SHORT STORY | The Ghost of Every Transient Place by Aizuddin H. Anuar

Artwork by The Refugee Art Project It is difficult for me to tell you who I am. There are many days where I do not think of myself as a whole person. Some fragments of me were left behind in Sittwe, which I thought of, many moons ago, as home. That episode was imbued with the red of charred flesh, the black of burnt bamboo that twisted into odd sculptures, and the gray of choking smoke. It is a part of my life I try not to think of. But, I have learned over these years that we have...

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“More space should be made available for local musicians” Beverly Matujal

Image credit: Noah Kwek As a musician, tapping into the Malaysian audience can be a real pain, as singer-songwriter Beverly Matujal explains. The 24-year-old who hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah rubbishes claims made by many that lack of interest in local music due to personal preferences is a contributing factor. “It is no doubt easy to get your music out there if you’re signed under a big record label,” she says to me when we met at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). Surely, this statement would make any local musician fume and seethe in anger. But Beverly...

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Experiencing Wayang Kulit at the heart of Kuala Lumpur

All images credit Charmaine Sze Shadow play, or wayang kulit, is a form of traditional theatre with a history in Southeast Asia. Carved figures of leather puppets are placed between a concentrated light source and a linen screen to project shadows used in storytelling. The most popular style of wayang kulit in Malaysia is the Wayang Kulit Siam, traditionally performed in the north-eastern state of Peninsular Malaysia – Kelantan. This style of wayang kulit is also renowned in the southern part of Thailand, which is why some of the shadow puppets resemble their Thai counterparts. As we entered 2...

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Amrita Soon on overcoming doubts and making music

Image credit Amrita Soon Growing up, Amrita Soon never really thought that she was talented. “I thought I was pretty bad at music,” the 21-year-old lass from Subang tells me. The Seremban born began singing at karaoke competitions organised by the Disney Channel when she was 11-years-old. By 14, she had began composing her own songs. “But I was afraid of sharing them. I was afraid what people would think of me because writing songs that are personal would make me appear like an open book. And that’s scary.” So Amrita began performing covers of various artists using her...

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Omar Ali’s Kandang, a reminder that no one is safe in an autocracy

Farah Rani (left) and Ashraf Zain played Bintaga and Tunggal respectively. All images credit The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)  Some of the most exciting work I’ve seen in the past year has been in Bahasa Malaysia, whether original or translated. Kandang has been on my watchlist since Omar Ali’s translated version of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal rocked my world earlier this year. Before you ask, I have nowhere near a command of the language. In fact, I can do little more than ask for directions and order food. Does this mean I miss out on some of the...

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POETRY | The Window by Helga Kidder

Window art by ribbekeglass Last year her hair danced wild like wheat in a storm. Harnessing love, they tangoed to Sting’s Fields of Gold, shared smokes. Tonight her words push him into a corner, hold him there until his hands grab her hair, squeeze breath from her throat, his bone of struggle. Panic leads him to the cellar shoveling a tomb. He pauses at the shallow bowl: Why bury a broken marriage? Choked by loss he wraps his head in plastic to share her stillness. Embraced on the bed, eyes fixed on a silver moon, rain falls quietly, steadily....

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SHORT STORY | Lies Be Told by Rozlan Mohd Noor

All images credit: UrbanInfidel Parking my moped in front of restaurant Selera Kaksu Kita, I sensed someone watching me from across the road. Taking off my helmet and placing it on the moped seat, I slowly turned around to look. The sun was in my eyes yet I felt certain a man standing alone across the road was gazing at me. Shielding my eyes with my hand, I tried to make out the man’s face but couldn’t. Something about the man was eerily familiar. The worn-out jeans and sneakers, the light brown checkered shirt and most of all, the...

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Cartoonist Lengkuas is no more

Lengkuas (left) was a well celebrated local cartoonist. Image credit: Sireh Cartoonist The Malaysian comic industry is mourning again. Earlier this morning, online comic webstore Bekazon announced that cartoonist Zainuddin Saleh had passed away. The 53-year-old cartoonist who is known in the local comic realm as Lengkuas was believed to have been suffering from high blood pressure and kidney complications. Zainuddin was among the first cartoonists who were part of Ujang way back in the 90’s. He was known for ‘Mat Despatch’ and ‘Yob Peon’, both of which were published in the comic magazine.   Among these two comics, it...

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Who is Yasmin Ahmad?

Image credit leaderonomics “Actually, is this person still alive ah?” someone asked me after looking around Yasmin At Kong Heng in Ipoh. Yasmin Ahmad was an award-winning Malaysian film-maker, or in her own words – “a film dabbler and screenplay writer of sorts”, who was known for her moving television ads for Petronas locally, and her racially diverse films on the international stage. For those of you who are not familiar with her, don’t be surprised to find out that her films were often heavily criticized and even banned from being screened in Malaysia unless certain edits were made...

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“Langkau is undeniably one of the best performing arts piece I’ve watched.”

All images credit Faizal Ashraf As I walked into Pentas 2, at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), I kept my expectations low for Langkau. I had not watched their first performance at The National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy (Aswara) last year in March. But judging from their trailer videos, I was expecting another one of those typical abstract dance performance. How wrong I was proven! For starters, Langkau’s cleverly designed introductory format suspended many audience members’ belief. There were no Negarakus, no announcement of the show starting, nothing of that sort. The performance dived in head first...

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What are Singaporeans stirring up in Ipoh Old Town now?

Feature image credit: CEX This August, a bunch of Singaporeans and their Malaysian kakis are going to cause a ruckus in Ipoh. They are going to paint the town red, blue, green, yellow and more….literally! Not only that, they also plan to create some drama on the streets! Who are these fellas and what’s the hullabaloo about, you say? Well, CausewayEXchange (CEX) 2017, the one and only platform supporting cultural and artistic reciprocity between Singapore and Malaysia, is going to be held in Ipoh from August 24 until August 27. What this means is that, on those dates, you...

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SAJAK | Pusaka Bangsa

Artwork sourced. pasir yang digenggam ini tidak akan kekal di sini jadi milik cucu-cicit nanti andai kita tidak mengerti berjuang pertahankan hak di tanah air ini lihat itu raja serigala sedang menanti siap siaga menerkam meratah membinasa harta pusaka milik bangsa agar ia menjadi maharaja bertakhta di atas tulang-temulang kita andai kita leka budaya bahasa sastera jati diri bangsa akan binasa di depan mata hancur di tangan raja serigala yang gila kuasa akhirnya segenggam pasir tinggal hanya di dalam jam pasir sedang bangsa kita satu bahasa pelbagai budaya jadi tamadun pupus di atas peta dunia Ada cerpen atau puisi?...

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