A Sarawakian artist is behind these dreamy mermaid artworks

Artwork by Ellie Yong When legendary animator Tom Bancroft issued a challenge last year to artists to draw mermaids everyday for the month of May, little did he realise that the challenge would become an annual global affair. Dubbed #MerMay, the challenge is now in its second year and there is a possibility it might be the next big thing after #Inktober. In Malaysia, there is one artist who has been drawing gorgeous mermaids diligently everyday this entire month. A post shared by Ellie Yong (@elliethopia) on May 9, 2017 at 8:41pm PDT A post shared by Ellie Yong (@elliethopia)...

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Artist turns cats into brightly coloured pop culture icons!

All images credit: I am May From David Bowie, to Slash, to John Lennon, artist I am May transforms cats into well loved pop culture and rock icons! Let’s see if you can guess some of the famous figures below. May, as she calls herself, uses markers, paint markers and paint on canvas to create these funky looking feline rockstars. “I also drew cats in various other forms as well – in almost every demeanour of life – along with some cat puns,” she shares with us. Colours play a huge role in her artworks, with May always opting to...

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POETRY | XXX’s Interlude by Deborah Wong

The Lady And The Boy by Ayan Ghoshal I was never yours ’til the mid of spring, Your love for English & French literature, while Dylan Thomas taught me ‘Don’t Go Gentle into the Good Night’.   The tattoos on the nape of your bare neck, your sweat-dripping torso and porcelain shoulder blade, they’re just too beautiful beyond compulsion.   The man in you preaches respect, while your inner child craves for wanderlust. Your name is the new password unlocking my pride, stripping away my agony.   Time is no more the enemy that set to pull us apart,...

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SHORT STORY | A Touch of Perfection by Elly Van Dalen

Image credit: Pinterest I need to fly. I need — no — I want to be in the spacecraft and feel myself hover above Earth and let myself be free. As a child, I pondered over books way past midnight, with a torchlight underneath the bedsheets, studying the planets and trying to discover unchartered stars. And yet, despite my high test scores in school, the high powers still deemed me unqualified and an invalid. Invalid, imperfection; born out of love, they said, unlike my younger sister, Cassandra. Even at birth, she had the nurses cooing over her in the...

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Megha Duta | Bahagian 26 oleh Uthaya Sankar SB

Baca bahagian-bahagian terdahulu di sini. Pesanan yaksa kepada yaksi disampaikan melalui gumpalan awan (megha) yang diminta menjadi utusan (duta). Yaksa mengajarkan ayat-ayat yang perlu digunakan oleh gumpalan awan itu apabila ia tiba di Alaka nanti dan berjaya bertemu yaksi. Sloka 45 – “(Kata yaksa🙂 Dengan menggunakan batu-batu mineral pelbagai warna, aku melukis rupa engkau pada permukaan batu. Aku melakukan kerja itu dengan perasaan marah yang muncul akibat cinta dan rindu aku kepada engkau.” “Aku juga cuba melukis gambaran diriku terbaring kaku (tidak bernyawa) di kaki engkau. Malangnya, air mata mula bergenang dan mengaburi pandangan. Takdir dan nasib tidak membenarkan...

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Father of Malaysian Animation? Meet him in person in Ipoh!

Remember that old Malaysian cartoon, called Hikayat Sang Kancil that used to air on local TV? I was one of the 90’s kids who used to watch it and my favourite part was when the monkey in the stories, ate the spicy chillies despite being warned by Sang Kancil not to. The way the steam blew out of his ears was just hilarious and it became a play-acting game that my brothers and I loved to re-enact. I never knew the artist behind this memorable cartoon, until I found out recently, that he will be in Ipoh for a workshop this Saturday (May 20),...

