re called; Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer. These three qualities have feminine aspects and are represented by...

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Image credit: Alienated Who I am is underappreciated. I said, come, dance with me This place is too colourful for us to be so standstill Dance to my song – I wasn’t always this happy Dance to our song – I was never this free I’d like for us to dance and dance and dance till we pass out If that’s okay with you. I want everything to be okay with you. But you exuded boredom to my face And suddenly I was a star without its glow My head was filled with rage I worked too hard for...

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Short Story | The Old Man

feature image credit: Aleksander Peca The old man looked upon his dead wife in her casket. He could think now. The numbness in his mind had begun to fade away as he stared at the lifeless body in the box. His eyes were crinkles of swelled skin, like two giant dumplings with a black pearl in the middle. No one could tell anymore what he was looking at, or if he was looking at all. He had neatly combed to the side, slivers of white long strands on his head, what was left of his hair. Still, it failed...

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Parasurama (kiri) juga merupakan avatara keenam Deva Vishnu. Kredit gambar: Baca bahagian-bahagian sebelumnya di sini. Dalam puisi klasik Megha Duta, watak yaksa seterusnya menceritakan kepada gumpalan awan tentang apa yang bakal ditemui apabila sampai di kawasan Banjaran Himalaya di bahagian utara India. Sloka 60 – Selepas merentas pelbagai keajaiban di kaki Banjaran Pralayadri (nama lain bagi Himalaya), teruskan perjalanan engkau ke arah utara. Engkau akan tiba di Bukit Krouncha. Amat mudah untuk mengenal pasti bukit itu menerusi lubang besar yang menembusinya. Lubang besar ini menjadi laluan bagi kumpulan angsa yang terbang menuju ke Manasa di Madhya Pradesh. Ia juga...

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Our top picks of the best Malaysian artworks of January 2017

And just like that, January gives way to February. Here are the best Malaysian artworks which we’ve come across to celebrate the first month of 2017! They come in all shapes, colors, sizes and commemorate a myriad of occasions, events and moments. Majority of these artworks were spotted and picked at the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group! *** Fun Fact: The Facebook group linked above is the best local social media platform to join if you’re looking for a Malaysian Facebook art community consisting of supportive bunch of artists (young and old, male and female, beginners and...

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POETRY | In the Morning After

Image credit: Will you be the one, to draw the curtains, in the morning after? Will you be the one, to brew me coffee, in the morning after? Will you be the one, to draw the sheets closer, in the morning after? Will you be the one. to smile shyly, in the morning after? Will you be the one, to lean in and kiss me, in the morning after? OR Will you be the one, to call it a mistake, in the morning after? Khayma Balakrishnan says; “I am a passionate teacher, and an idealistic writer. I write about the...

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SHORT STORY | Yes, I do!

Image credit: ebidenikstotzone Am I really doing this? I still can’t believe myself on this matter. Like girl, you’re so scared to even call the phone hotline to ask for directions but now, you’re up to this huge plan and you don’t even know if it will work. Beep beep! My phone vibrated and Matt’s face flashed on the screen. “Hey, I’m about half an hour away from his place now.” “Awesome! He’s away for some meeting at his office. Probably will be back about 4pm ish.” “Okay, thanks a lot Matt. For everything.” I started choking and my voice...

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