Month: January 2017

POETRY | In the Morning After

Image credit: Will you be the one, to draw the curtains, in the morning after? Will you be the one, to brew me coffee, in the morning after? Will you be the one, to draw the sheets closer, in the morning after? Will you be the one. to smile shyly, in the morning after? Will you be the one, to lean in and kiss me, in the morning after? OR Will you be the one, to call it a mistake, in the morning after? Khayma Balakrishnan says; “I am a passionate teacher, and an idealistic writer. I write about the...

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SHORT STORY | Yes, I do!

Image credit: ebidenikstotzone Am I really doing this? I still can’t believe myself on this matter. Like girl, you’re so scared to even call the phone hotline to ask for directions but now, you’re up to this huge plan and you don’t even know if it will work. Beep beep! My phone vibrated and Matt’s face flashed on the screen. “Hey, I’m about half an hour away from his place now.” “Awesome! He’s away for some meeting at his office. Probably will be back about 4pm ish.” “Okay, thanks a lot Matt. For everything.” I started choking and my voice...

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10 hilariously punny captions made by The Star Online team!

In the digital age, a news headline is no longer the only way to attract a reader to read a news piece. Enter Facebook captions! These couple of months, many readers have observed The Star Online team dishing out some of the best puns which won over the hearts of many netizens! Infact, even those who’ve never been reading the news, are actually starting to read them. All thanks to these tummy splitting captions! Here are some of our favorites! The captions are so good that we decided to include two extra ones into this post as bonuses! Even their...

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Kredit gambar: Baca bahagian-bahagian sebelumnya di sini. Dalam perjalanan menuju ke Alaka, sebuah bandar mistik di Gunung Kailasa, Banjaran Himalaya, gumpalan awan yang menjadi duta (utusan) turut diminta melakukan pelbagai kebaikan kepada alam dan manusia yang ditemui. Watak yaksa menyampaikan pesanan, panduan dan permintaan dalam bentuk monolog di Bukit Ramagiri, kawasan pergunungan Vindhya, bahagian tengah India. Sloka 56 – Apabila angin bertiup, dahan-dahan pokok sarala mungkin akan bergeser sesama sendiri. Akibat daripada kejadian itu, percikan api mungkin terhasil, dan menyebabkan kebakaran hutan tanpa sengaja. Percikan api ini juga mungkin jatuh ke atas kulit lembu chamari iaitu baka lembu bertanduk...

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KL24: Zombies – the zombie flick Malaysians have been waiting for!

Image credit: Doghouse 73 Pictures Last night I tucked into bed, prepared to see an Indie Malaysian Zombie movie, without knowing what to expect from such a genre at all. I was pleasantly surprised. Zombie infected everyday Malaysians like you and me. Directed by James Lee, Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman, KL24: Zombies features in its beginning, a disgruntled KL road user who has to call his girlfriend and tell her that he’ll be late because of the jam. Typically our everyday scenario, but the idea of a zombie outbreak in Malaysia seems surreal. If that happens, how exactly...

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What’s On

april, 2017

6apr - 9apr 68:30 pmapr 9Don’t Let Children Know 《别让儿童知道的事》Play at Klpac

8apr - 9apr 88:30 pmapr 9Magical Musicals

12apr9:00 pmBattle Bloom Debut Album Launch

16apr11:00 am- 5:00 amHIN POP-UP MARKET 2.0 - EYA

16apr8:30 pm- 1:00 amDancebox

17apr - 18apr 173:00 pmapr 18World’s Best MoviesMovie screening

20apr - 23apr 208:30 pmapr 23Tsao Yu’s Thunderstorm 曹禺著作《雷雨》

27apr8:00 am- 11:30 pm500 CALORIE RUN (6KM RUN)

28apr - 30apr 288:30 pmapr 30Hadiah Ulang Tahun Maling

29apr8:30 pmODE TO PEACE 乐韵 •新颂