Month: June 2017

Introducing the pride of Seremban, the Chan Wa Concert Band

All images credit: Chan Wa Concert Band The Siew Pau might be the pride of Seremban when it comes to food, but when it comes to music, specifically orchestra, there is a name that will be frequently mentioned by locals here. Seremban’s Chan Wa Concert Band is undoubtedly one of the best school bands around in Malaysia. Formed in 1964 by the 17th Gurkha Division, the band only played three musical instruments back then; fifes, bugles and drums. Infact the band was called the Chan Wa Military Band before it was renamed in the year 2000. In 1967, woodwind and brass were introduced into the band....

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POETRY | Magic of Music by Navadharini Sunder

“Music – Crazy Fingers – Piano Keyboard” by sueduda, 2007 Tunes to observe that are uniquely diverse, From ringing bells to soprano singing bellas, Even the chirping birds form charming chorals awakening dawn hours, Beat boxing boys strike a chord as rhythmic young fellas, Vibrating vocals repeating verse after verse, Pulsating voices from baritone to tenor welcoming dusk happy hours. Sounds and being align as an ensemble, Melodic melisma that moves us to tremble, Swaying trees and hustling leaves vibe in symphony, Rushing waves wooing in homophony, Strutting horses holding tempo in cacophony, Dancing dolphins dazzling in polyphony, Emoting...

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SHORT STORY | An empty soul in Universiti Sains Malaysia by Peter Soh

Artwork credit Pinterest “You have been getting thinner and thinner ever since I know you three years ago. I am so worried for you but I have ran out of ideas on how to help you out,” Alex said to me, and he could not stop crying. He was worried of my deteriorating health – I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in my second year of doing PhD and things did not seem to get any better after that. Many would find it bizarre to find a Malaysian who dislikes eating, even shocking if that person stays in Penang....

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What’s your epic Balik Kampung tale? Share the legend for prizes lah!

Hari Raya is around the corner and for many Malaysians, tis the season to head home to loved ones and become round through food! It is a Muslim festival but we Malaysians are known to embrace the celebration as one great open-house party for all. What we get out of this is a collection of great memories and stories that live on beyond the holiday period. Some are so epic, they are retold again and again at every get together. If you have one of these balik kampung anecdotal gems, now is the chance for you to share it with...

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Kavyan Edar Rakaman Audio Baca Cerpen Secara Percuma

Kredit gambar: Uthaya Sankar SB Sasterawan Negara Datuk A. Samad Said melancarkan rakaman audio lapan buah cerpen karya Uthaya Sankar SB dalam bentuk MP3 pada acara Baca Karya Penulis Malaysia II di Pusat Kebudayaan India, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur pada 11 Jun 2017. Rakaman audio berkenaan diusahakan oleh Kumpulan Sasterawan Kavyan (Kavyan) dan Perunding Media, Motivasi dan Penerbitan Uthaya dalam usaha mencambahkan minat masyarakat pelbagai kaum dan latar belakang menikmati cerpen Bahasa Malaysia bermutu. “Sumbangan Uthaya untuk mempersubur kesusasteraan Bahasa Malaysia bukan hanya dengan kata-kata, tetapi dia melaksanakan, menghadirkan dan melestarikan usaha murni itu sama ada secara sendirian atau bersama-sama Kavyan....

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