All images credit: I am May

From David Bowie, to Slash, to John Lennon, artist I am May transforms cats into well loved pop culture and rock icons!

Let’s see if you can guess some of the famous figures below.

May, as she calls herself, uses markers, paint markers and paint on canvas to create these funky looking feline rockstars.

“I also drew cats in various other forms as well – in almost every demeanour of life – along with some cat puns,” she shares with us.

Colours play a huge role in her artworks, with May always opting to use big and bold colours.

“I never go for dull colours,” she says, adding that her artworks are a reflection of her personality.

“It is also how I deal with every day life. From being a full time freelance artist, illustrator, designer and art teacher.”

To date, she has created close to 40 pieces of artworks.  All of them will be on display at her first solo art exhibition, CATS, CATS, CATS! set to be held at Minut Init art social from May 26 to June 2.

Limited edition cat postcards featuring some of these cool cats will also be on sale at the opening night of the exhibition for RM5 per-piece. And yes, even these amazing artworks above will be on sale too!

How cluttered is her art station? Check out in the video below!

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