SHORT STORY | Mutiny in Kampung Merokok by Menelik Lahakim

Artwork sourced It should have been a peaceful day in Kampung Merokok. At least that was what I pictured when I set about writing what was to be a simple and straightforward story featuring an amiable cast of nicotine-fuelled characters that would unquestioningly comply with my puppeteering. But one by one as they appeared it became clear they were drawn from defective stock. Rebellious and recalcitrant they resisted my deific whims with a strength of conviction that in other circumstances might be considered admirable, unanimously refusing to adhere to the plotlines I had so carefully devised. Nor would they...

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Circular doodles helped this artist manage her anxiety and stress levels

Art is truly therapeutic to many. Bangladesh born Tashfia Shamim can testify to this fact.   The 21-year-old BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance student at Taylor’s University has been arting since she was eight-years-old but only discovered her talent in circular doodles last year. “I had trouble sleeping during a stressful period of my life when I was 19 and I would always be worrying about things,” Tashfia begins in our email conversation. After moving back to Bangladesh to pursue her A’levels Tashfia found it extremely difficult to settle down and get used to the big change, let alone find an art...

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Reality is not as it seems in DUALITY

All images credit Charmaine Sze Entering the PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia) Centre for the first time, and at night, was quite an eerie experience. Maybe it was the lighting – or the lack of it – that the team prepped to set the tone for the piece. A spooky entrance of a veiled lady carrying a single lighted candle walking across the ground floor and up the stairs signified the start of Duality; an immersive experimental theatre and beckoned spectators to follow her on an exploration throughout the building. We were all pretty hesitant, even puzzled, at first and...

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5 reasons to go for Art Battle Malaysia #3

It looks like a full on art-attack this month as Art Battle Malaysia #3 rolls around the corner this October 14, coinciding with the glorious month of Inktober. The daily drawing challenge started by American illustrator, Jake Parker is now a global exercise in inspiration and if you can handle a wee bit more than that, you should check out Art Battle Malaysia, started by our very own Malaysian artist, Ruby Subramaniam. Before bringing this fun-tastic speed drawing competition to home soil, Ruby was herself a participant in Art Battle Brazil back in 2016. She was a solo-travelling wanderer...

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74-year-old publishes his debut novel, Strings, 34 years later

“All of my characters come from my head, and parts of the protagonist is based on myself. Many novelists create characters that way.” That’s what author and musician Peter G. Brown has to say about his characters in his over 800 page long historical novel, Strings. Peter, or Hassan Abdullah (a name he received from a Sufi sheikh in London, to marry his wife Markiza) started writing his novel in 1985, and finally self-published it in 2017. That’s a whopping 32 years! Even our editors are a year younger. “During the 80’s I couldn’t find a publisher willing to...

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POETRY | Tech Savvy Grandma by Anuradha Chelliah

High-tech grandma by Judit Canela Early to rise, The mission starts, Hooked and glued, From WhatsApp to Facebook, Insta and Twitter, Accounts are on the go, WhatsApp, non stop notifications, Wishes from all over, Follows Trump and Modi, Tweets to them, Not forgetting our very own PM, Status updates every hour, Pins the latest cooking tips, Snapchats daily activities, YouTube for entertainment, The world on her finger tips, Ask and she knows, She has joined the media rush. She is the real Google. Anuradha Chelliah works as a teacher in a primary school. She has ideas to write and...

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SHORT STORY | Catching Sunbeams by Farahrina Ali

Hellfire by alexiuss We were in a hotel room on a king-sized bed. The beeping sound from the alarm clock finally stopped after five attempts of slamming the snooze button. Those stolen minutes left us feeling more exhausted than before. I was groggy all morning from the long and difficult journey. Rey slept on his stomach beside me — passed out from the jet-lag and drastic change of climate. I stretched out on one side of the bed, switching channels on TV but keeping it muted. The news anchor forecasted the weather of each capital city; Kuala Lumpur being at 40 degrees. It was...

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Book Review | Sekolah Bernama Kehidupan by Asmar Shah

This review comes very late; almost a year since I first got hold of the book by courtesy of Rumah Lipur Lara. The delay however, is through no fault of the book, only this reviewer, who lives a nomadic life and has the unfortunate bad habit of leaving things in the multiple abodes she flits to and from and sometimes forgets where some valuables have been stores. Luckily, I recently was able to uncover this precious title “Sekolah Bernama Kehidupan” (School named Life) by Asmar Shah, and upon finished reading, became resolved to write-up this owed review. It’s easy...

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PENDAPAT | Jangan Biar Minda Anak Berkarat

Gambar ehsan Uthaya Sankar SB Cerpen sulung saya yang tersiar di media arus perdana adalah karya berjudul “Ayya” yang mendapat tempat di majalah Dewan Pelajar keluaran Ogos 1992. Sejak itu, selain daripada menulis karya bagi remaja dan khalayak dewasa, saya terus-menerus menghasilkan cerpen (cerita pendek) yang disasarkan khas kepada pembaca kanak-kanak pelbagai kaum di Malaysia. Kategori umur yang tepat bagi definisi “kanak-kanak” memang agak sukar. Dari segi undang-undang, individu berumur 17 tahun juga mungkin dianggap masih kanak-kanak. Bagaimanapun, bagi membantu memudahkan urusan penulisan karya kreatif, saya meletakkan had umur dari 7 hingga 13 tahun bagi golongan pembaca kanak-kanak. Sekiranya...

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Need inspiration for Inktober? Study these artworks of September 2017!

Over the nine months we’ve been running Eksentrika’s Art of the Day, the brilliance of Malaysian artists has not ceased to amaze us. Enter October, the Inktober month for the year and we’re pretty sure you’re in need of some inspiration to art. So, let’s take a look at some of the artworks that were submitted to us and selected by Eksentrika for September 2017!   And finally, Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for September 2017 goes to…. Khaw Ann Li! Just take a look at this beauty he created! There is something powerful about it.. Congratulations to all...

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How do you stage a dark play such as Macbeth for children? Here’s how!

From left; Lim Soon Heng, Nave VJ and Rachel Chin provide a children friendly take on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. All images by KL Shakespeare Players “William Shakespeare wrote great stories. So why only the adults get to appreciate them?” director Lim Kien Lee wonders. Using minimal props such as coloured boxes and blank dolls, KL Shakespeare Players; Lim Soon Heng, Nave VJ and Rachel Chin recently staged an interactive performance catered towards a younger audience in conjunction with the DiverseCity KL International Arts Festival at Studio Ramli Hassan. Titled, A Tale That Must Be Told: Macbeth, children were allowed to participate...

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SAJAK | Cerita Peti Sejuk oleh Abdullah Hussaini Mohd Ghazali

Fridge art oleh Charlie Layton Seluruh kewujudanmu meraikan kematian peti sejuk yang menyimpan makhluk-makhluk tak bernyawa diraikan dalam susunatur tingkat demi tingkat dan bahagian tertentu pabila pintu dibuka kedinginan terpersil seperti salju musim dingin keinginan seorang manusia terhadap ; buah, keju, susu, sosej dan ais perutmu terburai luas menyerakkan bau dari dunia luar daging beku dari India epal dari Australia mozarella dari Itali limau bali dari Tapah pabila pintu ditutup lampu mengatup cahyanya gelap semula makhluk-objek yang menyimpan seribu kenangan ketika mereka masih bernyawa mungkin seekor kerbau sewaktu hidupnya dilayan bak hamba atau pembuat keju di Itali itu berbangsa...

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