All images credit: Mr Coffee Seed

It is a well known fact that arts, coffee and dessert go extremely well together.

In Malaysia, there are ample of cafes which serve delicious warm coffee for artists to laze around and doodle. But very rare you’d find cafes showcasing and selling works of local artists.

Enter Mr Coffee Seed, a coffee shop run by young parents, Tan Kai Lee and her husband, Calvin Seet.

Recently, the 30-year-olds – hey, that’s the same age as us! – got together 108 artworks by 88 artists, all of which were displayed in the seven walls of their homely cafe.

“The idea came when one day, I had the epiphany to open this space to allow artists and artists-to-be who love creating artworks and are not shy in sharing them with the public,” Kai Lee, who is the cafe’s creative director says.

She adds that Malaysia is blossoming with amazing local talents which could do with some exposure. She shared her crazy idea with the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group.

“I didn’t expect it to be so well received by its members! Currently we still have 25 paintings and we expect to receive more in the coming weeks.”

In return, the couple assists the artists to sell their artworks to their patrons as well. They began collecting these gorgeous artworks since October last year.

Among the artists who contributed are  Jon Tham Nam San, Brian Lim, Iris Lee, Ellie Yong, Michelle Yap, Kendrick Ng Tiong Heng, Juan Villanueva, Itsaqi, Syazlin Imran, Ida Thien, Stan Cheow Hee Lee, James, (jumperpax), Jerome Liew Chai, Han Su Ying, Nadia Azman, Sylvia Chin, Syazana Izzati Faridon, Charis Loke, Sienny Yong, Suf, Jennifer Teh YL, Sim, Gnahc, Lynndy and many others.

When asked if others can submit their artworks, Kai Lee has this to say, “We actually don’t have a target for the number of artworks to be displayed. We are open to receive any painting from artists or anyone who likes to art. As long as we have space to display, we are happy to accept and showcase them!”

Be sure to try out Mr Coffee Seed’s signature dish, the Man Tao Chicken burger with potato chips!

Mr Coffee Seed regularly conducts art workshops and fun activities for its patrons especially during the weekends.

But the best part is the children’s corner. We’re definitely bringing Eksentrika’s CEO here soon!

Oh, hold on. We also have images of the yummy food this coffee shop serves!

Aside from selling artists artworks, the coffee shop also sells coffee beans and coffee making equipment.

Mr Coffee Seed is definitely a coffee shop like no other. It is located at OUG Parklane, Kuala Lumpur and opens from 10am to 8pm everyday. Follow the family owned business on Facebook and Instagram. Do you run an art friendly space as well? Send us details and info to