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Sasterawan Kavyan – Bahagian 5

Sumber imej: Uthaya Sankar SB Jumlah penulis kaum India yang menghasilkan karya Bahasa Malaysia tidak ramai. Walau bagaimanapun, kelompok ini yang dikenali sebagai Sasterawan Kavyan tetap memberikan sumbangan besar dalam mewarnai bidang penulisan di negara ini. Bagi memastikan data dan fakta yang dimuatkan dalam siri esei ini adalah betul dan tepat, saya menghubungi sekitar 20 orang Sasterawan Kavyan. Daripada jumlah itu, 13 individu tampil mengisi borang soal selidik yang diedarkan. Secara umum, para Sasterawan Kavyan memanfaatkan penguasaan bahasa yang dimiliki untuk berkongsi maklumat mengenai budaya, cara hidup, amalan, pemikiran dan permasalahan hidup kaum India untuk tatapan pembaca pelbagai kaum....

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Battle Bloom’s debut album is the best antidote this rainy season!

(from left) Dianne Lim, Melissa Toh, Ryan Lee Bhaskaran and Fariz Salleh of Battle Bloom. All images credit: Battle Bloom Very few local bands can create music befitting for those who just want to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. Battle Bloom is one of these remarkable bands. I was recently provided a sneak peak of their debut album, “Maps and Diagrams”, a gorgeous collage of lush harmonies representing the different phases of the band’s life as they sought their “sound” in their 10-year journey together. That’s right. The band members, Fariz Salleh (Guitar), Melissa Toh (Vocals) and Dianne Lim (Vocals/Keys) have...

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Why is Joe Hasham staging Harold Pinter’s Betrayal in Malay?

“This is set to be the most challenging production of my life,” Joe Hasham tells me as he motions me to sit in his cosy office at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). I sat down and studied Joe for a bit. Here was a man who has had close to 50-years of experience as an actor, director and producer of numerous theatre productions and commercials – not to mention he was also the world’s first gay character in Australia’s longest serial, Number 96 – and he’s telling me this particular play is challenging? I suppose he had seen my reaction...

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POETRY | If Children Build… by Hezreen Abdul Rashid

Image credit: Innu.in If children build words by tapping on screens what will be the use of pencils and crayons that used to scream dots, zigzags and random lines they don’t lie but mouth circles and twirls, ooh, what cute-looking stick people! Blue, black, blossoms of pink. If children build art by fingering on screens, Pencil shavings once glued together To shape flowers, birds and ruffled collars, Now fall heaps in the bin like wilted leaves and compost oh how they have once been! Where are the inky hands and doodles spurts of paint blown through straws like ribbons...

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SHORT STORY | A Man’s Kebaya by Peter Soh

Artwork by: nabilaclydea “I have made it clear to you that we should understand why Babas put on the nyonya attire for plays; it was out of necessity in the old days because women are not allowed to be on stage. And once the play is over, the men get back to their usual selves. In that way, we respect the Nyonyas, the culture and more importantly, ourselves!” said Alex’s father, fuming. It was annoying to grow up as a Peranakan, at least for Alex. Like the Chinese and Malay languages that Alex spoke at home, it was either in masculine or feminine form...

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Sumber imej: indianartideas.in Baca bahagian-bahagian terdahulu di sini. Selepas watak yaksa bermonolog panjang menceritakan kepada gumpalan awan tentang perjalanan yang perlu dilalui dari Ramagiri ke Alaka, mulai Sloka 39, akan diceritakan apakah mesej yang perlu disampaikan kepada isterinya, yaksi. Sloka 37 – Wahai awan, pemberi hujan! Sekiranya pada waktu itu isteriku sudah mampu untuk melelapkan mata, aku memohon supaya engkau terus berada di sisinya selama satu yama (tiga jam) tanpa bunyi guruh. Kalaulah dalam mimpi, dia menemui aku sebagai kekasihnya, jangan biarkan tangannya melepaskan aku daripada pelukannya – walaupun hanya dalam mimpi. Sloka 38 – Apabila tiba masanya, kejutkan dia...

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