Month: February 2017

Exploring the mind of a kingpin through ‘Kings of Petaling Street’

Award winning Malaysian book publisher, Buku Fixi recently released its first book in London, United Kingdom, through its London based operation office, Fixi London. Titled ‘Kings of Petaling Street’, the 268-paged novel is written by William Tham, who is also the Creative Nonfiction editor of the Vancouver-based Ricepaper magazine. Having travelled extensively to various places including Malaysia’s Klang Valley and China’s Jiangsu Province, William, who now resides in Canada’s Lower Mainland, says his debut novel mainly revolves around fate, death, and hope in a crime-ridden Kuala Lumpur. Drawing inspiration from Malaysia’s most notorious and deadliest gangster, Wong Swee Chin aka Botak...

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POETRY | Timelines and Tangents

Image credit: Time by black-cats-art So you have lovers, eh? You should reveal their coordinates in you so that they could revel yours in them. As you and them shall finally found each other at that imminent meeting minute of the successful search set-series, never will a timeline of any type would trigger-thrust separation of any sort. Thus plurality perishes, as the supremely sooth-full, sought-after singularity by the uniquely utmost utter union swiftly swarms your severely sick-less, spurningur-less self, seamlessly. Savvy? So, you have lovers? Part time writer and a fortnightly footballer, full-time freeloader called Fruhail T. Ripana was once...

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SHORT STORY | Remembering Her

Image credit: I remember her smile, her voice and the smell of her hair. She doesn’t wash her hair much, but it never smelled. Or at least, maybe it was only me that doesn’t feel that way. I remember it was her brother’s funeral we went to. They were serving us porridge and I asked her what was this black little jelly like thing and out of so many answers she could give me, this is what she said. “That is bat’s meat. You are eating a bat right now.” I remember almost puking it out as I can’t...

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Meet Sarawak’s first female street artist on a mission to color Kuching

All images credit: Pleant Rovella Kapple Graffiti, regardless of its form, makes a statement. And any notion of meaning or interpretation towards the art which has existed since prehistoric times is left to the perception of the viewer. However, people often consider it as vandalism. It is a time-intensive craft explored by highly skilled artists. And this art form is dominated by men. Contributions by the women have been particularly overlooked in many parts of the world. Despite pursuing their art under dangerous and illegal conditions, they do not receive the same respect as their male counterparts. In Kuching, women...

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‘Rags to Riches’ – a photo collage of Malaysian stories

Image credit: Kenny Loh At RUANG by Think City with big bright windows that display the uniformed buildings of all shapes and sizes surrounding it, withering with age, is a photography exhibition on the people that kept it alive and those who are still breathing life into it. Rags to Riches: A Story of Kuala Lumpur, the brainchild of photographer Kenny Loh in collaboration with King Chai and former editor-in-chief of The Malaysian Insider Jahabar Sadiq, showcases human portraits of the people that preserve pre-millennial Malaysia and those who now reside here in conditions that may not be laced with...

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