PENDAPAT | “Beri keutamaan kepada pelakon dan artis tempatan”

Foto: Penggambaran filem Sughamaai Subbulakshmi melibatkan pelakon dan krew tempatan sepenuhnya. Pengarah urusan M A Productions House Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Murugan Alimuthu, baru-baru ini mencadangkan supaya pelakon, karyawan dan artis tempatan diberi peluang muncul dalam iklan radio dan televisyen. “Belakangan ini, iklan barangan kegunaan majoriti kaum India khasnya didapati menggunakan khidmat pelakon dan artis dari negara India. “Perkara ini amat mendukacitakan kerana terdapat begitu ramai artis, pelakon dan pembikin filem iklan tempatan yang boleh diberikan peluang berkenaan,” katanya pada majlis pertemuan krew filem Sughamaai Subbulakshmi dengan wakil media, di Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Murugan selaku penerbit filem itu menggesa, menyeru...

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POETRY | Me, Half? by Anuradha Chelliah

Half Full/Half Empty by Tim White Me, half? I am half full, Or am I empty? Half full, half empty, Never really contented, Never? Why? Always not sure, Happy or sad; fat or thin, Rich or poor; near or far, So undetermined, Just like a glass of water, Half full? Half empty? Where am I to find the other half? To be satisfied? It’s just within you, Search and seek……….. Anuradha Chelliah works as a teacher in a primary school. She has ideas to write and has written articles to The Star. She is new to Eksentrika. Have poems...

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SHORT STORY | The Phoenix that Stains its Feathers by Peter Soh

Image sourced “The phoenix is believed to be seen in times of peace and serenity. Therefore, it is common to spot the phoenix in Peranakan ware because this mystical bird is full of auspicious connotations,” Baba Victor explained while showcasing his colourful collections of Peranakan ware to fellow amateur antique collectors. His antique teak wood cupboards housed a splendid array of Peranakan ware of different designs, sizes and colours and the auspicious bird could be spotted from the typical famille rose kamcheng to the rare lime green chupu. This Bird of Fire was seen flying around the Peranakan vessels,...

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A musical about people who work like zombies is in the works!

All images credit RaffleThazzle Photography What do you get if you combine a zombie flick with a musical piece? You’ll get ‘The Working Dead”, an original Malaysian musical piece about, well, people who work like zombies. In an office. From 9am to 6pm and take the train home and then.. *sigh* ..repeat. Unlike ‘The Walking Dead’, which the title of this production parodies, this musical explores various themes of a Malaysian contemporary life. Journalist Terence Toh who dabbles in script writing in his free time is one of the brainchild for this production and he gives me a cautionary warning; There...

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POETRY | Play On by Izza Khaleeda

The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Maxfield Parrish Play on Mr. Piper, play the songs of your calling, the tempting lure, ensnaring from the most wicked to the innocent. Casualties mean nothing to the Piper, when his whistles bury the unfortunate, perishing amidst the earth dwellers that have long been abandoned, as he prances with his instrument to a wider audience. He dances, with enough grace and masculinity to mask the deceit, he reeks of it. His feet move to the hymns of solid promises, and trails of sugar sprinkle his steps. As our knees tremble, we taste the...

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SHORT STORY | Angel In A Turban by Lo Sin Yee

Man with a White Turban by John Singer Sargent In the shade of some dripping palm fronds, I was sitting at the edge of a bench, waiting for my brother to pick me up. Many tall buildings of glass and steel adorned the area in the vicinity of KLCC, the busiest hub in the city. My eyes, fretful with impatience, were searching for the rust-biege colour of my brother’s car in the river of traffic. A spell seemed to have been cast upon everything, pulling them along the road in opposing directions. Suddenly, a strong singing broke my concentration....

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Having a hard time revising for SPM? Perhaps Maple Comics can help!

  A page from Maple Comics’ adaptation of Beb Sabariah’s Tirani. Artwork by Superdoofus Back in the 90’s, the idea of reading comics by school going kids were frowned upon. Fast forward 20 years later, comics are slowly being used as a medium for students to revise for their exams! Local graphic magazine publisher Maple Comics (pronounced Ma-Play) has been working closely with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) to produce comics that follow the literature syllabus of secondary schools. Through its imprint which was launched last year, Maple @ School, Bahasa Malaysia novel, Tirani by Sarawak based writer Beb Sabariah is...

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Nature and pop culture inspired artworks dominate March 2018!

And here we are, at the first quarter of 2018! *rubs eyes and stares at calendar* For March, we’ve had some solid artworks which were selected from two local art groups, the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group and EveryArt Is Facebook group. Some were submitted to us via email. Much of these artworks had floral elements and were nature inspired. There were a couple of pop culture inspired artworks thrown in as well. All in all, March did not disappoint! And it’s no surprise which artwork became Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for March 2018. Jeng!...

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POETRY | Why the Fuck? by Darien Nagle

Image credit Darien has been a left-brainer all his life, until a spiritual awakening a few years ago activated his right-brain and changed his life forever. Still a left-brainer, Darien now spends his days combining the best of the old 3rd dimensional world that he knew so well, with his new multi-dimensional reality to the betterment of the human race generally. Darien takes every day as it comes and embraces the opportunities that literally fall into his lap, including the odd channelling of random poetry. Are you a writer or poet who wishes to share your work? Feel...

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SHORT STORY | Fairies and Magick by Mary Maguire

Image credit *** This was a short story which was performed by Mary Maguire at PARI PARI DI klpac on February 24, 2018. It was so awesome that we decided to publish the entire story/script here! INTRO: Pot Head Pixies by Gong – fades out after 20 secs I am, you are, we are crazy… Enters performance space dancing to the music – notices audience. STARTS TO READ December 1951 Mean temperature 6.3 degrees Celsius Changeable Rainfall mostly light and plenty of sunshine On December 28th over 6mm of rain fell AND in the early hours of that same...

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Ivan Alexander, an artist, a performer and an arts teacher

All artworks credit Ivan Alexander Francis Gabriel One day, when Ivan Alexander Francis Gabriel was five-years-old, his parents brought him to an art shop. “It was at Georgetown, Penang,” Ivan says through an email interview. “I was like a kid who walked into a candy store for the first time. It was beyond incredible and I was out of words.” The 26-year-old who saw his artwork of the black rhino – an endangered species – voted as Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2017 adds that his parents observed in amusement that that was the first time the little chatterbox was...

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Dina Zaman on the politicization of Islam in Malaysia and her latest book

Image credit Charles Chiam “Much has been said about the country and its tolerance for the many faiths practised by its people. Malaysia makes for a fantastic advertisement on multiculturalism… Note the word ‘tolerance’. Herein lies the root of all the problems the country faces.” This is the paragraph that first pushed me into deep thought after I started reading Dina Zaman’s latest book. From here, I began to understand that in some cases “tolerance” might not include “acceptance” or “understanding”. For those in the dark, Dina Zaman is a founding member of IMAN, a think tank focusing on society, religion, and perception,...

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