Month: August 2017

Competition divides but Slam Poetry unites

The refurbished shoplot called 22, Hale Street, is a picturesque combination of old and new in Ipoh. The premises, an upcoming heritage gallery and art space, lent a charm to the second edition of the Causeway Exchange (CEX) Slam, a poetry slam competition held between talented wordsmiths representing Singapore and Malaysia. It’s a competition that pits five talented poets from both nations, battling it out through words and sounds, to take home the poetic bragging rights for the year. Malaysia did just that last year when they beat Singapore and took home the share of the spoils by winning both...

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Stalling rush hour through the Iban dance form at the Masjid Jamek LRT

All images credit Charmaine Sze Rush hour. The worst time to be caught in congestion of any kind, be it traffic or human. Hence, it comes as no surprise that people would want to pick up the pace and get home (or to dinner!) as soon as they can. This makes seeing people who slow down or those who are taking a seat at the stairs of Masjid Jamek Putra LRT station a rare sight. Few people were already gathered at the staircase recently before the start of a unique performance art all the way from Sarawak! Turns out,...

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POETRY | Alone is how I feel by Kopi Soh

  Kopi Soh is a Malaysian cartoonist who frequently produces healing artworks for children with a myriad of illness. Have poems to share with us? Send em over to and do include a short description of yourself and a pretty or handsome image of...

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SHORT STORY | The Motel by Laveenia Theertha Pathy

Art by Justin Forbes 9:00 pm: It was hard to catch the eye of the cranky receptionist behind the hideous 60’s glasses she had on. Maybe she was just holding on to an ounce of her youth. Her hair was a pathetic mess of what should have been a bee hive hairstyle. She doesn’t return the gaze. I figure she isn’t one for small talk, so I pick up the room keys that was placed on the rundown reception desk, careful not to make it rumble to the ground, leaving the cash for the night, behind me. 9:10 pm:...

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This teen loves My Little Pony so much that he created an orchestra!

Images by Charles Chiam For Kelvin Law Kai Win, music is his soul, a story drawn deep down from his heart. Inspired by his grandparents from a young age, Kelvin started learning the piano at the tender age of 8. When he was 12, he listened to Antonín Dvořák’s New World Symphony, which influenced him to kickstart his self-learning into music composition. The 19-year-old who counts Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin and Antonín Dvořák as his top favourite musicians, also taught himself the violin and flute. Apart from being a dedicated music student, Kelvin is also a Brony – an adult...

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